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That Damn Chinese Cat, Again

Ever since Bojacob got that damn Chinese cat, or shall I say, Fu! and Fu! it is indeed! It sits idle on his desk, its hand waving back and forth, calling or pushing back the luck in this place. Disaster has struck since we placed a battery in it! Im not one to believe in such stuff, but it seems that it has become the conversation of the departments.

People walk around trying to sabotage this so called good-luck clay cat charm. So far, no attempt has been successful. Damn Chinese cat indeed.

On a lighter note, I have successfully moved the VMWare image from my desktop to my laptop and can successfully blog using Windows Live Writer as I please. This is seriously the only reason I have Windows at the moment.

12 Responses to “That Damn Chinese Cat, Again”

  1. G |

    Hmm I like this golden cat :) Mehaooooowww :P oh well and hey congrats on moving the image ^^

  2. mjkout |

    lol that cat pwn3d us all

  3. Nasser |

    Thanks ;p

    It did!.. Major Fail!

  4. Bojacob |

    Network cards dying.
    Cable lines frying.
    Am I affected?
    Nope! Keep trying!

    Now leave Happity alone!

  5. Nasser |

    Happity Must Die!

  6. mjkout |

    G. is sick also
    i guess there is only one way to know if its the cat o not
    kill it on the 25th if it didn’t work we’ll blame santa :P

  7. Bee. |

    I dont get this ! new wed spend their times blogging ? :I
    … time to wed plan , the wed day , honeymoon, take time off other ppl , work busy , enjoy new life ! all that should take at least a FULL YEAR ! :I

    I mean bloggin is for bored ppl who got not that much fun going on in their life , like me :)

  8. Nasser |

    I say blame it on G. =p

    I’m free at work sometimes, so I can blog.. but not all the time, I’ve already been away for too long. Besides, I don’t want this place to die lol.. its nice to see you back here.. miss bored Bee.

  9. Amethyst |

    Mrm needs that cat!

  10. Nasser |

    She does, doesn’t she

  11. Manutdfanatic |

    Windows rules. =P

  12. Nasser |

    Yeah.. sure… =p *slur of curses*

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