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No documentation!

Documentation MessWhen was the last time you referred to or used the documentation at work, about how to get things done around the place? I’d bet that some if not ALL businesses have no such documentation that detail exactly what the business process is. The place I’m currently working at is quite reputable offering services to hundreds of thousands! My job is to organize the business process. Imagine doing that, without having any documentation whatsoever!

I’d have to go around, documenting details and details of how the company runs, and I’d have to organize it in a readable manageable fashion. Things that a company that has been doing for over 20 years! I feel like I’m diving in a large large pool of spaghetti. It doesn’t feel good, but the concept sure is wonderful.

8 Responses to “No documentation!”

  1. MiYaFuSHi |

    Thats one of the main reasons I left my job. There was no specific processes in place. Ilsalfa 3ayma.

    Can you let me know which companies DO have a proper process?

    So I know where to direct my application energies :D


  2. Laialy_q8 |

    if you need an extra hand contact me in January ;)

  3. Shoush |

    And ur the only person working on that?

  4. Marzouq |

    Its great to get things organized correctly! And I know we have it documented but its two years old and the company has been revamped!!! So we need to redo it, and it was something I was somewhat working on!! Its hell though because I have a million other things to do!!

  5. N. |

    I haven’t come across any places yet! So does that mean you’re currently not working, or you’ve found a suitable place?

    It is fun! And sure i need an extra hand, how about NOW instead of January :p

    For the moment yes, although I’ve been told i’ll be given a hand by a few ppl here.

    Two years old has to be outdated, the thing is usually there are dedicated people who take of these things as well as Standard Operating Procedures and update them on a regular basis!

  6. Laialy_q8 |

    are you willing to call my place of internship and tell them i quite :p

  7. Marzouq |

    Man our company is trying to cut corners and those people are the ones that were cut!!! hehehe! I do think we need somebody! Its annoying keeping up with these procedures!

  8. N. |

    If my managers allow me to bring in an intern, i’d be glad to do that :p

    lol! That’s typical bad strategy, it might be alright for the moment but in the future it will probably hurt the company!

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