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My Little Mishap

First off, note the new poll on the side :) Thank you for your contribution!

Yummy Juices Yes, I have orange and carrot juice on my cloths. I know I shouldn’t have forgotten my bib at home!

You see, today is a special day. My gym routine has gotten an upgraded and my time has been increased on the elliptical machine, the tread mill, and the bicycle. This means I have even less time to eat, less time to shower and even less time to change, since I have to get back to work by 4pm.

I decided to have some lunch at the gym, it was actually very good and quite tasty, however the food arrived late which meant I was definitely going to be arriving late to work. I didn’t care much, I still tried to make it back in time. If you saw a black jeep whizzing by on the first ring road, that was me, I apologize!

I actually made it just in time (4:05), however in the elevator one the customers pointed out that I have juice on my dishdasha. I looked at it, and said, "Ah, 3ad hatha 3a9er bortaqal o jazar, shesheela al7een?" (Oh, This is orange and carrot juice, what’s going to get this out now [for those who don't read arablish]) With a half-disappointed "Oh Well" sort of smile.

I looked up at the guy, he seemed more distressed than I was! Not a smile, not even a, "Everything is OK" look. He actually had a, "OMG We are doomed!" look. I kept smiling and exited the elevator to sign in, and take care of this sucker.

Thank God for the Qutra, a little improvising does wonders. The stain is now covered up, and hidden well under my qutra well. Alrighty then, back to work (or sleep. Those 3 hours I slept are taking a toll on me, looks like I’m going to pass out on my desk).

P.S. I’d also like you to welcome a dear friend of mine, Mrm ( who only recently joined the blog-O-sphere.

83 Responses to “My Little Mishap”

  1. desert-roses |

    sheft shloan allah ma5alaha eb 5a6ri…am the first one.. :p….I have nothing to say..anyways

  2. desert-roses |

    ee btw, I forgot to mention another thing…..about el spell checker…
    my internet explorer madri sh9ar I downloaded firebox…then I discovered that its one of firefox browser properties .. I found out that shortly after posting for you my previous comment…on your previous thought

    yeah I know am funny, you can laugh if you want :p …but am not an IT genius…

  3. EniGma |

    lol tha’ts what 3 hours of sleep does to you

  4. blue dress |

    lool you shoukd consider the tide stick. they sell it in sultan , very handy.
    keep it in the car ;p

  5. chika |

    a7san men hor chocolate :P

  6. :::Shayouma:: |

    LoL! Should have an extra Dishdasha in the car, could be handy next time wallah..

  7. chika |


  8. Noufa |

    LOL you shouldn’t be such a pig ya3ni! eat with manners next time :P
    even if you’re late o0 driving ;)

  9. Laialy_q8 |

    i couldn’t help but laugh and tell my mom the story hehehe
    i hate it when i get stains and half the time you never know how they got there

  10. Marzouq |

    hahahaa! I did that before, but even if its something like curry, just go wash it out right away, your lucky its up there. I usually get stained below which is hard to cover up!

  11. Very.Q8ya |

    efqayra dishdashtek kan 7ayeshha 3a6ash lol =p o tara yeroo7 lesh mayro7, bil laundry kil-shay yeseeer =/

  12. Very.Q8ya |

    btw, lesh mo em-shatti? =/

  13. manudfanatic |

    Hahahah. Poor baby-waby. Tsk tsk!

    Spilling juice at this age? Maybe you should start considering going back to kindergarten for a couple of days; they’d do you good.

    P.S: Serious enough? :P

  14. Mrm |

    ha-ha! :B
    i really have nothing else to say cept HA :B HA :B

    and thanks.
    nothing more.

  15. Jacqui |

    You also deal with customers?! Banking sector or another?

  16. 'GreY' |

    If it makes feel any better i know a ‘guy’ who peed on himself ( i hate it when there is a split ) ! Lucky though the house was just 50 mtrs away …

  17. Stewie |

    I just can imagine the “OMG We are doomed!” face .. LMAO! :D

    bel3afya your juice :D

  18. KJ |

    My friend once spilled his chocolate ice cream all over himself

    I once spilled chicken soup on myself

    LOOOL these are the best times >>>>> people finally notice you!

  19. N. |

    lol! naweya 3aley?? :p So you figured out that it was firefox? Great, yeah it helps a lot :)

    It does! :/

    blue dress,
    lol I had one! I was like A-Ha! But I couldn’t find it in the car :/

    lol, orange is too bright! I’d rather have something sweet on me LOL! ok, ignore that!

    HAha I was thinking of that! Hmm, you just gave me an idea for a post!

    I couldn’t help it, I love to devour juice! :p

    lol, glad you both enjoyed it :p Exactly, I don’t even know when it got there, I should have at least felt it somehow.

    lol, yeah! It was dry though so that has passed, and you’re so right about stains down below! lol!

    lol :P Carrot juice is hard to remove. But yeah it should be taken care of. It isn’t that cold yet! But after this morning, I think I might wear something a little darker, not too dark.

    What can I say, the juice has gotten the best of me. I should go back to kindergarten, only to find you and spill some juice on you, how’s that sound? ;P Not enough no!

    LOL! Your welcome, and yes you do remind me of Nelson (from the Simpsons) :p

    I don’t deal with them directly, but yeah I’m in the financial sector.

    Bummer! Poor guy hehe.

    lol, Allah e3afeek.

    Hahah yes! The best times indeed :P

  20. Kaos |

    Quite good laugh at this time of the mourning ;p

  21. N. |

    Indeed ;P

  22. Amethyst |

    You need Tide To Go. 7ada 3ajeeb. I have to use it every time I eat. Your not the only one who needs a bib;p

  23. N. |

    lol! Every time you eat! Woah :p Bel 3afiya! And yeah, I’ll probably get another one and keep it in the car.

  24. joud |

    i always have a orange carrot juice after a workout ! so refreshing. …

  25. Amethyst |

    Yeah, I don’t pay attention to where exactly my food is. or where it’s dripping;p

  26. Chirp |

    Tide stick .. works wonders …. winter is coming up soon though so stains won’t show THAT Much on dark dishdashas …
    at least u didnt sit on chocolate :P


  27. N. |

    It is very refreshing, and hits the stop just right!

    LOL what do you pay attention to then!

    I bet you have a stick in your handbag! :p You’re right about the winter, unless I’m drinking something colorful, or white, like leban.. OK this this is the first time in a very long time that this has happened anyway! Did you sit on chocolate? :P

    She’s My friend, go find your own! ;P

  28. Navy Girl |

    I dont do glasses yet .. but I think I need them now.. started to have headaches when I read a lot ..

    back to your dishdasha ! I would go nuts !! wala ! I hate it !! once at work my friend split some coffee on my shirt .. it was just some drops .. I went crazy .. I even thought of going out buying a new one and getting back .. but then again I tried to clean it off makoooo fayda !!! huh I was dying to get back home !! good for you for being extra 3ady :P


  29. Navy Girl |


    stupid typooo :P

  30. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Salamaat, enshalla ya rab you don’t need them. Hehe yeah coffee stains are very hard to remove and they show clearly! Go out and by another, thats a little extreme :p

    Don’t blame the typo! lol. And thanks for welcoming my friend.:)

  31. Navy Girl |

    share you something ? I WANA TOO ! i love those with black rimmed ! looks kinda cool :D anyways allah yslmk ooo thanks :)

    laa nothing is hard with Vanish :P try it with that orange stain of yours ;P

    embla i blame it as well as my headache ! :D

    your welcome :)

  32. N. |

    lol! Well get the ones with regular glass eyesight, so you don’t hurt your eyes.. ;P o wear it when you’re reading something.. ohh nice! 7arakat
    Vanish? detergent? hehe.

  33. Navy Girl |

    yeah i did that back at high school ! it was a trend had to show off a bit !! and then i throw them away ! 7ady baby ! :D
    and yeaaaaaaaaaaaah its amazing wala ! takes it all off .. like new ;P those commercials got into me lol ! :D

  34. N. |

    lol! That’s very interesting, I’m sure I’ll find a solution, and im sure it wont be Vanish lol! :p I don’t buy the detergent for the home but they should get it off, if it doesn’t I’ll follow your advice!

  35. Navy Girl |

    dude how are you gonna clean it off then ? water ooo 9abon ?? yeah right ! :D

  36. N. |

    lol! Water and soap! No, that was yesterday its already in the washing at home, they’re gonna take care of it. I don’t do my own washing heheh.

  37. Navy Girl |

    eeee i thought soo :D dont worry i dont do either ;P

    i seriously need to stop talking right ??? :D

  38. N. |

    Why? La you don’t have to stop :p I don’t like to tell people what do, well generally that is ;P So you can say whatever you want!

  39. Navy Girl |

    i’m warning you that could lead you to a 100 comments ! :D

  40. N. |

    Then 100 comments it shall be! Well I’ll be done from work in 30 min, then I’m leaving so I’ll be here until then :P lol..

  41. Navy Girl |

    hahahha :P why dont you start gathering your things ooo goo to your car .. ooo when its time .. everything is ready :D

  42. N. |

    That’s exactly what I’m going to do, your replies are too late ;p 10 minutes to go, so I guess we’ll talk soon LOL!

  43. Navy Girl |

    looooooooool eeee i’m watching the t.v :P lol yalla drive safe oo take care :) laters :P

  44. N. |


  45. Navy Girl |

    ciao :P

  46. manudfanatic |

    Oooh, spilling juice on me huh? I’d take the chocolate cake my mum probably packed me and rub it all over your pesky face. Now, THAT sounds better. :D

  47. Vixen |

    is orange and carrot juice nice ? : )

  48. N. |

    it does sound MUCH better, I’ll be enjoying licking the chocolate off my face, while you throw a fit all wet from all that juice ;D Who’s laughing now?

    You haven’t tried it? Have you tried carrot juice alone? Well, if you haven’t you should. The idea of carrot juice might sound a little alien but it is very yummy and sweet by nature. Mix it with a little orange juice and you have a tasty sugary sour sweet mix with an edge! :D Try it when you get the chance!

  49. manudfanatic |

    Maybe I’ll yank your shirt off you and use it as a towel to “clean up” a bit. I’m sure you won’t like it when all those four-year-olds laugh at the naked sight in front of them.

  50. Pinkish Babdoll |

    Ambeeh Malegny…
    3amilly min el fa’6y g’6eeeeyyyyy
    Enta wahed sijjj ma 3endik Salfa
    Magaltik Sa’7eeefhaaa o shal 9ora ily tlw3 il chabd jad wala mako sh’79yaaaaaa
    O elly as’7af elly yegraha
    O elly rad 3Ala magltek o ana sej ma3ndy slafaaaaa ily agra 7g nas chathy
    allah y3eenk 3ala sa’7Afteeeeek…..kathr menha :)

  51. princess |

    hehehe thats umm yeah dnt forget ur bib… and dishdashaaaaaaaa and ’3itra? YAY!!

  52. Chirp |

    I had one in my bag! But i gave it to my moms friends husband once and he forgot it on the table so i need to get another one. YES I DID I SAT ON CHOCOLATE … at work LOL!

    SHES MY FRIEND you go find ur own! :p

  53. Amethyst |

    I pay attention to the conversation I’m having, my driving, the books I’m reading, making eye contact with friends so they don’t think I’m not listening, etc. I ditch looking at where the food is heading to save myself trouble worse than a stain on my clothes;p

  54. N. |

    They can laugh, at my naked body, but they will pity someone who stole a tshirt to clean up herself from all that juice :p Here, I’ll clean you up

    Pinkish Babdoll,
    Welcome and thanks for being so honest! Don’t worry I will Akather men hal mowathe3 ely mo 3ajbenech :p I am one of those who ask questions o get all philosophical, so like you said in your blog post you probably hate me but thats OK, you cheered me up :P

    Yeah of course for work! ;P

    I just found mine! It was in my laptop bag, I had put it there and totally forgotten about it. Sat on chocolate at work! lol.. you have to say what happened, I see a post coming, yalla ;P She’s my friend, I claimer her first. LOL mrm has no clue this is going on does she, if she did she’d probably be laughing her butt off.. eheh.

    lol trouble worse than the stain? That seems like a very stressful way to live your life! :p

  55. manudfanatic |

    Stole a t-shirt? Excuseee me, I “yanked” it off you; and in PUBLIC too!

    They won’t pity me; they’ll sympathise, having been in similar messy situations where they use all sorts of articles of clothing to clear away the evidence on their sheets if they had a little accident during the night.


  56. N. |

    Yes, you ripped me off my dignity. How would you like if it I ripped your shirt/dress off you, as a four year old eh? Not too happy I’d presume!

    LOL, accidents during the night. In that, you speak truth, they would probably sympathize.

  57. manudfanatic |

    Oooh, now you admit it. Boo you. I knew I was right all along.

  58. N. |

    I told you, you are mean.

  59. manudfanatic |

    At least I’m not a sexist four-year-old.


  60. N. |

    And why is it that you have a problem with a sexist four-year-old? Let me guess, you don’t like to be told what to do? For example, I could easily make you make fake tea with your little tea set, and force you to make me some fake bread in that little fake kitchen you got going there, oh and on your way, wash those dirty cloths or the juice and chocolate will stain. ;p

  61. manudfanatic |

    Oh shut up, sexist bum. You can’t tell ME what to do; no matter how big of a sexist you may be.

    But I just might take you up on that chocolate stain offer; I’m sure you don’t like the taste of soap? :)

  62. N. |

    Yes I can. Well, in that little virtual world we have created. Not literally though. Where do you think that chocolate stain is? I don’t know if I like the taste of soap, I haven’t quite tried it. How about you give it your best shot ;)

  63. manudfanatic |

    I remember decorating your face with a bit of chocolate cake. That’s where the “stain” is.

    I’m in a good mood; you get to choose which brand of soap you’d like to consume.

  64. N. |

    I like my chocolate on my face, you can do the laundry, and choose your own soap. I’m not in the mood to make your own decisions for you! :P

  65. manudfanatic |

    Very well then, keep the chocolate as long as you’re the one doing the laundry. Agreed?

    Oh and by the way, I never did my own laundry when I was a four-year-old anymore than I do now. You sound like a good little boy. What with all the concern about doing the laundry and everything.

  66. N. |

    Of course I’m a good little boy. You seem like a good little girly girl too, oh all with the different types of soap. *licks the chocolate off his face* :D

  67. manudfanatic |

    That chocolate is STALE. Eww.

    And I only asked you your preferred choice of soap because I felt like being gracious. Not because you deserved it, despite being the good little boy you are.

  68. N. |

    Oh you’re too kind, gracious as well. Stop. This chocolate is sweet. ^_^

  69. manudfanatic |

    This little boy is disgusting. Poor thing; I wonder when was the last time he tasted chocolate. There, there…I’ll make my mum pack me some more, and then you can lick it off your face everyday.

  70. N. |

    Are you saying your planning on making this chocolate decoration on a regular basis? Have you tasted it before? If you were in my position I’d bet you’d be doing more than licking your own face, you’d be eating it.

  71. manudfanatic |

    I always knew my mum was a good cook.

  72. N. |

    Here have some, *plasters your face with some chocolate* eh, yummy. Thank me later.

  73. manudfanatic |

    Yummy? That depends on where that came from. :|

  74. N. |

    Does it matter? as long as it is real good healthy yummy chocolate!

  75. manudfanatic |

    Healthy? If it came where I think it came from…..hardly.

    This good little girl has some work to do now; see you around later.

    Happy licking.

  76. N. |

    It didn’t come from a dirty place if thats what you were worried about. Why thank you, you enjoy yours too. ;D Enjoy your work.

  77. Vixen |

    Sounds nice, no ive never tried it, haven’t tried carrot juice either :D will do when i get the chance n__n

  78. N. |

    It is very nice, and very tasty! There was a period of time where I’d have carrot juice every morning. It was really good and it also helps your eye sight, and prevents later damage when you get older. Definitely try it soon! Next time we talk I want you to tell me if you like it or not :p

  79. princess |

    bass for work!! :(

  80. N. |

    Well mostly only for work, and 9alaat bel masyad. I’m a very active person, I like move around and do silly things, ma yenfa3 bel qetra :p

  81. suspic |

    Is that why bunnies don’t wear glasses?


    *leaves in shame*

  82. N. |

    LOL! what the hell.

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