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Bathroom Invasion

Warning: Crude content ahead.

Bathroom Window What does it take a person to have his privacy. The bathroom at work has a window that overlooks souq sharq. There are no curtains or shutters up on the 7th floor, why should there be? I had just finished cleaning up when I hear a strange whirring sound. I didn’t mind it thinking it has to be something with the aircondtioning.

I felt safe, in my sanctuary. I felt at peace with the world. I got up to get dressed and there he was staring at me through the window! What the heck! I stood there shocked! I was speechless, and motionless. The man was moving lower, and I see behind him cables and equiptment. He’s working on the outter part of the building.

I can’t imagine what they do when they reach the lower floors because some are women’s bathrooms other are mens bathrooms depending on the floor number. Honestly, did they really have to put the construction elevator next to the bathroom windows!

43 Responses to “Bathroom Invasion”

  1. Sarah |

    OMG! They are perverts!!!!!!! U should warn the women at ur work so they can find a solution to hide! And why these pervs were looking at you?!? at a man i mean…?!? :/

  2. MSB |

    ouch!!! they should put some kind of sticker to cloud up the window so that at least no one can look in!!

  3. Mrm |

    quit bitching N u loved it u exhibitionist

  4. blue dress |

    Curtains anyone?!

  5. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Where I work we have somewhat of a similar problem, the windows in the toilet rooms are constructed high on the walls but the problem is that they are done in a stupid angle that reflects whoever is standing inside these rooms to the outside. It’s ridiculous.

    Anyway, if I were you I’d buy one of those adhesive wallpaper roles biljam3iya (that look like jam im’3abash) and glue a small piece on the window – End of problem :)

  6. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Or just do what I do – never use the work toilets =D hehe

  7. Hope |

    damn. I am sorry to hear that.

    For some reason, my work has a security system for the bathroom. You have to punch in a code in order to get in the bathrooms, and there is not a single window there.

    Put a newspaper up on the window so they can keep themselves busy with reading :D

  8. 'GreY' |

    lool ! i am getting evil thouughts !

  9. princess |

    LOL well ya3ni i sense a little dawdling in the rest room so maybe u should’ve just not dawdled :p and shfeek ya a5y live and let live…ya3ni so wat if was staring or he caught a glimpse or watever hehe i’d die walla! thats why i never ever use a bathroom bara il bait, unless i absolutly have to, and even then i do the checking for voyeurs thing :p

  10. chika |

    :) That’s crazy..

  11. Cat |


    That made me laugh like an idiot ! madree lesh !

  12. |

    oh thats fun. you know, in my bank there are a bunch of bathrooms; one is on the top floor and no one uses it so whenever i really need to, erm, download… i go there. clean and beautiful. and NO WINDOWS!

    but seriously, who would have really thought about curtains on the 7th floor. :p

  13. Bojacob |

    Well, it doesn’t matter to me heh. I know that whoever sees me during a toilet session will be scarred for life.

  14. :::Shayouma:: |

    LooooL I shouldn’t laugh but LoooooooL!!!

  15. suspic |

    Perhaps because he was zooming in so hard to find something very small..

    [I had to do it]

    And I never use public bathrooms, because they’re dirty and they can get unlocked easily which is basically a nightmare if you’re with guys. Getting pranked whilst doing your business is not funny, especially if a phone cam had the bird’s eye view on you..

    My friend still asks us to delete the video.

  16. Stinni |

    Window cleaners must be desperate to be peeking on the same sex doing their buisiness in the bathroom.

    P.S. Where’s the crude part? I was expecting something like, “I was on the toilet, pinching a loaf when…”

  17. EniGma |

    wtf?! well just take a newspaper and stick it to the window and use the same bathroom every time!

  18. loya |

    youma!!! ma7ad kithry yesta5dem public bathrooms!!! i keep to keep my eyes open next time!

  19. Fayoora |

    LOOOL!!! that was Funny.
    You should’ve flicked him off :p

  20. manutdfanatic |

    Poor man. I feel his anguish. Can’t he work on the building in peace? Talk about being subject to crude sights.

  21. manutdfanatic |


  22. Very.Q8ya |

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! make a curtain eb-your dishdasha =o]

  23. Laialy_q8 |

    you should inform someone

  24. Amethyst |

    Hahahaha! Shfeek? They want something interesting to look at while working;p

  25. Navy Girl |

    LOL 7araaaaaaaaam poor baby ;P lol


    well that wasnt one word now was it ;P

  26. Swair |

    hahahahaha free freak porn? bathrooms all around? *runs and hides*

  27. desert-roses |

    lol..and I thought men can pee anywhere, anyplace, at anytime ….at least thats what mama told me!!

  28. fadidra |

    suck a perverted sick person… speechless ;\

  29. N. |

    Yeah, I’ll talk to the administration about it.

    They should have! But they didn’t, its been like that for a while!

    lol, I’m not, I checked out the definition and thought about it. I’m not an exhibitionist :/

    blue dress,
    I hope they hear that

    That’s a stupid construction idea! That’s a great idea really. lol I don’t know how you don’t use the work toilets. I can’t :p

    lol! Are there special meeting conducted there? Why the tight security? eheh.

    lol! I knew you would :p

    There was dawdling! Yeah, I don’t care if he saw or what he saw, hehe.

    It is!

    lol, cause its funny :p

    That sounds perfect. And yeah hahaha I don’t they planned for there to be construction ppl out there :p

    I think anyone who sees you in or out of the toilet will be scarred for life! :p

    lol, its ok you can laugh :p

    Aha Aha aha. lol man that would be horrible. The bathrooms are totally sealed off, except for that window really.

    I wrote that in the beginning, but didn’t remove it when I noticed there was no crudeness in there haha.

    Yeah, Oh I’m not going to get a newspaper, but I’m going to use the same bathroom! lol!

    eeeh! o have a newspaper with u just in case!

    LOL I was actually thinking about bursting out laughing but I was too shocked the scene was just too funny and weird! hehe.

    Now he’ll never be the same ever again!

    lol bel dishdasha? haha not a bad idea!

    lol, it was the way he sneaked up on me which was weird and funny lol.

    Navy Girl,
    I have to use them! O this is work, o we’re on the 7th floor! I’m hygienic I always clean before and after lol. No it wasn’t :P

    loool yeah! some voyeur armature fetish porn! ;( LOL ok that was nasty! :p Careful where you do your thing! haha freaky ;/

    LOL! la thats not how it works! :p sorry dear, but Mama was wrong! :p

    lol yeah, perverts, so many of them nowadays lol.

  30. KJ |

    You should feel proud. Show your stuff to their amusement and they’d make sure not to come to this floor ever again

  31. N. |

    Hahah, I don’t think they’ll be looking any more!

  32. Ra-1 |

    Your work place is so much like mine! But only mine is in Murgab :p

  33. Hope |

    I got no clue. I also came to find out that the code for the men’s bathroom is the same as the women’s code. If a man is standing there and he pressing the numbers, the number code sounds the same as the women’s numbers. got me? I wanted to test my hypothesis, but I wouldnt dare to. :P

  34. Amethyst |

    Ee, I forgot to tell you about the Red Bull story. The dude sued them because he didn’t get wings. So now, they have to spell wings like this: wiings;p

  35. This Lady |

    hahahhaaha use ur qitra (if u wear one) to cover the window..

  36. Marzouq |

    Damn.. you have a different combination then me! I go with really cold water and the start and ending songs from Bleach!! I get up right away!

  37. Marzouq |

    hahahaha! Ok thats hilarious! I would honestly bust up laughing if I saw that!

  38. Kaileena |

    Well thats what you get for being at peace with the world lol.
    Curtains are seriously in order,mate
    hope you recovered!

  39. lone.rangeress |

    aham shay! of all the rooms he could of peaked in on u, he chose ur so-called “sanctuary”:P ehhe look at the bright side, atleast now u know better…and welcome to kuwait my dear friend, nothing is private here!

  40. asoom |

    hahahaha that’s funny! Ithink we all have bathroom intrusion stories….

  41. N. |

    lol! That’s pretty strange :p Which floor you working on?

    You should give it a shot :p nothing like a little adventure at work!

    What the hell are wiings! lol!

    This Lady,
    Yes, I do wear one and lol that would be funny :p

    loool! It is funny!

    LOL! I probably should be at war then? :p

    indeed nothing is private, there are no private parts ahah,pun intended! :p

    We do, and I think you should share some why not! :D

  42. Ra-1 |

    Hahha very strange I know, Mezannine and 9th :)

  43. N. |

    Ah, I’m working on the 7th floor. Close.. close.. lol. Don’t know what relevance that has!

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