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Things to Keep me Awake

Here’s how I’m trying to stay awake.



If you’re freaked out by weird and scary people don’t watch the video just listen to the song. I may warn you though, the song is heavyyyyyyy.
And in the words of AC/DC, for those about to rock, we salute you!
I love the lyrics: Nightwish – Wish I had an Angel (Note that the lyrics page will load a small segment of the song which will play automatically.)

33 Responses to “Things to Keep me Awake”

  1. chika |

    WOW! This should wake up a sleeping 7o9an! LOOOOOL!

  2. Speedo |

    Red bull gives you wings :)

  3. Amethyst |

    I hate Red Bull!

    Did you hear the story about the dude who sued the company because Red Bull didn’t give him wings?

  4. Joel |

    I like the song “Over the hills and far away” from Nightwish. AC/DC is my all time favorite!

    Well, Metallica keeps me awake(not to forget Ozzy Osbourne!) :)

  5. suspic |

    I’m a bit old school when I want to stay awake, I eat sugar-y stuff, perhaps coffee and/or a quick shower.

    In severe cases I tried slapping myself..but that just hurt me physically..and emotionally..

  6. |

    back in college i once had 7 of those one night trying to stay up and stufy for an exam early the next morning.

    i went to the exam at around 8am and i couldnt write anything; my hand was shivering. i coudlnt control it. that stuff aint good for you dude. what a buzz.

  7. N. |

    LOL! Thats the idea!

    It did!

    no I didn’t hear that? Some ppl are so dumb, did it say in fine print “Red bull does not give you real physical wings, they are metaphorical.” lol..

    Yep, those are the good stuff! I stopped listening to metallica in a long time, their music is good I felt it died out..

    yeah, those can work.. redbull works fine too, just enough to give you that extra boost. I tried the slapping, honestly.. Id worked for a couple minutes but it did hurt.

  8. N. |

    lol! Man, that is definitly not good for you! Health wise you are only supposed to consume at most 2 a day.. and not everyday this stuff will kill you!

  9. Very.Q8ya |

    Redbull = dowa ka77a

    Song = nightmare


  10. Mrm |

    this post was a huge headache.

  11. Swair |

    ouchie ouch :(

  12. Laialy_q8 |

    I am not sure what you are getting at here !!! there must be some deeper meaning *trying to be you* :p

  13. Cat |

    he2 he2 he2 he2 .. bad booooooooooooooooooooy :)

    Red bull noooo gooooood fol u babeeeee :P

  14. Kaileena |

    You like nightwish!? I LOVE THEM!!!!! I became so addicted to this song knt asma3ha everyday repeatedly! wonderful song but it doesn’t top Nemo,Over the hills and far away and Dark Chest of Wonders! Romanticide,Dead Gardens,The Siren are awesome too

  15. 'GreY' |

    not hard enough ! i hate girly metal ! Metal is Macho like Motorhead , Pantera , Sepultara ! i hope u r not awake today !

  16. asoom |

    I always thought redbull tasted like fish

  17. N. |

    lol! ;/ I like the song, the redbull was only for sustenance hehe.

    You’re a huge headache :B

    ouch 3ala sheno ;/ salamat!

    LOL! That’s the bestest comment I’ve ever ever had! You is teh smart ;P

    lol! Why why!

    Yessssss they’re amazing songs, I love Nemo and Dark Chest of Wonderst and don’t forget Ghost Score!

    lol! Those are crazy bands, too heavy for me.

    No way, you’re either drinking the wrong redbull or eating the wrong fish! :p

  18. Chirp |

    the stain post up on my blog.

    redbull .. i miss it

  19. N. |

    On a diet or something?

  20. Ri |

    Why are you trying to stay awake? Why can’t you just go to sleep? And if you’re at work…WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT?

  21. N. |

    I was trying to stay awake because I had work, and well.. lets just say that I couldn’t sleep! lol!

  22. Kaos |

    I need a redbull myself, been pulling off all-nighters and going to work.
    It totally sux
    Amazing song man, Nightwish rock.
    And thank you and we salute you back ;p

  23. Navy Girl |

    redbull makes you stay awake ! dude try coffee :D lol loud music & COFFEE brings life back into me :D

  24. desert-roses |

    This is one of my fave songs…I like the part from the lyric that says “old loves they die hard..old lies they die harder”…..

    Love Christine’s voice…they changed their vocal..the new lady is bitch..I didn’t like her…yet the new album is good and typical nightwish…

    and about redbull.wake you up…eee y9er 5air :p

  25. N. |

    Rock on!;p

    Navy Girl,
    la coffee! no way, mo makel shay.. my stomach would disappear.

    yeah i love the lyrics for this song! all so amazing.. yeah the new one i dunno i just like their music whatever it is they sing :p lol red bull is supposed to wake me up.. it sort of did hehe

  26. Laialy_q8 |

    glad you liked it ^_^

  27. Navy Girl |

    mine didn’t ! :D i never eat anything at works but coffee .. unless i’m starving 7ady .. which is very rare :D

  28. Marzouq |

    Damn.. you have a different combination then me! I go with really cold water and the start and ending songs from Bleach!! I get up right away!

  29. Shale |

    Heavy band try dioxyde:

    Nightwish sound borderline Christian rock.

  30. lone.rangeress |

    wow the song draws u in!!
    I must admit, I do respect respectable rock:P
    li8niya takes u o a whole different world, it makes me they intend to that?

  31. N. |


    Navy Girl,
    then you probably devour what you get at home :p

    I tried water! It was so good and healthy that I was more sleepy lol. I love the Bleach soundtrack!

    I didn’t like that song. It didn’t sound melodious :/ It felt weird too..

    It does doesn’t it, and yes it probably is meant to do that :D It is very respectable I love their music, harmony and lovely change in mood and beat within the song.

  32. lone.rangeress |

    i should tell u, i had nightmares all last night…kila min ur video clip! seriously one consisted of a black bird, and one was about this dude that was out to get me:S:S

  33. N. |

    aww.. never really meant for that to happen.. strange though if the video was the cause.. :/ k, looks like im never going to post extreme rock videos again!

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