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Fake Forwards

Lois and Peter GriffinIn the words of Peter Griffin, “You know what really grinds my gears?”: Fake and Hoax forwards! Most of forwards I get in my e-mail are fake except for the faith related ones that tell an anecdote, or have a short du3a and thikr. What is it with these forwards about plastic bottles and cancer, and microwave safety! Most of them are fake, and have no benefit what so ever! I don’t understand why someone would make up such stories and send them to hundreds of people!

As a bonus, here’s a little funny segment from Family guy totally unrelated to e-mail forwards:

Family Guy – What really grinds my gears
[Youtube | 1m02s]
(I can’t find the rating on the IMDB site, It probably is rated MA for Mature Audience, kinda like Southpark)

And before I leave, Kel 3amo w’entow eb khair o Embarak 3alikom el Shahar. :)

38 Responses to “Fake Forwards”

  1. princess |

    my computor hates ur blog and wnt let me comment! and those forwards r annoying, i stopped checking them, i delete 3ala 6ool unless the title is dramatic enough to grab my attention

  2. princess |

    ok they apparently made up so now i can comment!

  3. 1001 Kuwaiti Nights |

    I hate forwards in general. I once threatened to block one of my friends because she sent me too many forwards hehehe :D

    BUT I didn’t know the stuff was fake! How do you know? I actually believe those kinds of emails usually.

  4. chikapappi |

    I don’t like forwards too bas bas I never got those fake messages! interesting..


  5. N. |

    Ya sater, good thing it showed up! Forwards can be a good thing to do when you’re bored :p

    1001 Kuwait Nights,
    Block her! I did ask my friends once to stop sending them to me but that was a long time ago. I mostly get them from my Mom and one friend now.

    I do a little Google search as soon as I get it to verify the information. Believe me, MOST of it, if not ALL forward (warnings, etc blah blah) are all FAKE. I used to believe them, not anymore. I also try to send a reply back to all the people in the list with details of web addresses and verified sources. I don’t trust everything I read, sometimes even legitimate websites are quite fake!

    They are common! You want me to send you some fake ones lol? :p

  6. Noufa |

    I don’t usually get fake forwards but I agree it sure is annoying :S they fill you inbox with rubbish ;/

    kel 3am o0 enta b5er too :)

  7. Spikey |

    oh the one that says I’m a 3 year old girl who was abducted by aliens and they took my left arm to chew on it..please forward before 2994 or they will abduct you too…

    7ada i hate those emails…i dont know why people even forward those..

  8. Laialy_q8 |

    yeah, Family guy is probably rated RR (thats double R) i remember me and my 13 year older brother at the time fighting because i didn’t want him to watch that show … anyway beside the point
    Junk emails are just that … JUNK

  9. GreY" |

    Recently friend of mine forward the microwave mail and i was in total panick , even i sent that one to atleast 15 of my friends only to apologise later that its hoax.. i have stopped forwarding since then…

  10. MiYaFuSHi |

    Did you know that the more time you sneeze, the bigger your ears grow??

    That’s why some girls hold it in and only let out a squeak ;)

    Winta ib su7a o salama

  11. 3baid |

    Now you know why I wanted to make an Email dump!

  12. N. |

    One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure! ;p

    I don’t know either! It drives me nuts sometimes!

    Did you make up the double RR or is that real?

    lol, Yea careful with those. Always do a little research before distributing such info! It is considered hearsay. I used to do that A LOT, until I found some very questionable material so I did a little research.

    Oh that’s why! I thought some girls do that because they being cute ;p However, did you know that your heart stops when you sneeze? And if you turn your head and sneeze you can break your neck! ;P Careful!

  13. N. |

    Cool! I can help if you like.

  14. Joel |

    lol! well said; one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

  15. cixousianpanic |

    i cant remember who told me, but they said that people actually urge forwards so that they get hold of email addresses that can then be used for spam… so they would send forwards of kids that are dying and saying the more emails you send, the more money the family would get, when in reality they’re just accumulating email addresses so that they can later spam the people used in the forwards :(

    anyway, 3alaina o 3alaik ;P

  16. Shale |

    Oh, so the bottle thing is not true. Darn, I feel taken in!! It did not stop me reusing my plastic bottles, but it made me feel closer to cancer.

    I suppose I deserve it for spending years telling people that:
    1. If you leave the cd paused for too long the laser will burn a hole through it, and
    2. The radio reception is bad because somebody else is listening to it and using all the signal up.

  17. MishMisha |

    loool i loved the video!!

  18. Ri |

    I know exactly what you mean. What I’ve started doing is replying with links from

    That usually helps take me off people’s forwarding list :D

  19. palo-girl |

    lol @ shale’s comment
    i too cant believe the plastic bottle thing isnt true.
    my brother always did tell me i was too gullable :/

    kol 3am winta ibkheir w 9a77a w salameh :)
    cant wait for tomorrow

  20. N. |


    Ah, I totally forgot about that. I heard about it a long time ago. That very well could be the reason, it still is a little far fetched. Who would forward an e-mail to spammers!

    If it was an honest mistake, then that’s OK. But those must have some quite gullible people to actually believe those statements!


    Yep, that is one of the best sources out there. I usually do a double and triple check sometimes, I don’t trust information easy :p

    There are tons of fake stories. Check out the site Ri posted, it is like the internet myth buster’s archive!

  21. Shale |

    I really liked that show until they took it off in Southpark. Now it is totally ruined.

  22. AlleyCat |

    Forwards are pathetic.. i think its gets worse when they have the promise of a curse if you dont send it to x people… I’ve reached the point where i have threatened my family and friends with blocking and deleting them if I find one forward from someone.. let me say my inbox has been pretty empty since LOL

  23. Swair |

    Forwards aren’t welcome in my Inbox, instantly deleted after reading the first line lol Allah ekhalee Gmail when it shows the first line of the e-mail without me opening it!

    oo 3alaina oo 3alaik ;D

  24. Navy Girl |

    i dont even bother reading them !! just like you said most of them are fake !!! some are so funny though .. i mean c’mon we aint that stupid :D

  25. Marzouq |

    Your kidding me! I delete most forwards and don’t bother reading them! I’m happy this has worked so a lot of people have stopped forwarding me any dumb email, because I call them up and tell them off!!! lol! I tell them send me something worth my time!

  26. eshda3wa |

    3alaina oo 3alaik

    nas fathya

    lets make up one about how if you dont read eshda3wa’s and N’s blog
    everyday then you will become cross eyed, your upper lip will triple in size and you hair will become kisha

  27. Maya // ???? |

    Forwards suck (and not in a good way)!

    Nothing irritates me more than those stupid chain-emails! I do a lil somethin-somethin when I find em pretty interesting (rarely happens though). I say something like “You can now enjoy the benefits of forwards without having to stick to em!”

    My contacts know how I’m all anti-f. I think those forwards are dying down though- might be wrong. :)

    How often do you get forwards?

  28. Very.Q8ya |

    embarak 3alaik il shahhhar =]

  29. N. |

    It still has its moments! But yeah, there’s a big problem with innovation these days.

    lol! Thats pretty extreme! I usually just remove those lines, slides, threats and curses. I only forward worthy stuff, usually to those who send me forwards. I have threatened people who send garbage forwards, you know the ones with all the > and >> and line breaks mid sentences and the “scroll down” lol.

    lol, so Gmail is your peon!? :p

    Navy Girl,
    You’re right! But nearly everyone falls for

    lol, true, a lot of that stuff is a waste of time! You can hardly find something worthy in that mess!

    lol, you forgot, also they will grow hair on their shoulders, that will outgrow hair on their heads! How many do you think will fall for it?

    I get at least a couple per week. I narrowed down my sources to only two. These are the worthwhile ones I get! They do seem to be dying down, I guess it depends on who starts to send them!

    3aleena o 3aleeech! :)

  30. G |

    Well I have nothing to comment about. But i will say this
    Mubarak 3aleek elshahar :)

  31. N. |

    3alena o 3alek thanks :)

  32. Shale |

    There is a big problem with innovation these days? Now that is a sweeping statement I would not be prepared to stand behind.

  33. N. |

    You can’t deny that there are more and more copycats emerging everyday, in every field!

  34. Shale |

    Well, perhaps there is more and more to copy?

    Have you ever read any Shakespeare and thought: This is so predictable, because everyone ripped him off? (sure why not? the man was a legend)

    I do not feel that there is a particular decline in innovation at the moment, but I am thinking almost exclusively about science and technology.

  35. Shale |

    Ah, and you could have asked me what the phrase meant…

  36. Pearls |

    N!! kil 3am wenta ib 5air oo mbarak 3alaikom il shahaaaaar!! :D oo about the emails i know !! oo what grinds my gear more is ppl who actually fall for it!! COMOOOOOON PPL!! EDUCATE URSELF! ;p oo sa7 ilsanik as always bro !

  37. N. |

    I was mainly talking about tv shows as well, regardless, there are many good stories copied and all are worth while — similar to what you meant with the Shakespeare reference.

    wenty eb 9e7a o salama! Ma 3aleh don’t be mad at them, some people just don’t know things! :/

  38. mary |

    Hey it is actually true that plastic drinking bottles seep bad cancer causing toxins into the water, especially when frozen and defrosted and when left in a hot car. This is true as I was told about this from my oncologist from a reputable Boston hospital.

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