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Windows Application – Fix your Area Codes

Based on an idea by MJKout who also provided the numbering data, I’ve completed creating windows application which will modify your Windows Address Book (not your Outlook Address Book).

You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to successfully get this application to work.

I have a web installer up, you will need to use Internet Explorer to install it by going to the following web address.

Install from:

NOTE: Please back up your contacts before attempting to use this program.

I have tested it using my Sony Ericsson w850i and the PC Suite included with the Phone and it is working flawlessly. If you come across any problems leave a comment below.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook then export the contacts to the Windows Address Book, use the program, the re-import them into your Microsoft Outlook.

UPDATE: If you want to convert contacts in Microsoft Outlook you can use Wataniya’s Microsoft Outlook Contact converter.

UPDATE 2: For a MAC OS X version you can download a Contact Converter written in AppleScript by G.

UPDATE 3: Another AppleScript by MJKout is available on his website, go check out his Kuwait Numbering Plan Changer.

16 Responses to “Windows Application – Fix your Area Codes”

  1. Amethyst |


  2. Swair |

    Microsoft *rolls her eyes*

  3. Nasser |

    *Sigh* indeed!

    Eeehh, Microsoft emrabeen ajyaal! =p Al7een 6a7awe men 3enech? ;P pshh…

  4. G |

    Nice, well for the mac my script that adds the new numbers is done. You can use it if you want to make an application on the mac. If you need any assistance I am here ^^

    Enjoy and GL ^^

  5. Shaymaa |

    I am a PC and I like life without walls (…so I use macs as well).

    nice work, will refer people to it. btw, Wataniya can update your phone numbers directly, by installing their app.

  6. Nasser |

    I wanted to talk to you about the Mac Script to add options for which conversions to make instead of all of them at once.. but post your applescript up and give me the link so I can link you here

    I like “life without walls” too.. campaign is so powerful isn’t it! Great, thanks for the refer. Seems like the Wataniya version can be used on Microsoft Outlook, I’ll update my blog post.

  7. Nasser |

    G… I didn’t know you published it a while ago =P I linked you.

  8. G |

    its is already up since last week >< here is the link

  9. Marzouq |

    I’m honestly just going to do it the old fashioned manual way!

  10. M. J. Kout |

    i just uploaded the MAC version

  11. Nasser |

    yeah got it :)

    I’ve got over 450 contacts, I doubt I’ll want to do it the manual way.. it just is much easier this way.

    Linked ;P And why isn’t it open source!

  12. Q8i.Org » Blog Archive » Kuwait Numbering Plan changer for Mac :) |

    [...] UPDATE : N. has made one for Windows check it out Here [...]

  13. M. J. Kout |

    el source is simple if statements but i will upload it np :)

  14. manutdfanatic |

    ^…geeks galore.

  15. 3bady |

    el barnamaj em7anech 3ende ma yanzel hmmm 3al 3mom ya36ekom el 3afya

    yegolon e7temal besawon 6areqa el arqam tet3dal min nafsha just wait leen 17 10 :)

  16. falantan |

    I’m just gonna use notepad’s “Replace…” command.

    and if you really push me.. I’ll regex it!!

    *geekness vented*

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