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Tip: Infinite Gmail addresses

If you have a Gmail account you can actually modify that address to have tons of Gmail addresses.

How it works is that you can insert any number of dots, anywhere in your user name. So if your e-mail is: you can have any of the following e-mail addresses.


You can also add a + after the user name like so:


This tip has been covered by a few other websites. Here’s to sharing. *cheers*

9 Responses to “Tip: Infinite Gmail addresses”

  1. 3baid |

    This is a really neat trick to isolate spammers. You’ll be able to tell which websites are selling your email address. :]

  2. Navy Girl |

    you guys talk about odd stuff :P what is Gmail :P

  3. Swair |

    i know! i LOVE that about Gmail… long live gmail :p

  4. N. |

    Yeah! It is, I currently use it for better filtering. ^_^

    Navy Girl,
    Gmail ya 6owelat el 3omer is google mail. Click on the link in the post :p

    long live! :p

  5. Marzouq |

    I found that out from day one.. since it didn’t differentiate between a couple of emails so people were getting confused! loool!

  6. Shoush |

    Cool. That’s fun to get creative with. ;P

  7. N. |

    lol! I didn’t know that, good thing you figured it out :)

    Of course ;p Imagine the possibilities..

  8. Navy Girl |

    eeeee inshala :P

  9. Nini |

    Hello! I had a count and some weeks ago I lost contact with it. I created another but I should like to get too the first one because I had many e-mails in my mailbox. May anybody help me? I asked for help to google but the answer was that my account was blocked. I don’t understand..
    Greetings, Nini

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