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Lost Posts

After forgetting a lot of the ideas I came up with for blog posts I started saving them in Notes on my mac. I usually use Notes when I check my mail and write note ideas. I opened up Mail yesterday to write a note but alas, my notes were gone! All my post ideas have disappeared. I searched, but to no avail, there was nothing.

Only later, did it hit me! If only there was a way to go back in time and retrieve this much valuable data! Yes! Then everything should be fine! I became obsessed… I needed to go back in time! I built my time machine, connecting wires and USB cables. I knew that I was getting close, but the machine would just not work!

After much research and calculation and many restless and sleepless nights, I found the solution! The PowerBook G4 does not supply enough USB power so I had to get an extension cable and hook up my external hard drive! I plugged in the cables, the whirring started! The lights flashed! I knew… I was ready to go back in time!

I entered the Time Machine and strapped on my seat belt. I warped to the past and there it was! My notes! All my precious posts! I grasped them tightly and said, “Take me back home, Time Machine!” There was I was, sitting in front of my PowerBook with my beloved notes that I thought I had lost forever.

Thank you Mac, for creating the wonderful Time Machine.

36 Responses to “Lost Posts”

  1. KJ |

    It shouldn’t have lost them in the first place :P

    You don’t need to praise the solution if there was no fault to begin with!

  2. Sushi |

    Um… Putting aside your infatuation with the Time Machine (not that we’re trying to influence that fondness God forbid) but I believe that was a lesson for you not to write notes about writing posts anymore. You make it sound like an assignment/research brainstorming preparation. Just write whenever you feel inspired buddy…

    That being said, can I borrow your Time Machine for life purposes?

  3. chikapappi |

    are you serious.. I think doing it randomly is more fun :)

  4. Intlxpatr |

    Woooo Hooooooo, N.! I bet that was a moment of pure exhilaration, retrieving notes you though were gone forever! Woooo HOOOOOOO!

  5. Ri |

    I’ll get back to you with a shopping list of things I need from the past.

    In the mean time, you should get yourself one of those purple and silver time travel suits. And a helmet. Chicks dig helmets.

  6. fashionated |

    God Bless Steve Jobs !

  7. G |

    Mac rules with this new time machine I like it. It just makes everything a lot easier, but I like to backup my stuff on dvd’s which I think is more safer than a hd. You never know when the hd will get corrupted because of unknown damn issue or just anything weird. Its good to hear that you got your data back ^^

  8. Zed |

    you found them, post them

  9. Hope |

    were you bored?

  10. la reine |

    LOOL malat 3ala mani gayla meen! al7een im reading and thinking omg aish fe wats happening! 6ila3 thats it!!!

  11. Jacqui |

    I hope you’re getting a free time machine for all the advertisements :P

    Hehehe that sounds like a nice commercial! Superbowl commercial? :P

  12. GreY |

    Another blogaddict … i too have the same problem , i come with a bright blog topic ( bleh) while driving or something , then make a mental note of it …. but some how i always fail to write it because i forget them quit often … But i always have some crap left to write … but your blog is well respected and you need decent topics so yes ! you need back up for sure.

  13. Kaileena |

    Oh okay I thought you went mental from work-stress!

    Wow Mac are coming up with cool stuff, seriously thinking of converting!

  14. Nasser |

    I don’t know how it happened. It might had to do with the internet going bad and me struggling to get my Imap email to respond.. :p

    I believe the reason why I am not posting them, is because I have already noted them down, instead of just posting them in the first place. Makes sense doesn’t it? Yes you may borrow it, you’ll need my external as well, so I’ll provide that for you.

    lol, well I can’t be random, everything has to be calculated. :p

    Yes! totally! Wooooohoooo indeed ;D

    Things you need from the past? And a shopping list? We’ll just go, and get them instead of buying them in the past! Oh, I love the suit idea, I just might do it. The purple “V” in front, oh!


    Thanks man. I’m contemplating the idea of DVDs or if I should get another NAS.

    lol, will do enshalla!

    When I posted? Not really, I rarely get bored nowadays, el7emdellah!

    La Reine,
    Aren’t you going back to being princess? lol :p Glad you enjoyed it hehe.

    lol! I should, don’t you think so! I bet it would totally blow people away if they used that concept in an ad, especially in Superbowl half-time! :O “Hi.. I’m a Mac.. I time travel”

    lol, use your phone or little notes, sometimes it works, but sometimes you lose them like I did :/ lol I’m just glad I got them back!

    lol! I’m not that mental, but I do get some eccentric tendencies lol.. well I honestly believe that you should consider it. The best way is to try it, and see if it works for you. My sister is going back to a regular laptop because of work issues, it all depends on your needs. The good thing about the Mac is that they are slowly bridging the gap between the mac and the PC.

  15. princess |

    ee ee im princess again :p

  16. EniGma |

    Now if only Steve Jobs creates a real life time machine.. he would become a god.

  17. FourMe |

    Damn and I thought you had a spark of genius in you and created an actual time machine :p as some1 said up there how about you write about these notes instead of keeping them for your self.. selfish

  18. Very.Q8ya |

    before i comment oo ham before i read your post I’d like to say something, KHARA3TNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! =F .. lol garait il heading “last post” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  19. Very.Q8ya |

    lol! babrook :p

  20. Marzouq |


    hahahaha I don’t know why, just from reading what you were saying I imagined Back from the Future and you were the Doctor! hahaha

  21. soul |

    Time machine!! Te7chi bel ok enta! Ana 7adi e-mail o recently blog! O sa3at a9adeq roo7i o adish utorrent as7ab movies! Men kan 3mri 18 wana as7ab Batman, al7een ana 3mri 24 o tawa wa9el 40% bs Hahaha Fal ya7yaaaa el dial up ;p

  22. Touch |

    One more reason to flood the blog with your posts.

    I wonder how all your audience react to multiple posts in a single day, you might crash the internet with the heavy traffic.

    Be generous and post one of those resurrected precious posts :)

  23. FourMe |

    Soul: hahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahah I couldn’t help but crack up at your comment, inshalaaa 3ala el 60 you will see the movie, btw there are 2 or 3 more Batman movies since you were 18, inshalla meta ykhal9oon ?

  24. MiYaFuSHi |

    That was very dramatic :p

  25. Laialy_q8 |

    hehe .. that must have felt really good … try using traditional notes next time :p at least thats what I do half the time!

  26. Amethyst |

    Pen and paper;p

  27. This Lady |

    For a minute there I thought u were dreaming.

  28. Soul |

    Loooool yeah i know! i will watch them eb mostashfa el 3ajaza when my kids abandon me at 60 hehehehe its my backup plan to forget the 9adma ;p

  29. Navy Girl |

    neah what a fuss !! glnaaa notes !!! :P

  30. desert-roses |


    That was too much IT thingies….

    I like the way how you wrote it…

    do you know that u become another person when u write?

  31. Nasser |

    welcome back ;p

    I heard a rumor its on his to-do list :p

    lol! I do have a spark of genius! Not enough to create a time machine, at least not yet ;p lol @ selfish, I’ll post them all!

    LOL! last post! ;/ la enshalla mako ever last post! Alla ebarek eb 7ayatech.

    LOL! Tell me about it! The flux capacitor! >_<

    lol! 6 sneen for batman :p tes7ebena mnen.. Allah ekon fe 3onech ;/

    Yes yes, I will flood the blog, don’t blame if for over crowdedness though heh! I actually want to see what will happen, I don’t expect much, just that posts will get less exposure.

    Yeah, it was ;P

    It did! Felt great, it was like a hmm.. a haloluya moment! Traditional notes work best.. I’ll do that.

    I shall do that ;p

    This Lady,
    I haven’t time travelled in a dream before, not that I remember but I have flown, warped, and done some matrixy stuff.. which beats time travel actually!

    Navy Girl,
    lol! I know, big fuss, yes Navy.. notes it will be!

    thanks! la I don’t know that I become another person, I am still Nasser bs shlon what do you mean? :p

  32. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Funny thing I backed up my file for the first time in my life today with time machine loooool! Yeah I never do backups, and people are stunned when I tell them that..

  33. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    LoL me too my heart skipped a beat I thought I read last post looooooool!

  34. Nasser |

    lol, you too! :p Well, its good you never had to use a backup till now, and you’ll be even safer with time machine :D

  35. Elaine |

    I have read a lot about the importance of back up…and you know what? Even until now I have not back up my data…And I believe you have known about the importance of back up before loosing your data…I think this is the bad habbit of most human. We learned well by experience…But sometimes it’s too much to pay. Just don’t do the same mistake next time…

  36. Nasser |

    You should always backup your data, there have been countless times where I have lost my data and could not get it back! Sure, I lived, nothing too bad happened, but it all depends on how valuable these files are to you..

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