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English Search in

g_logo_plain I found searching using Google very annoying after they started using a local domain. All the results were always in Arabic. I usually had to go to then click on English to allow the search default language to be in English.

Not only that, but it quickly goes back to being in Arabic again after a while, and it just got too annoying for my taste.

I found that adding &hl=en to the end of the URL automatically changed the current search query into English!

For example if the URL was as follows:

Would turn into:

That’s it!

11 Responses to “English Search in”

  1. G |

    You seem to be bored, today :P

    Ty for the tip ^^

  2. Manutdfanatic |

    The same would happen to us in Saudi, once upon a time. Thankfully, one fine day, it stopped on its own.. (I think)

  3. KJ |

    I wish they have an option in Chrome where I can select the effing language, because at work I get results in Finnish and at home I get them in Arabic! No matter how much I reset!

  4. Nasser |


    I hope it stops here..

    It is annoying!

  5. Atniz |

    Usually google will detect the local ip and redirect to local domain. I’m from Malaysia, the common google domain appeared here is

  6. NavyGirl |

    heeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeey N whats up dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! long time entaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

    i saw it .. i dont think there is a big difference .. to be honest i love the just lol :D

  7. Nasser |

    Your default language is english though isn’t it? We get the language automatically converted to arabic, so it is a little annoying.

    Ee walla long time! akeed just =p

  8. Kaos |

    Ya I’ve noticed the .kw…. I was wondering what difference it would make the server apparantly is still in the states
    I just set the preferences once and saved them then it worked
    everything google is becoming local language friendly including blogspot… and honestly it is annoying.

  9. Ri |

    Hello, Nasser.

    Just checking in on you. All’s good, yes?

    Much love,


  10. Nasser |

    It is very annoying!

    Hey you! Thanks for asking, yep all is good and well, how are things on your side of the fence?

  11. Random Blog |

    I hate how Google always sets my preference to AU when I just want becuase I like Google Suggest!!

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