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Men Style (contd.)

200200243-001 I posted about Men and Style before but this time I have a question for you readers out there. Most of the style ideas we get are from pictures in magazines or news papers, TV shows, movies, or people we see out on the street. Some people choose to invent their own style and fail miserably while other succeed in creating a new fad, others just go with the traditional attire.

The question I have is for both men and women. We are (mostly) aware that traditional attire of dishdasha and qutra can be stylish and izgert (cool looking) as we like to call it.

So what would you consider hot and fashionable? Here are examples, of what you could say;

  • A Hawaiian shirt, and shorts.
  • Khakis and any dark/light shirt open in the front with a T-shirt underneath.
  • Jeans and a casual T-shirt.
  • Baggy Jeans, an oversized top (with some bling-bling).

I choose these examples on purpose, because of their diversity, but you get the picture right?

My other question is: Are hats out of trend? I’m not talking about baseball caps here. The most common I have seen around are fishermen’s hats.

Update: I understand most of you said it depends on where when and what you’re doing. It would help if you consider a casual outing, and special occasion outing as example events. Pardon my unclear questions! :)

56 Responses to “Men Style (contd.)”

  1. chikapappi |

    Hmm.. yes for a man, some pair of jeans & a shirt or khakis aw a sharp suit.. Bas it really depends on the event – time of the day or the mood of the person bas some boys go tooooooooo fare to make a fashion statement :/

    Hats are in throughout the yer :)

  2. Zed |

    i agree with chika, it does all depend on the time, event and mood.
    for any professional appointment, you have to get dressed up,
    - either the traditional dishdasha, or a suit
    - casual outting calls for casual attire
    - the beach you can wear shorts

    but its aways better to overdress for the event

  3. Chirp |

    I agree that it depends on the event/time/place

    But in Kuwait you could never go wrong with a dishdasha, esp in winter.

    Perfect fitting jeans and a polo shirt.

    Khaki’s (or the khaki shorts) with a button down, thats NOT open. with she sleeves rolled up. Like the abercrombie shorts+button downs.

    Skinny jeans on guys is a huge fashion don’t. As well as sleeveless shirts for 6al3a, 7ada mala da3y.

    I think baggy jeans+baggy top are not nice, they’re so “messy” it doesnt exert a good aura.

    And my final comment is – wear whatever makes you comfortable, and thats the way the person will look good!

  4. KJ |

    depends on where you are going really, but baggies and Hawaiian are a no no for me, so I just stick with the other two.

    Caps are not out of fashion otherwise you won’t find them in shops

  5. 'GreY' |

    Blue Jeans and t’shirt and burgandy mocasin … Thats me ! Last time i wore Khaki’s was back in highschool when it was the uniform , i hate Khaki color !

  6. 1001 Kuwaiti Nights |

    I think jeans and a plain white well-ironed shirt is perfect along with a pair of stylish sandals.

    In the winter time, a pair of jeans with a well-tailored leather jacket is nice or a heavy wind-breaker. Black on both accounts.

    You know what you can also ask for, which frankly I think is even more important? A list of no-no’s for men. In my book that would be sleeveless tops, tight jeans, the cap that doesn’t sit firmly on the head, and any sort of golden jewelery.

  7. princess |

    hmm dishdasha and ’3itra is a7la shay ever!! then the second and third option

  8. N. |

    Are hats really in? Hmm, It would be cool but the problem is I don’t see them much!

    Better to be overdressed? That’s a good point!

    I used to be a huge baggy fan in the old days :p Yeah, not open is usually better, more clean I guess isn’t it?

    Caps as in not baseball caps? I meant hats, real hats.


    1001 Kuwaiti Nights,
    That’s great, I think I’ll do that. I’ll be doing a little more research on this style and fashion topic (not in a gay way..) but yeah. Thanks for the tips, really great.

    Yeah, traditional beats all ha?

  9. blue dress |

    All time wear simple and neat.
    1. Nice suit pants (black) and a shirt (stripped)
    2. Vintage jeans and black V neck sweat shirt
    3. Beige shorts and a white fitted T-shirt

    4. The dishdasha ; p

  10. Noufa |

    skinny black jeans
    With red or pink tight t-shirt
    and golden converse
    and some black eyeliner..don’t forget the greasy black hiar :D
    all that is a major turn on :P

  11. eshda3wa |

    jeans and a casual tshirt

    bas nothing nothing nothing tops the dishsasha !

  12. Joel Robinson |

    My fashion is into details and colour. I stress mostly on shoes and eye-wear.

  13. AlleyCat |

    Hats are NEVER out of style. I dont care what people say… i personally find it adds a personal touch.. and i’m not talking about fisherman hats.. and yeah im not a big fan of caps though..

    Anyhow.. hmm whats stylish on men? I love khaki’s esp with a shirt and a wife beater underneath no bling but with a chain .. and i love shorts and sleevless tops (think basketball team tops etc) .. yes its not the popular look in kuwait i guess.. but thats more of a casual look.. btw hawaiin shirt a big no no.. unless ure something like a 50yr old dad that studied in the US during the 70′s ..

    hmm for more stylish outings … right now i can only think of winter clothing for some weird reason.. think blazer with shirt and woollen vest beneath it and formal pants…. and perhaps paperboy hat…

  14. Very.Q8ya |

    cool topic =p

    I think men should were :

    1) Dishdasha WITH qhitra (good to wear, traditional, and comfortable “i assume” i didnt wear dishdasha before lol )


    2) I love (lacoste) T-shirts, casual and very nice to wear with jeans or shorts

    caps are fine

    3. jeans with a nice T-shirt

  15. Very.Q8ya |

    I posted a comment here =/

  16. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Frankly I like very simple clothes. Same goes to women, personally I spend a lot on excessories and mix them with casuals. I like simple jeans, plain white shirt or other, ponytail, sandals & a lipgloss but with a designer bag and glasses.

    Same concept for men, I hate excessive hair gels and big jewlery on men- yukh! Makes them look gay. I love dishdashas a lot, casual jeans, shorts, golf shirts and vests. It all really depends on which kind you buy and how you mix them.

  17. Missy-TheOriginal |

    O and I think hats are cool as long as their neutral colored !

  18. Amethyst |

    I am with the khakis and shirt minus the t-shirt. Jeans and a t-shirt/shirt are fine. There are lots of other options though.

  19. princess |

    ay tradition ya 3ami, its the over all sexy effect :p

  20. N. |

    what’s sexy about it? :p I’m curious..

  21. N. |

    blue dress,
    Nice, thanks!

    lol, you always have to do that don’t you? I bet it is! :p

    Nothing at all?

    That’s different!

    Awesome, I love hats. I just haven’t looked hard enough here something really nice, neither do I think there are! I had no idea it was called a wife beater!

    Thanks, entow ely cool. The traditional wear is not very comfortable for the one who isn’t used to it :p And sorry about your comments, they ended up in the spam somehow, but I got it out.

    I love simple, simplicity is such a blessing. Pony tails are hot even on 20+ women, I don’t know why they don’t like that fashion here much. They’re all about the big hair n stuff..

    So no t-shirts only shirts?

  22. shoosha |

    dishdasha’s with ghutra are hot!!

  23. N. |

    You think so too! Nice!

  24. Very.Q8ya |

    ya far7ete .. spam comments, oo banned mn fb


  25. N. |

    Maybe its a sign that you should go out instead of being online all the time :p I’m just teasing.. I dunno why, last week it was all Navy Girls comments were into spam, now she’s gone.. z3alat maybe :/

  26. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Did I write “exccessories” Oh Jesus Mary mother of Josephine!!! *gaaaasp* I dunno how that happened!!

  27. Ri |

    Khakis. I’ve always liked the understated look of Khakis.

  28. Fayoora |

    Qamees Maftoo7 from front oo T-shirt Underneath!!! Wai3 !! Akhyas Style after the Baggy and Oversized shirt !! Never do it .. never .. I mean never .. *Barf*

    What i recommend for Kuwaiti people is Deshdasha ooo bass :P Seriously.
    wetha kelesh malait oo wanted to change, go for plane shirts and jeans orr shorts . perfect ;P

  29. Amethyst |

    Shirts alone are fine. T-shirts alone are fine. But t-shirts under shirts are not okay. Sorry for not being clear.

  30. Laialy_q8 |

    In my opinion and for a guy, a pair of dark colored jeans (not too baggy nor fitted) with a casual shirt always looks good

  31. Very.Q8ya |

    ana o Navy bensawi 7amla thid N. whos in? =]

  32. Swair |

    WHITE JEANS!! A NO-NO FROM ITS MOTHER (ya3ni min oma)!!

  33. N. |

    Oh I know how that happened! Every time you misspell something, a kitten dies somewhere in the world! :( Murderer.

    I like em too! Very lax!

    LOL! Modeel gabel, shirt with a t-shirt underneath. Plain is good, and again with the dishdasha thing! I’m going to have to rethink my wardrobe.

    That’s clear! :p

    The casual shirt thing, they don’t really sell those anymore.. hehe.


    Wow white jeans? That was ayam.. hmm.. when was this, late 90s wasn’t it? Yeah, thats too old! :p

  34. asoom |

    I used to be a sales specialist, but for a women’s store (bebe).

    Anyway, I think that fashion is art and it’s a way to express yourself, I don’t care what anyone says what you wear IS important! and that of course doesn’t mean that we should all have the same style, nooooo, just like we all have different personalities we should have different styles. For example, I currently have hot pink hair (I found out it glows in the dark), I wouldn’t recommend it for alot of my friends. However, there are certain rules and standards that should be observed across the board, one rule is to stay away from all extremes and find balance. I don’t have 100% pink hair, just the under layer so you can’t even see it if my hair is back.

    With regards to the 4, I would say #2 and #3 are wiser choices because they’re classic and you can’t really go wrong. 1 and 4 are fads of a certain time period. PLEASE don’t ever wear jeans and a casual Tshirt if you’re going some place formal.

  35. N. |

    It glows? That technically increases the hotness factor by a few.

    Thank you! Good tips from a professional as well (yeah working at a store pretty much constitutes that!) I totally with dressing for the occasion. :)

  36. Chirp |

    LOL N were you ghetto fab?? ;p

  37. N. |

    I won’t deny, there was a time when I was ;P That’s all in the past now!;p

  38. KJ |

    Oh, hats, ok… well they are in fashion depends on what you’re wearing of course and where you are going and how fancy the hat is. I see many straw hats here in Dubai being worn by beach goers or some tea parties and stuff

  39. N. |

    Yeah, I would assume it would mostly depend on where you’re going and the type of hat. Straw hats are awesome, especially for the beach haha!

  40. Laialy_q8 |

    J crew?
    Banana Republic?
    I see lots of casual shirts i get some for my bro all the time

  41. N. |

    I think they have a Banana Republic here, I haven’t checked it out yet. The Gap here isn’t too good though. We don’t have a J Crew here either! :/

  42. Vixen |

    for men, a tshirt and shorts/jeans are quite ok. anything tight is not.anything leatherish or shiny is NOT. neither is anything transparent. traditional attire is ok. anything from abercrombie and fitch is HOT :D LOL does that help?

  43. Navy Girl |

    okay now this is very late but i have to comment you know me :P

    i’d go right away with the jeans and any good top t-shirt or whatever .. oh and sometimes a dark black suit with a tie is just WOW !! guys really look hot in a suit with a tie !! i hate dishdasha !! :/ i dont know i just dont like it !! :D

  44. N. |

    So leather jacket is ok isn’t it? And yep it all helps! :p Thanks!

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah I know you! The only person who comments after 12 midnight! :p Ya36ech el 3afiya! Oh a suit! Nice, no one mentioned that before ;p

  45. Navy Girl |

    hehehe shsawy i’m a vampire :P allah y3afeek :D

    yep a suit oh and dont forget the tie :P i’m always different ;P

  46. N. |

    Haha, yeah! The tie of course! Something classy and nice to go with the suit. Ms. Vampire ;P

  47. Navy Girl |

    speaking of which !! remind me to show you a very NICE TIE ! you will be :P

  48. N. |

    What are you waiting for! Show me!

  49. palo-girl |

    it depends on the guy, and the occasion.
    for instance, i find ildishdasha extremely attractive, but if it’s worn all the time it can get boring.

    same goes with suits.
    suits are always attractive though.

    and no matter WHAT bling-bling is NEVER attractive.
    not even if it was on Wentworth Miller

  50. palo-girl |

    oooh so i was just reading the comments and i thought id add some more points :)

    1. honestly, some guys manage to look good in anything they wear.
    2. i like wierd-looking hats. caps are NOT attractive. its too teenager-looking.
    3. if you like it, wear it! it shows when you’re comfortable in your clothes, and I realized that it can have a big effect on your self-confidence when you’re wearing clothes you are comfortable in and you feel you look good in.

    hmmm.. interesting topic.. :)

  51. Zia |

    it really depends on the guy!! i like polo’s with cargo shorts… ew i like baseball caps (but not ed hardy style) and hoodies… ew jeans and a shirt can look sorta dressy… t-shirt ew jeans 3adi.. madri ya3timid!! ew bling only works if u’re american… the baggy stuff with diamond jewelry doesn’t work for kuwaities! that’s only hot if u’re like a rapper, or a hustler LOL

  52. Zia |

    oh and i forgot! i find johnny depps lazy dressing VERY stylish and attractive.. unshaven face… dark sweaters… layered jewelry… skull caps… black rimmed eyeglasses <—- V. HOT!

  53. Zia |

    ok few more tips :P

    1) nothing too tight or actually even slightly tight
    2) nothing too colorful
    3) Nothing mesh/transparent
    4) No leather
    5) No eyebrow shaping
    6) No blowdrying hair… ew actually cut the gel if you’re over 21
    7) NEVER try to hard
    8) NEVER be flash (a printed Gucci tshirt is NOT attractive)
    9) NEVER do diamonds, a nice watch is ok though
    10) I like cord braclets on guys.. like the friendship ones etc… but that’s just me… plus it always makes me wonder who made it for them :@!!!

    ———-> ok bas sorry i think istanast wayed 3ala this post!

  54. N. |

    You have an interesting comment! That was pretty good actually.

    Welcome! and.. you’ve got some very nice tips. The no-no list is great! lol, ekhthy ra7tech btw.. 3adi ;P comment ely tabena.. o enjoy yourself! :D All comments are welcome, especially good ones! :p

  55. lone.rangeress |

    my personal favorite “guy” outfit is a linen, beige pants and a sky blue, linen 8amee9. but if i had to choose from ur list of 4 outfits, id go with the khakis w/a light colored, closed-buttoned blouse over a t-shirt.
    And baseball hats are in, depending on the occasion.
    but most definately the dishdasha n 8itra rank the highest at all times, a9eel.
    thats wht i thnk:)
    oh and the hair gel, and modernized look are SO childish and disgusting to be frank! just shave ur head! its that simple:P

  56. N. |

    That is a very specific choice, and it is nice. I agree with the shaved head part :p Totally!

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