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In Search of the Perfect Shave

Poll Question: How often do you shave? Please participate and vote on the right. Thank you!

I’ve been contemplating for a while now how to get the perfect shave. I don’t shave often, simply because I don’t have to. The rate at which my beard grows isn’t very rapid. I mostly shave at least once or twice a week. I do trim every few days though.

lather shave The main problem I have with shaving is getting the perfect lather. If you’re unfamiliar with the term later, it is the "foam" that forms when using the shaving cream. I simply can’t get it to match the one that I get when I get a shave at the barber!

I couldn’t find the right combination of hot/cold water and shaving cream. It usually ends up very bland and quite useless as a shaving cream.

I’m still trying to find the best way to mix and apply the shaving cream.

On another note, LifeHacker posted a great link to a video to teach you how you can shave using a Straight Razor.

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35 Responses to “In Search of the Perfect Shave”

  1. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    As a woman, I don’t know WHY some people (men and women) think it’s very important for a man to shave first day of the week or for a special occasion.. madri, I don’t look at the face if it’s shaved or not! i wonder if others do? *thinking*

  2. Amethyst |

    This post is 7ada mala da3i in my world;p

  3. hammoodee |

    ZIRH products are very good i recommend them

  4. greyshorts |

    You do know that 90% of your readers are women right ?

    O a7la don’t shave sexy eldirty

  5. FourMe |

    N why do you keep on denying me the right to vote?!

    How am I supposed to vote on this?? I demand a change of topic!

  6. |

    Why dont you WAX ! go for brazilian LOL .

    O tefek 3omrk men shaving all the time :)

    no really why men never thought* of that ?

    ” shave at least once or twice a week ” !

    smooth guy ..aha !

    and your Arabic sux !


  7. TAT |

    use a shaving brush to spread the foam. But imo for the best shave get the cerebrus electric razor you know the one with three heads and follow that with a foam and normal razor. btw always name your gadgets and make them bad ass names to boot

  8. suspic |

    I use an electric razor every once in a while. I’m still afraid of cutting myself with a razor. Plus I fear the “If you use a razor, it grows back thicker” myth.

    The barber’s nice, you get a delightful conversation and a comfy chair.

    p.s. thank you for considering the minority that is your male readers.

  9. ammaro |

    lol.. a few comments… i dont use any sort of foam or gel when i shave… too much of a waste of time, and i feel like more of a man with a rough shave (lol, jk).. the hotter the water is the better though

    and second, women do shave! just not their faces (well, not most of them anyway)

  10. Ruby Redux |

    Ask the barbers, they might have tips. That’s what I go to do when I have a question salon related.

    BTW, you’re tagged by me.

  11. Marzouq |

    Nothing beats the blade!! I just enjoy going to the barbershop to get my shaves!

  12. KJ |

    I gave up on the clean shave cuz my neck skin is veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry sensitive so I stick to trimming via trimmer instead

  13. G |

    I rarely shave at home, the barber is much faster :)

  14. Grey |

    if i use the straight raser i’d bleed like a ….. , i shave every three days cz my beard is so rough , btw i use godrej shaving cream… nothing like it.

  15. Elaine |

    I never shaved but my husband does. He shaves 3 times a week.

  16. Navy Girl |

    lol wala madry how am i supposed to comment to this ;P i say just have yourself a goatee oo bs :)

  17. manutdfanatic |

    Ammar makes a very true point in his second statement.

  18. PaLoMiNo | we are talking about a guy’s face here ;p shyaab 6ary il brazilian LOOOOOOOL

    why r u interested in the foam?? aham shy ena u get a clean shave mo? wetha u really want that foam u can try gillet shaving foam (bas ana mjrba ele for females ;p atwqa3 the men version have the same effect)

  19. season.of.Hate |


    is this becoming an International code or somthin ?


  20. Disturbed Stranger |

    hmmmmmm….. last time I checked… I don’t shave…. why don’t you consider lazer? ;)

  21. Nasser |

    They might or might not, but having a clean shave is grooming and I’d probably compare it to female beautifying. Most guys probably don’t notice the light change in complexion, but none the less it is sometimes pleasing to the eye.. I suppose shaving is like that as well! I could be wrong..

    lol.. too much pressure, can’t think of something.. there is something.. but I just can’t grasp it and translate it into words..

    Do you buy them from a special shop?

    Yeah.. I do realize most my readers are women, even with that said, I see more comments here from women than men! haha.

    You can vote “I’m a girl I don’t shave”, so vote and wait for the next poll :p Or suggest one if you like!,
    Wax? Are you insane! Well, not that some guys don’t do it, but no thanks! I know my Arabic sucks, that was the point of writing it in both languages, I’m hoping to get better at it this way.. not sure if it will help.

    I tried to spread the foam, hot water, the works.. but it doesn’t work! I can’t get enough foam there to feel that super smoothness. I always used to shave “3al nashef” but the whole cream thing is a whole new experience. Damn that sounded bad. Hmm, I should think of a name for my razor.. haven’t yet!

    I salute you sir. Haven’t forgotten the minority of male readers who enjoy following my blog. Don’t worry about using a razor, if you cut yourself, you’ll look like more of a man.. scars.. bloody face.. too cool.

    I used to do that too, but using foam and getting it to lather that way is just too cool not to figure out how to do it! Out of courtesy I added the option for women to not say they shave :p

    Thats not a bad idea, I’ll ask the next time I’m there!

    Did you see the video at lifehacker? That’s one mean shaving technique!

    Yeah, it is better that way if you have sensitive skin. It is also good if your hair doesn’t grow as fast!

    Sure, but you should try it.

    haha.. I’ll look that up, though I’ll probably ask the barber as Ruby suggested.

    3 times seems to be the average now.

    Navy Girl,
    Still need to shave to have a goatee ;p

    Ahem, yes he does!

    PaLoMiNo &,
    I had to Google Brazilian to actually get it. I see, no thanks :p I’ll keep that for you to enjoy.

    The foam does magic while shaving, I used to shave without it, but after a few times at the barber it really does make a difference.,
    It has already become an international code.. where have you been the past 10 years!

    Disturbed Stranger,
    lazer? no thanks, I’d prefer raw.. shaving, dealing with dangerous blades and such..

  22. ammaro |

    try gilette shaving GEL instead of foam. i remember using it a while back, good stuff.

  23. |


    Is this becoming an International Popular* code or somthin ? :b

    :b < b**ching code.. LoL !

  24. Harlow |

    Wish I can help but.. my brother says that using the gel is way better than the foam too.

  25. Enigma |

    dude girls shave too (ur poll)

  26. F. |

    I think my dad uses gel that turns into foam or something like that :P
    maybe you should give it a try

  27. Nasser |

    Hmm, I’ll try the gel out then.

    You like tomatoz? lol @ your :b

    That seems to be the popular opinion, I think I’ll take your word for it.

    Yeah.. I know.. but, not their face.

    lol, yeah it is a gel that turns into a foam.. :p

  28. ammaro |

    well yeah, girls don’t shave their face, but i’ve seen one or two that should!!!!!!

    hehe… anyway… judging by your poll, you seem to have quite a number of female fans… woohoow!

  29. Soul |

    1. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
    2. Apply moisturizer in small quantity (Remember, chin is really stubborn)
    3. Use a shaving brush for applying foam. (I use Gillette Foam).
    4. Apply for really good amount of time (5 min). Use optimal amount of water.
    5. Shave with a good razor (Use mach 3, if available)

    Note: Check the below jaws portion for roughness. The chances are quite positive you will find some.

    Apply gently after shave moisturizer. Allow it to dry. Apply after shave.

    Time take for the whole process: 15 min.


    ~ Soul

  30. manutdfanatic |

    Worship Soul’s comment.

  31. fadidra |

    3shtaw twni adri ib shy esma perfect beard shave!

  32. FourMe |

    I voted now you can put up a new poll :p

  33. Nasser |

    Yeah, either that or most of the guys here don’t shave lol.

    I tried Nivea foam, not gillette but I’ll try that out. And you say optimal amount of water, well what is optimal? Thanks for the tips, very good indeed.

    there we go

    It is a skill, not everyone can perfect it.

    lol, will do soon enough.

  34. Soul |

    Optimal means not too less that the shaving gel is still not foam yet or sufficient foam is formed and absorbed for softening the beard.

    Not too much that it is too runny a liquid for any purposeful use of shaving properly.

    ~ Soul

  35. Nasser |

    Got it! Thank you.

Reserved, going to add something here later.