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Slapper ®

A Letter from the CEO,

Dear Customers,

You rarely get a chance in life where you can truly make everyone around you happy. We, at Slapper® Inc, are here to make that possible for you. With our products we wish to pave the road to a better transportation environment. Also, we highly devote ourselves to provide you with ways for a better living, a way for you to live a safer and more comfortable life.

Wishing you the Best,
CEO Slapper® Inc.

Our Products:

Windshield Slapper®
A modification to your vehicle where a Slapper® would pop out the front sides whenever someone tries to put an advertisement in your windshields.
Release Information.
Pushcar Slapper®
A modification to your vehicle which is active while driving, and would first attempt to slap the driver of the a which is within a certified distance of your car. If it is unable to do so, it will simply push the car away.
Release Information.
Laser Slapper®
This product is an enhanced Pushcar Slapper® without any modifications to your vehicle. Here is the release information:

This new Laser Slapper is a 1m space craft hovering 25 feet above your car. It will instantly blast any vehicle that will swerve onto your lane causing your blood pressure to jump. It will burn those cars which come up behind your car so close that you can almost slow down, but cant because if you do, the inevitable accident would happen. This Laser Slapper will keep all other vehicles on the road in line by disintegrating those who drive in two lanes, and those who *ping-pong*, as i like to call it, between lanes. This and much more to come! Order your new Laser Slapper now, it comes free of charge, because if you don’t drive properly as well, it will hunt you and burn you down.

Release Information.

Taser Slapper®
Our Taser Slapper® was supposed to be a promotion product. However, due to much demand this product will be sold separately.
Release Information.
Jolt Slapper®
Our Jolt Slapper® is our pride and joy. It zaps slow drivers to give them the confidence to get to respectable speeds.
Release Information.
Boomerang Zanooba Slapper®
This is another promotional product but has been going mainstream for a while now. This product is similar to the Jolt Slapper® but does not depend on batteries. However careful when using it on shoeless people!
Release Information.
WatZuka Slapper®
One of our finest product so far. A light weight and expandable bazooka that shoots laser guided water missiles.
Release Information.

Copyright © 2005-2007.
Slappers… Enhance your driving. Look Ma! No Hands!

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  1. Slapper ® Product Page | N. |

    [...] Slapper ® [...]

  2. Very.Q8ya |

    LOOOOL! WOW chan zaaaainnnn seeej lol!!

  3. blue dress |

    LOL! thats the weirdest thing Ive ever read. faj2a?!

  4. princess |

    hey i finally understood ur slapper products thing hehehe a5eran!!

  5. Mai |


    You so creative mshalla! You seem 5ayalik was3 walla! Thats great :P

  6. Naz |

    i want 10 of each!!

  7. Soul |

    abi el baaaaaazoooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    YOU sick F**K bus drivers i’m gonna blow ur F***ing greasy heads off :E

  8. M. J. Kout |

    Boomerang Zanooba Slapper : i should have gotten one of those in hajj when mine was stolen :P

  9. Soul |

    Blog Slapper is our front runner.
    If your blog gets a spam, the spammer gets tons of spam instantly + instant ban by IP range algorithm.

    If by any chance the pattern repeats according to a super complex algorithm, a personal ballistic missile will be set to the co-ordinates of the originating IP.

    ~ Soul

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