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Why I removed my Blogroll…

I read quite a lot of blogs out there. A lot of them are interesting and a lot are funny. A lot of them are close, and my friends are among them. I removed the blogroll because it was getting way too big, especially for those that deserve exposure! I decided to create a new page, with all the blog links that were here in my active blogroll.

Edit: If you’re not on the list, post a comment, and a reason why you should be, and I’ll take that into consideration :p lol J/k. Leave a comment anyway! I love reading new content and different ideas and opinions on things!

21 Responses to “Why I removed my Blogroll…”

  1. Shale |

    Mine is just a convenient place for me to store links that I click on. It is not for anybody else’s benefit.

    You know in Ireland and the UK we call the toilet the bog? Also, for my sandy friends, we do not use a tap. We use ‘toilet roll’. You can guess what occurs to me evertime I see the word blogroll.

  2. Fayoora |

    Im In Wohoow ;P

  3. chikapappi |

    Yeah, it does take space I guess …

  4. Marzouq |

    I left my comment on your list.. on the list! lol!

  5. "GreY" |

    Yey ! I made it ! * goes dancing *

  6. Don Veto |

    I am not there, and the reason I should be there is because I thing your blog is really great and a lovely read and I always read it whenever I can.

    (I hope flattery will get me somewhere, at least on your blogroll)

  7. Navy Girl |

    it wont open with me !! gives me an error all the time ..

    am i listed lol :P

  8. Jacqui |

    Aww I’m glad I’m on it ;P

  9. N. |

    lol! Oh boy, that must not be a pretty image.


    Ahem, yeah it does!


    happy dance? lol.

    Don Veto,
    lol! I know I’ve come across your blog before! Its going on the list! :D

    Navy Girl,
    No you’re not listed, why would I list you…

    lol ;P

  10. blue dress |

    N do the reader!
    Very cool

  11. AlleyCat |

    Dude! You scared the crap out of me! I depend on your blogroll to link me to the other blogs i regularly read… since i cant be bothered to remember all the addresses.. or save them on my favorites (my favorites are currently a mess im saving to clear up on a realllllly slow day at work :P)….
    See?! you’re doing the community a favor by keeping a nice blogroll going.. Oh N where would us non bloggers who read blogs be without u?

  12. N. |

    oh! I wouldn’t have imagined! I’m glad this blog list is getting some attention and that it is helping you out! :p You would be without blogs to read! :p I was originally going to start removing and adding people based on activity, but that would be troublesome. The new list is much longer, and is not really limited to Kuwaiti blogs. The main difference was that the original list was also based by blog owner, these are based more on blog title. I might just rename them, and screw everyone up again :p Either way, if you manage to create your own blog let me know, and I’m sure I’d be interested in reading it and getting it up there. Woah, this was a long comment!

  13. Noufa |

    Navy Girl:
    Me too! it says Internet Explorer cannot open it

    N., does that mean I’m not on the list too? :(

    naah..I don’t care anyway ;P

  14. N. |

    Navy Girl and Noufa,
    Check it now and tell me if it works! I did a little tweaking, it should work, enshalla!

    No, you’re not!

    lol, you are of course both you and Navy Girl!

  15. palo-girl |

    is there a link to it somewhere on ur main page?

  16. Navy Girl |

    yeah yeah it works fine now !! and yay i’m in :P

  17. N. |

    Yes! It is the link called “Blogroll” under the “Menu” on the right! Let me know if it isn’t easy to find.

    Navy Girl,
    Good ;P

  18. pearls |

    yaaaaaay, I’m on your list

  19. N. |

    Yes you are! I’m saving your tips on parenting for the future :p

  20. Harlow |

    I have you in my Google Reader.
    I love your posts. =D

  21. Nasser |

    Thank you ;p I have you as well, hmm I’ll just see if you’re on the public and not private list.

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