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I was looking at an article in LifeHack that has some very useful WordPress plugins. I hurried on over to check them, the one that fascinated me the most was the Show Top Commentators plugin by Nate. I downloaded it, installed it, only to find out it didn’t support widgets!

I googled, and hacked the original code and enabled widget functionality. In an effort to contact the creator and inform him of this change, I googled, and came across a widget enabled version of the plugin; “Top Commentators” by Webgrrrl.

In the end keeping my version, only because I ran into a few database errors while trying to install Webgrrrl’s version, even though it has all options in the Widget Sidebar Arrangements page.

My Version: Show Top Commentators Hacked
Webgrrrl’s Version: Top Commentators
Original Version: Show Top Commentators

16 Responses to “Top Commentators”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeey my name is there :D

  2. cixousianpanic |

    wanasa!! ;) you know what’s gonna happen now? It’s gonne be the Battle of the Comments! LOL :P

  3. N. |

    You get a silver star :p

    Let the battle begin! – Commentator style, with echo :p

  4. Nomad |

    awww i’m in 3rd place XD
    wheres that damned Nitro when u need it >.>
    and no this is not a battle its a war mwahahahaha

  5. Lorna |

    Thanks for dropping by my site. Googling for the widget? — yeah, I feel your pain :)

  6. N. |

    Keep em coming!

    Thank you for coming by as well :)

  7. Marzouq |

    Very cool! well done N, seriously good job modifying code, I used to love doing that back in the day!

  8. Alaingonza |

    very good plugin!!!

  9. N. |

    It is! Thanks for dropping by Alaingonza :)

  10. Sumesh |

    Cool….Will look out for your other hacks…wait, do you have any other hacks?
    Hacks are cool, coz they add functionality that the author is too lazy to add ;)

  11. N. |

    At the moment there is only one other hack: “Preview Theme” wordpress plugin.


  12. Atniz |

    Agree with you. Top commentators widget helped me a lot in getting loyal reader and higher comments numbers with increasing rss subsribers daily.

  13. Jessica Web Marketing |

    How do i put the blog comment approval on my myspace to approve blog comments before posting them?

  14. Xbox Repair Guide Review |

    How much has your subscriber based increased as a result of using this plugin? I can see the benefit from the commentators point of view, but have seen no proof of the benefit to the bloggers themselves.

  15. India News |

    thanks for supporting and speaking in favor of top commentators and i usually visits alot of blog and do commenting on that but in the response i get very few listed in blog

  16. Online Muzik Dinle |

    Thanks for dropping by my site. Googling for the widget?

Reserved, going to add something here later.