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Slapper ® Product Page

I have added all my inventions to the Slapper® Product page.

16 Responses to “Slapper ® Product Page”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    it deserved it’s own page :)

  2. N. |

    Thanks :p Yeah, about time I think.

  3. Shale |

    N, you know what a slapper is, right?

  4. Vinnie |

    Do u offer discounts on the products?
    Shale: plz, enlighten us. Am sure it is a british thing that is close to wanker in a way maybe?

  5. Marzouq |

    hahahaha Very nice!

  6. chikapappi |


  7. cixousianpanic |

    Shale: Vinnie does not know that you are not british. forgive him.

    Yes N. I may become a regular customer and buy slappers in bulk – would you offer fellow bloggers a discount?

    :D me likeee the slapper inventions.

  8. 3baid |

    If these ever go to production, they’d be over-used!

  9. N. |

    I looked it up. Fascinating terms you have in the UK!

    Of course there are discounts, you’d have to contact our Sales department. 1-800-SLAPPER

    Thank you!


    Of course! Give me a call, 1-800-SLAPPER, ext. 666.. tehee :p

    Oh no worries, we provide full maintenance on all products.

  10. Navy Girl |

    i love the first one sooo very much !! i hate it when people put things cards and papers in my window !!

  11. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Great! I’ll send you one as a 30 day money back guaranteed trial!

  12. Shale |

    N, please look up the UK, and find out which countries are in it!! This always baffles me. Not knowing is perfectly understandable, but assuming you know…

    Cix, why thank you. I act all faux offended, but only so people will listen. In truth I am just always surprised at how presumptious people can be. So you would buy in bulk? Would that make you a regular slappper? (has heart attack laughing)

  13. N. |

    Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t assume anything. I did a “define:slapper” in Google, and got the following;
    In the United Kingdom, a slapper or a scrubber is a sexually promiscuous lower class woman. The stereotypical slapper is a female chav scantily attired for an evening’s entertainment in or around nightclubs.

    Don’t blame me then, blame Google! :p

  14. Shale |

    What Google said is perfectly true. It did not say that the expression is not used elsewhere.
    “Fascinating terms you have in the UK!”

  15. N. |

    Indeed, they didn’t. My bad then, replace “you” with “they”. I’m not much for semantics or word choice. I always had the dreaded “w.c.” in red pen all over my papers in school. Ahem, yes, that is my excuse.

  16. Navy Girl |

    aint that great thx :P

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