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Banning Spammers

I haven’t been blogging much or following comments or anything for that matter. Lately I’ve been getting e-mail notifications of spam comments which go through. These spam comments were made by regular people in India and other places who were hired to comment on my blog.

Aksimet doesn’t detect them because they are normal people. They can bypass the captcha and every other spam blocking mechanism. Now, I’ve decided to block them completely before they even reach my blog, how? I’ll tell you.

I installed WP-Ban and added the following IPs:

121.246.81.* –

It is sad if a legitimate person in those segements was curious and decided to read and comment on my blog, but frankly spam comments are annoying. It doesn’t matter if you get a regular person to do the dirty work rather than a script, a spam comment is still a spam comment!

So there…

In another note, I’m more active on twitter than I am on my blog. 140 characters seem more than convenient for whatever I have to say. You can find me here;

10 Responses to “Banning Spammers”

  1. 3baid |

    I thought you could add those IPs in the blacklist without the use of a plugin :/

  2. Nasser |

    3baid you can add single IPs but you can’t add IP ranges or segments! ;/

  3. Vinnie |

    Want to See stuff??? go to a website :P
    Ya totally dude spam is spam… in the old days the debate almost got the authorities to ban spam and actually make it illegal with the potential of locking spammers out..
    now we just have to deal with them
    Had the authorities treated hackers like they treat spammers, then hackers would’ve destroyed all the spammers resources

  4. Nasser |

    Yeah I totally agree! There must be a way to fight back, no? =p

  5. Mrm |

    tara mafham hal technologya fa i’d really appreciate it if u kept blogging anywaysf

  6. DA |

    Last para, first word – *On another note ..

  7. Amethyst |

    I don’t like you, and I second DA.

    Blog something I understand!;p

  8. KJ |

    There are tons of human spammers who use anonymous proxies. If you know how to block those too let me know

  9. Nasser |

    Will do, and it is okay you don’t have to get it =p


    lol, enshalla, when I feel like it I’ll do that =p

    I was told by a friend about a plugin, check it out..

  10. mjkout |

    try Spam Karma 2

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