Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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A New Look

Here we go. Finally, this is the look I have been dreaming about.

I also updated the blogroll to include currently active blogs. There are blogs which are inactive and I have removed those, and then there are those unstable ones, I only hid them from view but I still have their feed running.

50 Responses to “A New Look”

  1. Swair |

    oooooh, sexeh!

  2. Laialy_q8 |

    Mabroooooooooooooooook … looks clean and sleek
    Great job ^_^

  3. asoom |

    ok I thin I have to get used to this, I’m currently confused…….

  4. Navy Girl |

    good work N .. its looks really great :)

  5. 'grey' |

    Nice ! i likey , i likey very much !

  6. Marzouq |

    Very nice and very clean! Much better then before, I really do like this! Really much much better then before, everything in proportion!

  7. Jacqui |

    In all HONESTY! This is the best look I have seen, better than before. Although lighten the shade of beige in the sidebar or darken the text since its kind of soft. And the header could use sprucing up.

    Otherwise it’s awesome!

  8. MSB |

    wayed a7la.. less crowded.. nice colors… mabrook el bait el yedeed! :) (oh, and i love the quote on top – in the banner! nice)

  9. Touch |

    Much more eye friendly, good job.
    Some tweaks to the header and it shall be superb. A little bit bigger with larger fonts to intensify the quote.
    Keep it up.

  10. joud |

    looks neat

    i liked the old style too

  11. Shayouma |

    I LOVE the look!!!
    I am waiting for the day I get mine lol!! and i WILL get there!

  12. chika |

    I like it too – simple :)

  13. Vixen |

    yaaaay it’s coooool!!! I love it n_____________n good job!!

  14. Vixen |

    *misses being a top commentator* >__<

  15. This Lady |

    Nice. :) u can make the N bigger. but all in all its good.

  16. Stewie |

    mabroook 3ala elnewlook :)

    although ma la7agt 3ala el old one .. but this one really looks well-organised .. so well done :)

  17. Intlxpatr |

    I like the old one only because that drop into the pond reminds me of the questions you ask and how they send out ripples that go on and on and on . . . the new look IS clean, but that green is kind of biological, sort of like something fermenting!

  18. N. |

    Thank you ;P


    Just slow down! It shouldn’t be hard to get around here :)

    Navy Girl,
    Thanks :D

    Thank you!

    Thanks a lot!

    I’ll lighten the second side bar, though I don’t know what to do with the header! Thanks a lot :D

    Thank you very much, that is my quote btw. :)

    Thanks! I’ll work on the header, I might change the font color of it, but first I need to figure out if I’m going to change the image.

    Thanks ;)

    Thank you! Enshalla we’ll see your new one soon too! :)

    Thanks :D

    lol don’t worry you can do it! thanks a lot :D

    This Lady,
    I’ll work on that, thanks! :)

    Allah ebarek feek, thanks a lot!

    Oh yeah, the header, I’m going to work on it. Thanks! Hmm, I might just use that symbolism you explained for an idea! :)

  19. princess |

    ok i like it too

  20. N. |

    thanks! :)

  21. Zed |

    this is nice, i just think you should keep the first logo of N. , the water drip
    that was original and pure

  22. Noufa |

    Mmmm I don’t like :P

  23. |

    definately a plus. i didnt like the old one but this does look great. well done, excellent choice; luv it

  24. N. |

    Done! I put in a different one than the previous one.

    Shush you

    Thanks a lot bro :)

  25. Intlxpatr |

    Woooo Hooooo! The clean pure radiating drop is back!

  26. N. |

    I’m glad you like it! It is different, but I like the way it turned out :)

  27. blue dress |


  28. N. |

    blue dress,
    thank you so much ^_^

  29. pearls |

    it’s cool, I like it a lot

  30. Noufa |

    LOL I’m being shush-ed now?! walla dnya :(

    Don’t I have the right to express my “extreme dislike” to your new look..I mean blog look :P?!?


    (Seriously the look is fine! I’m just bored and dramatic :D)

  31. N. |

    Thanks :D

    No you don’t have a right! :p Thanks and yes I know u were.. lol! ;P

  32. Jacqui |

    Awesome looks purty! :)

  33. N. |

    Thankies! ^_^ I still haven’t darkened the second side bar background, ill do that right now.

  34. Zed |


  35. N. |

    It is isn’t it!

  36. KJ |

    Excellent design, I really do love it!

  37. N. |

    Thanks! :)

  38. Jacqui |

    Much more smooth and silky :P

  39. Touch |

    Good job with the header.
    Way much better than the previous one.
    I liked the animated water drop, adds a touch of sophistication to it.

  40. N. |

    oh la la! ;p I also darkened the bar, and uploaded the image, removed the old one for some reason the new one is not loading the old one is! lol..

    Thanks a lot! Sophistication? As in the animated drop is a resemblance to the world, as we create it in our own minds.. our perception of reality, right? I know you meant that ;P By the way, I want to read your post about the addiction to pains! :D The part you mentioned in your comment, I have something a little different to post about, you’ll see it soon!

  41. Angelo |

    Simple and clean. I love it ^_^

    Great, I’m still in your blogroll…a true honor :)

  42. N. |

    Thanks! :) It is my honor!

  43. Outkasty |

    ma3a lishtta :P

    babroook =]

  44. N. |

    Allah ebarek fech ;P

  45. Touch |

    My sentiment exactly :) *kidding*
    Well, I’ll be anticipating it with your take on the topic.
    As for mine, it has to be queued and won’t probably spots the light before 2008.
    I’m sure you’ll manage to stun us with your post

  46. N. |

    Oh my 2008! That’s a long way to go, there’s much you can say before then! don’t be coy ;P Share your words of wisdom! :D

  47. manudfanatic |

    Much easier on the eyes.

    Good job.

  48. N. |

    Thanks! I was hoping to get some serious input here.. ;)

  49. manudfanatic |


  50. N. |

    right back at ya ;p

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