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Scripts: Converting FLAC to MP3

Here is my first published script.

-> Convert flac to mp3

8 Responses to “Scripts: Converting FLAC to MP3”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    pretty interesting

  2. N. |

    Thanks :D The code could be a little cleaner, but it works :p I hope it comes in handy.

  3. cixousianpanic |

    Do you know how i can convert Mp4′s into Mp3′s? I tried searching online but every time I download a program it says its not compatible with a mac :(

  4. MishMisha |

    wow very impressive!!!

    i just use visualhub.. it costs 23 bucks but it’s worth it :P

  5. MishMisha |

    oh wait, you’re talking about flac..

    i was talking about something else. sorry my bad..

    hehe :P

  6. N. |

    MP4s are usually videos. If you want to extract audio, or play around with even more different codecs and what not try ffmpeg. It is very technical but it gets the job done better than any other converter I’ve seen and it is free ;)

    VisualHub is for video encoding, yeah that requires a lot more than just a command line script :p

  7. Nomad |

    seriously N. why dont you use these skills of yours for the greater good? the opensource community needs you…
    but yeah thats a cool script ;p

  8. N. |

    I do use them for the greater good! :p Thanks ;)

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