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Convert flac to mp3

What you will need:

Note: These file versions may be outdated. I havent tested later versions, but those work perfectly fine.


Here is a little script I wrote in python; flac2mp3.txt (rename the extension from .txt to .py)

You will find the files flac.exe and lame.exe in the zip files linked above. Note that you need to place flac.exe and lame.exe in your path, for example in C:\Windows\System32. Also note that the line:

lame_command = 'lame --ta "Mozart" --tl "Requiem" --tg "Classical" '

needs to be changed manually to reflect artist, album, and genre respectively.

After you manage to put them all together, all you have to do is run the script. If you renamed it then run it like so.
> "C:\Mozart Requiem"

And make sure the path is correct and is in quotes if it has spaces in it.

7 Responses to “Convert flac to mp3”

  1. Scripts: Converting FLAC to MP3 | N. |

    [...] Convert flac to mp3 [...]

  2. Bo Talal |

    Thanks for the useful script;)

  3. N. |

    My pleasure ;)

  4. 3baid |

    Just remember that converting files from one format to another hinders their quality. It’s bad enough that real audio is bad :/

  5. N. |

    Real audio is mostly useless now. Too bad mp3 players don’t support lossless formats like flac, or ape. I’m not sure if AAC is considered lossless or not, but its the best format for mp3 players so far! :/

  6. 3baid |

    Everyone’s running off with their proprietary formats, but MP3 still remains the most popular type despite superior codecs.

  7. Yousef |

    Cowon players are the best! They support FLAC, OGG, and other formats. Being a big supporter of open standards, FLAG and OGG are pretty much the only formats I use. Look Cowon up, they make really nice DAPs (SUPER long battery life, AM/FM radio, line-in/microphone/radio recording, 24-bit color screens, ..etc).

Reserved, going to add something here later.