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Climbing to the top

Santa going up! (web)2 We did it. Yes, we got to the top, and fell back down cheering and laughing. Last weekend we decided to go climbing and when we got there, we felt a little disappointed. Why? Because most of the climbers were kids, much younger than us. This is when I thought, "It is either now, or never!" Seize the opportunity, we had come here to climb, and we aren’t leaving without climbing!

There we stood, as the cool air brushed our faces, looking up at the peak. There is no obstacle any man cannot tackle! There is no wall that will stand in our way! We shall climb, and climb we shall! — to victory!

It was funny seeing the people in Maki looking over at us, we smiled but we couldn’t wave (sorry, our hands were occupied). I wanted to take a picture, but, that didn’t work either. It was honestly the best fun I have had…

in a VERY long time.

Location: Marina Waves

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35 Responses to “Climbing to the top”

  1. Amethyst |

    I’m the first to comment! Yay!

    Sounds like fun. Now, take that approach and apply it to life;)

    Life will be amazing.

  2. desert-roses |

    I suppose to bee the first :/ but my connection 5araf..al3an shakla ..yala hosha 3ala meno el awal :P…..

    so you decided to go climbing in a good day of a year as seems in the photo ..nice weather…

    hmm..nice… I loved always to climb but I wont do it..first..I feel that when anyone climb ppl stare at thier butt from dowm to up perspective and my butt is already big and with a jeans …….no comment lol…………, second I fear hieghts..

  3. Laialy_q8 |

    hehe, i climbed one time here at a fair we call “spring fling” and once i got to the top i was so scared to come down and the guy kept on saying “just jump away” and i am thinking “NO WAY” i had to actually climb back down hehehe

    mabrook for you ^_^

  4. anon |

    shot Gunnnn ;p

  5. pearls |

    glad you had fun, I’m scared of heights now it’s a phase

  6. Marzouq |

    Very nice! Happy you enjoyed it! Now if you try riding you will know real fun! hahaha

  7. N. |

    Do you apply that? I sure will, now that I have reached the top!

    afa yalla ma 3aleh, ra7at 3alech hal marra :p That photo wasn’t taken on the day we went, but the weather was great! lol @ don’t worry, people will be more amazed by the fact that you are actually going up and managing to climb! There was a asian girl, maybe between 16-20 and she was good! she went up all the way!

    lol! I know! I had that feeling too.. I wanted to climb down, but I put my faith in God, had a big smile, closed my eyes and jumped back.. lol! I got tugged by the rope but it was fun. You should do it again! :D

    You missed it ;/

    Thanks, if you’re scared of heights I’m sure this will help cure it because you’re tied to a very secure cable! :)

    lol, don’t tempt me! I’m planning on getting lessons, I’m just thinking about if I do will I have the time, and the second thing is that I’d probably need someone to tutor me. It is in my things to do list!

  8. 'GreY' |

    Its over for me , i used to be a expert tree climber when i was a kid .. recently i had to climb the attic for something ! and i just couldnt ! …. I guess its never for me !

  9. chika |

    I didn’t like it there because it’s full of crazy teenagers bas I am glad you enjoyed :)

  10. Nomad |

    sounds like fun :p

  11. N. |

    Never say never!

    I saw them :O 3alam thany!

    It sure was! I felt like Popeye, my forearms were overworked hehe.

  12. Chirp |

    Aaaw Mabroooook!!!!! Thats great! I climbed ONCE but not there, on the wall we had in our gym in High School. I got to the top and like Laialy I was too scared to go back down, but the coach yelled at me and told me to be a woman so i had to jump LOL!

  13. blue dress |

    Who’se the santa?

  14. Navy Girl |

    aby !!!! wow sounds like fun !! :D did you had fun ?? i wana try that :D bs if i fall down 3ala my face i’ll kill ya :P

  15. Ra7aLaH |

    well done! wanasaa!

  16. N. |

    so being a woman, means you throw yourself off the wall? lol!

    blue dress,
    I haven’t the slightest idea! I got the picture from their website.

    Navy Girl,
    la u wont fall down on your face! yalla go, or come.. it is a lot of fun ;P

    Thanks, yeah lots of wanasa!

  17. desert-roses |

    ok..lets say ena lets forget bout el butts thingie..i don’t think that i will take over my phopia..unless I am allowed to scream :P…cuz when am afriad I feel better when I scream….

  18. N. |

    lol! yeah screaming might be a problem there :p you can put something in your mouth so you wont scream :p u can try it

  19. Ri |

    *sings* Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough …

    Mabrook, ya N.

  20. KJ |


    Never say it is too late… so what if those who were climbing were kids? The good thing is that you didn’t miss out on it! Right?

    Glad you had fun :D

  21. N. |

    Ohh, *joins the singin* Allah ebarek fech ;)

    Yeah didn’t miss out on it! It was a blast!

  22. Amethyst |

    Yes, I do. There is no obstacle I can’t tackle. Life is a challenge… And it’s fun! ;D

  23. N. |

    It sure is! ^_^

  24. Navy Girl |

    ummm take your word for it ! :D

  25. N. |

    Navy Girl,

  26. Angelo |

    I invite you to come here to Colorado and try the true climbing. I never tried it but I kinda love hiking and backpack walking.

  27. N. |

    I’d love to try that! Probably after I work a little on my forearms! I figured that is where all the power is coming from for mountain climbing.

  28. Zia |

    Oh that’s SO much fun! i went with a bunch of my friends one morning last winter! so we had the place to ourselves! other than a few expats that were there! and we’ve beeen meaning to go again! inshallah soon! :)

  29. N. |

    mashallah good job! Nice going there in the morning when no one would go :p It is a lot of fun isn’t it :)

  30. Vixen |

    wanasaaa thats looks really cool, ive always wanted to try doing that n____n glad u had fun!!

  31. N. |

    Thanks, you should try it, do like Zia get your friends and go early in the morning! We saw some girls there, there was an asian girl as I said before, there were also two other girls o one of them met7ajba.. so 3adi! It is an activity like any other. :)

  32. Vixen |

    hmmmmmm,,, i think you convinced me i was thinking i’d like to bas its not for girls XD might give it a try then :D!!

  33. N. |

    Oh definitly! It is either now or never! go go go ;p

  34. lone.rangeress |

    I have rock climbed once in my life, i remember my school having a wall in the gym. I tried it, but vaguely remember if i ever reached the top:/

    although i wud like to chek out the wall at marina waves..but i know i never will:P
    Good for u n 4 ur friends too;) inshalla next stop are the Himalaya Mts.!

  35. N. |

    I doubt I’d want to get to the Himalaya Mts. simply because it is too cold there :p You should at least go take a look you might get motivated enough to try it out! why not.

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