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Apply Yourself, Be Creative


Be creative.

Think Innovation.

Unleash your mind.

Envision your future.

I am sure that there is a large portion of the population who are extremely creative and imaginative in the country. We also know that recognition of creativity is limited. The actual places and activities related to creativity are somewhat limited.

Creativity as I see is not only in the fields of music and art, but also all types of sciences, from physics to social sciences, from medicine to English literature. There is also photography, video capture, video editing, video directing, acting, writing. I’d also like to mention pottery, arts and crafts, and sculpting. I’d like for you to share if there is something you currently do, or would do to apply yourself.

How do/would you apply yourself? As a creative, imaginative, innovative person, how do/would you go about demonstrating your abilities?

Do you do something locally, for example play in a local band, have a small gallery, present your work to a local community?

Or maybe you prefer to be recognized in a global scale. Do you publish your work on the Internet? Are you a member of an international organization? Do you submit your work for international review?

19 Responses to “Apply Yourself, Be Creative”

  1. princess |

    well the way i like to express myself is thru writing, mainly short stories, but i dnt have the i dunno i guess the courage or watever to display it or share it cuz then i’d be opening the door to any possible u know criticism or scorn or watever, but i do know alot of people hungering to show their talent, their uniqueness and creativity mainly thru literature but they cnt find the body/institute/establishment to house them or adopt them, i agree something needs to be done to cultivate all aspects of creativity

  2. Laialy_q8 |

    my “Him & Her” :p products of my imagination …

  3. chikapappi |

    Well they all say am creative at what I do bas am not sure about myself; At work, my team gets together and we pitch in lots of very good ideas, in real life I do like mixing things together o making things look good.

    I do cook well :) I love writing, I have a good musical ear o as a child used to play musical instruments…. o yes, there ain’t no decent place for one to go dow something fun o with purpose!

  4. Zahra | is my creative outlet :)

  5. Shale |

    Erm, define creative? And I mean a proper definition.

  6. N. |

    It is a shame that creativity isn’t supported as much here. Also as you said there isn’t even a community out there that joins to share such talent. It is good to share your creations with experts and non experts, that way you’ll get an idea of what ppl think, of course you’ll have to accept criticism heh.

    I really love those :p I think those are really great, ever thought about creating something similar, on a little larger scale?

    Mashallah! many talents! I’m sure its fun to share the writings and music with different people! ^_^

    Yeah, mashallah. Honestly, I congratulate you on your great accomplishment! O betowfeej enshalla! :)

    According to you guys at the UK… wait, I’m kidding :p Creative.. I meant having a special talent of sorts.

  7. Shale |

    A special talent? Like being a lawyer?

  8. N. |

    I don’t think being a lawyer counts. But, applying yourself as a lawyer can include being creative and innovative in that field. Don’t you agree?

  9. Peony |

    i take pix of scenery and random stuff..

    i have this notebook where i write most of my thoughts in. i also doodle in it..

  10. Navy Girl |

    ive been known for my creativity :P seriously I got some talents :P I love drawing & painting Im good at it .. I used to have a gallery back at school & yep some people bought my paintings !! aint that just great !!
    umm I also write not stories but poems .. but those I couldnt share but with few friends .. not for it content its mostly miserable :P bs nooo its that I dont really have the courage to show it to everyone ..

  11. MiYaFuSHi |

    Does bits and pieces of stuff count?

    I cook, do crafts, do salsa etc, but all on small scales.

  12. N. |

    That’s really cool. I know a lot of people enjoy photography, ever thought about getting into it a little more seriously?

    Navy Girl,
    Mashallah! You sold some in school? That’s really something. Sharing is good, that way you can up your skills a bit I’m sure! :)

    Yep it sure counts. Dancing didn’t cross my mind but it sure is an art. That’s real cool :)

    Allah ewafjkom All. Wish you all the best in all that you do!

  13. Navy Girl |

    sold if for only 35 KD !! ay shy :P but i had to you know how those things go on :D

  14. Marzouq |

    The mentality in Kuwait is sad, if it doesn’t make money it isn’t recognized! People are not motivated by the right things! Hobbies aren’t encourage innovation is destroyed by the majority! Its a sad thing really!

  15. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    ne3ma :p

    Yeah, I think its up to us to do something about it. Cause obviously doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do it.

  16. Flaming Carrot |

    Ah, no wonder you think this is more fun! You’ve done up your blog very creatively! :-P

    Nice topic too. Sketching, Writing (sort of) and brainstorming fresh ideas would be mine.

    My problem unleashing creativity on a regular basis. I think my solutions would actually lie in your last 3 questions! Nice! :-)

  17. N. |

    Flaming Carrot,
    Welcome! And thanks for the compliment :p

    I was hoping to get people more interactive (especially with each other.. which didn’t really work out much) but yes, that would be brainstorming!

    If you’re into sketching and you referred to those last three questions, I’m guessing you are a member of deviant art? That’s quite amazing. The good thing is that even if the current place where we live doesn’t provide an outlet for creative people, the internet is full of places where people can really show their skills. Especially media related ones!

  18. flamethrower2001 |

    well i love to draw and many people tend to say woah that sweet but yet some how i dont feel like im putting in a hundred percent and i dont really have the recourses to get a proper artist education do you all have any pointers?

  19. Nasser |

    My best advice for you would be to just keep doing it and work harder at it. Persist and you’ll surly get somewhere with it. You can also get a lot of tips and resources online, and don’t really need to get a proper artist education. This differs only when you want to be an artist as a career. Then you’d have to find your own way to reach the masses and spread your work, with or without an artist degree.

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