Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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"We are a pessimist society"

Thumbs DownThere isn’t a day that goes by without complaining, anyone and everyone is complaining. Forgive me, for I will begin complaining, but probably for the last time this week, for the time being at least.

We (in Kuwait) have become experts at discovering flaws. We complain about complaining, and we complain about those who complain. Look at me now, complaining about complaining and that we complain. Yikes.

Sometimes we can’t get anything done, because we get put down. The people we love and trust the most, as well as everyone else point out the negative points about whatever it is we seem exited about. Soon enough, if we don’t have enough drive, we lose interest and stop pursuing it.

I’m not saying there isn’t any positive atmosphere in the country, there is, and a lot of it, but it does seem to be overshadowed by the negativity all around. Am I wrong? Honestly, am I just not seeing the positive aspects of life anymore?

When I go home, I expect to have a great time with my family. However, recently there’s been a lot of complaining about many things.

Everyone is complaining about the situation with the parliament. The latest committee formed to restore the traditions and manage negative aspects of our society. Though that initially sounds like a good idea, everyone fears (and what might be very true) that this committee will limit people’s freedoms.

That’s not all, there’s always complaining about the parliament and whatever is going on around the country politically.

Who isn’t complaining about inflation? You always hear about it in the newspapers, in the street, at home. The foreigners who are limited in salary, are even limited by the current addition to their salary. I’m not saying the government did anything wrong, citizens are the priority but inflation isn’t getting really fixed by increasing anyone’s salary.
It has been very well known that everyone doesn’t know what to do in the weekends. Somehow, people manage and are find and in one piece. "There isn’t anything to do in this country" Yeah, sure. You’re not doing anything, its not that there isn’t anything to do. I do admit, the weather does play an important role. Well then find an interesting activity to do indoors, pick a hobby or something.

There’s a lot more here, and if you’re around women you know what I mean. "Jane did this or that" "Did you hear? Jane’s maid said this, or did that" "Did you know that Jane and Kate said blah.." I really can’t be around people who talk like that for too long. It annoys me and is irritating. It is enough that backbiting is a bad habit and forbidden anyway.

You know what the funny thing is? Men are starting to do that too! Some of them are now even worse than women.

Up until recently, the weather has been very bad, we all have seen it, experienced it and complained about it. Till what end though? What is complaining going to do? It won’t make the weather better, neither will it make you feel better. If it does make you feel better to complain, then do it in your diary, no one is very happy with the dust so stating the obvious isn’t really going to help anyone, but only inflame the already suppressed disappointment at the situation.
I don’t think there’s anything more to say about this, everyone knows the problems around the road here.

There are a lot of other subjects that you hear about nearly every day. Where is all the positive energy? The optimism? What happened to this country? What happened to the people? They don’t seem to like anything nowadays.

It does seem like a downward spiral of negativity. It is spreading somewhat, like a venom through a body. Till what end? I haven’t thought about a solution for it yet.

I do plan on doing something about on it on my end at least for a while. It might be difficult but I will try at least.

I will not complain about anything for a  whole week (or as long as I can..) and see how that works out? Is it even possible? I don’t really know.

Do you how know how to overcome this viral symptom of negativity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

31 Responses to “"We are a pessimist society"”

  1. ??? |

    look, its not that i dont agree with you abt the fact that complaining will never change anything, but sometimes, you really need to get it off your chest. i cant imagine my life without complaining, and i dont think anyone can to a certain extent. i think its just a part of human nature
    and i also dont think its necessarily related to pessimism…i for one am someone who complains soo much, but i do try to see the light at the end of the tunnel
    eg: omg the weather is terrible!! wat the hell is up with all the dust…i wish it can be hot again like the kuwait we’re used to!! :)

    It is human nature, I suppose. So why isn’t motivating of being positive human nature? Or maybe it is, but is being overshadows by the complaining? I know what you mean by it not having to be negative, well hot is still hot too :p

  2. chika |

    everything is disgusting


  3. fashionated |

    ppl used to complain to raise awareness and bring about change but lately ppl are complaining just for the sake of complaining..look at me i complain about my weight but i’m not doing anything about it, i am currently sipping my yummy choco milk and adding on the calories so who am i to judge? :P

    but no seriously, complaining can be healthy just as long as it doesn’t cross over to NAGGING

    lol, if you’re enjoying yourself.. then why are you complaining about your weight? :) Take a moment and reaaaally think that through. Yeah, and I do agree, nagging is annoying!

  4. Caroline.Bo.Kamseen |

    “Jane did this or that” “Did you hear? Janes maid said this, or did that” “Did you know that Jane and Kate said blah..” :I

    LOL 3la Jane & Kate ! say Fa6om ..say maryomoh ..say saroO0o0h .

    what about men ? salom will be Bra6 ? and N will be Newman ;b

    You and your crazy names! Why don’t you pick one and stick with it! :p I’ll start calling you Jane then.. lol @ bra6 and Newman! =P

  5. F. |

    Yeah I think we have become a negative society…
    But hey, we’re not the only ones…
    People everywhere complain when they’re stressed out. And that’s what we are: stressed out.
    You go to work and you have to worry about your salary, half of which’ll be gone by the next day, and how you’re going to afford anything with prices rocketing to sky hights…
    You go to school and you curse at the traffic which has never failed to make you late for class, you have to put lots of effort in because you worry that you might not pass the course…again.
    You read the newspaper then shut it quickly before the miserable war stories and annoying parliament failures get to you, so you decide to watch TV only to find out that the same news that was in the paper is there on the screen!
    Sure there’s lots there that causes negativity…but complaining was never the cure.

    …sorry for the long comment :/

    Yeah, I really understand what you mean. However, why don’t people start thinking of ways to fix things, or make them better again, or to turn the complaining into something productive. For example, some companies have a complaints line for those who want to complain. They don’t ask people not to complain, but ask them to complain, and take these complaints and turn them into something positive. You see what I mean.

  6. Amethyst |

    You need more of me in your life;p

    and what do you propose Ms. Amethyst? ;P

  7. Amethyst |

    Oh, and the people in the picture are freaky..

    That was the idea..

  8. suspic |

    It’s in our blood, it’s our GCC gimmick.

    Look at our blogs, they’re all “rantings”.

    I consider it a social trend, and those can be fixed. You know, pointing out the obvious is funny and cool, Seinfeld style?

    The sad part is the smallest joys are ruined. For example, Kuwaitis can no longer enjoy a beach side resort like Khiran/Kempinski or whatever because they complain about the people there. Just forget everyone else, go there, and have fun.

    There are consequences though, we’re only funny at this stuff. Kuwait would lose its humor.

    Very true. You speak wisely suspic. They do ruin it for themselves. Just look at all those people complaining there’s nothing to do and no where to go. Lies.

  9. manutdfanatic |

    Yes. Yes. Yes. True. Very true. Right. Agreed. Agreed again. Cool.



  10. manutdfanatic |

    I do have a lot of complaining to do actually. Soon perhaps.

    And I’ll probably read this later and write a comprehensible comment.

    ..And that is when I’ll write a comprehensible reply.

  11. Mrm |

    without negativity, there is no chance for change. gets it?

    Me likes, very much. You speak the truth Mrm.

  12. Navy Girl |

    my god i’m in no place to talk about this now .. i feel like complaining about the whole world right this moment .. i’m so pissed .. so stressed about everything !!!

    Navy Girl,
    Enshalla you feel better now! :)

  13. Sushi |

    That’s a good trait in you Nassir. I admire how you always try to work on downfalls. I hope you never change that.

    Thank you. Enshalla the downfalls never get (to) you either.

  14. TAT |

    Hey look at the upside my little brother is complaining cause I kinda made my mom ban GTA4 from him but his complaining sealed the deal long story but its funny

    lol. That is funny, and probably one of the more fun ways complaining can happen in our lives.

  15. Soul |

    why are ppl complaining about the weather!!!!

    allah ma36eena hal jaw!!! alf el 7emdellah ma 3endena a3a9eer wla fayathanat!!!

    it really pisses me off lama ppl complain about weather :(

    Yeah, people do I. I did it. Not doing it much anymore. I actually appreciated the dust today, it made the weather a bit cooler.

  16. Laialy_q8 |

    I’ll give this a try too … and my weekend is all planed out :D hahaha

    How did it work out? :p

  17. skinnybumblebeee |

    but then there will be nothing to blog about. ;p
    We do need a more positive look at life…

    LOL. People can start blogging about other stuff, cause complaining too much is a huge turn off.

  18. eshda3wa |

    people need a happy pill

    and no im not talking about ecstasy

    Are you working on manufacturing them? Let me know when they’re ready. I’ll help you out with the marketing.

  19. Harlow |

    I’m such a pessimist. :[

    You can just as easily become an optimist :)

  20. Ruby Redux |

    We’re not happy because things are not going well and nobody is willing to fix anything. That’s the bottom line. Until someone gets off their couch and quits thinking about what the next leisurely task next or social gathering, our issues will continue to collect dust on the back burner.

    Who is happy when things in life are wrong? Nobody. The quality of life needs to be satisfactory and we won’t settle. Settling is the key of all misery and misfortune.

    So, we need to speak up and make our presense noticed, being quiet and taking whatever scraps we get = passive citizens.

    The weather, is like an oven! If you go to Arizona, China, India or even Italy, people complain about the weather and everything else you posted about. Bottom line, people, not only Kuwaitis, complain as a form of therapy and to make sort of difference, however small. Taking scraps does not serve anybody or improve anything.

    Now, dare I ask if you mean to take away our voice as people who need and wish to be happy because the current situation is unsatisfactory?

    Ruby Redux,
    The question then becomes, who will get up and actually start fixing things? Who has the power, and the responsibility to do so? Not anyone can do these things. We can only affect our circle of influence. I see what you mean with speaking up being the voice of the people. Enshalla that works out. I really hope it does.

    You bring a good point there at the end. I do not wish to take away the voice the people. However, negative comments, without a positive follow up, or any motivational attachment is not going to do anyone any good. It might help, it might get the issues out on the table, but then what? We could all learn to complain, and yet provide some sort of positive feedback or advice. You see what I mean?

  21. Marzouq |

    It is true we are pessimistic to a degree, but that doesn’t explain the problems that have risen for the past few years and getting worse.. things aren’t looking good because it is the case.. we need things to improve.. at least some flexibility for people.. more government incentives.. government people should work more hours not just the crappy times.. we have too much to do at hand..

    We do have too much to do, and really, no time to waste! You’re right, it doesn’t explain the problems, and something has to be done.

  22. Delicately Realitsic |

    Ur so very right.

    I stop hanging out with negative ppl a long time ago, and itha majbora i just close my ears, in one side or out the other…and sometimes im just blunt and i say enough with the complaining intay ma y3jbch shay?

    Im optimistic and noone can change me!

    Let that be ur motto, its mine ;)

    Delicately Realistic,
    That is a wonderful moto! :) I’ll take you up on that offer!

  23. KJ |

    I couldnt agree more!

    There’s so much good out there that could be done! :)

  24. Nasser |

    I’ve taken the time to reply to your comments using inline comments because some are long and my comment would be too long! :)

  25. Shaymaa |

    Hey thats a nice “upgrade”, did you program something so that your replies go inline? or was it manual? The result is pretty cool.

    I am an optimist… oh, maybe thats because I am working/training in Bahrain! Ask me after a month, when I get back – but I am an optimist. I believe so much in how our generation can change things. The *least* anyone can do, is set an example.

  26. Nasser |

    I just edited the comments and used a “blockquote” tag ;p I’ll check back with you in a month enshalla by then you’re still an optimist! And you’re right, someone should set an example, hmm who will it be?

  27. Amethyst |

    Hehe, as a female chauvinist, it’s the males who should propose. I don’t care if I’m contradicting myself. It depends on how you look at it.

    You’re a sadist;p

  28. Elaine |

    I guess that most peoples problem. Hard to be grateful. We tend to see other who have anything better than we do and rarely see other who have anything worse than ours…Aw, update us about your free complain week :) .

  29. Nebras |

    It’s hard not to complain when you see wrong things happen around you but you have a point when you mentioned that sometimes people complain for no reason at all. In general, I think it’s good to speak out instead of keeping things inside. It would really lead to depression.

  30. Soul |

    Negativity is inherited in Kuwait.

    Its the way of life for most.
    Without cribbing and ranting its not a day.

    As suspic put it, its in our blood.

    Lets wait till we rely on something else other than oil.

    Probably then we would have another trait to talk about than negativity.

    ~ Soul

    P.S: People can start of by being less irritable and more tolerant by honing their expectations.

  31. kate |

    what bad writing!

Reserved, going to add something here later.