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Ridiculous Spam

SPAMWe all get spam, if you don’t, don’t worry your time will come soon and you will enjoy the wonders of either reading it, or deleting it. Recently I have noticed that spam has gotten extremely sophisticated or terribly ridiculous.

Siber writes in and says, “Please, do not delete the given message. Money obtained from spam will go to the help hungry to children ugand“.

I doubt that it is true, actually I REALLY doubt the truth of this statement. It is somewhat offensive too, who are they trying to fool!

Another spam I got a while back was something on the lines of. “It does not matter if the right wing or the right wing wins the election, either way we will be flying in circles.

Now that is truly innovative and smart comment and very true!

This all got me thinking. Most of these SPAM are about; male enhancement (enhancement probably isn’t the best word here..), stress medications, anxiety and depression medication as well. Most of the drugs referred to at these sites are produced by large companies, and I doubt that these companies support spam. In the end however, they are the ones who benefit the most.

It makes you wonder (maybe not you.. but I have been..).

P.S. Alright I know I think too much, but what’s a person to do without their dose of Anime and TV shows :p

26 Responses to “Ridiculous Spam”

  1. G |

    Looool, spam is spam the only way I do it is just deleting it and not even look at anything inside. ^^

  2. Sushi |

    Wow new look. Nice ..

  3. Grey |

    You mean to say male ‘item’ enhancment is a lie?

  4. Grey |

    Muhahaha ! my comments are spammed?

  5. Amethyst |

    I ignore spam. Simple!

  6. eshda3wa |


  7. suspic |

    It’s funny when you find people in the spam box, their comments look scared between all the bots. Especially if one of the bots is advertising porn.

    Most of what I get is random crap like “GHSHSJKTKA”, random links and African Kings asking me to give them my bank account so they’d wire in 3 billion dollars.

  8. Marzouq |

    If I am shut out from all forms of connectivity or communication, I think I have enough anime to last me at least 11 months of viewing! So if you need some you know where to find me!

  9. manutdfanatic |

    This, of all things, is hardly an example of you thinking too much.

    P.S:- You somehow did something to my Internet; my DSL is no longer working. Heh.

  10. Vixen |

    I love the new look!! And yes you are thinking too much about spam : P but what happened to ur daily dose?

  11. Desert-Roses |

    Yeah u think too much

    but i think , its in the end not ethical!!!that statement I mean

  12. Sarah |

    love the new style :D
    but i don’t really wonder about spams to be honest… even when they want to help me to enlarge some part of my body i don’t have ;)

  13. Swair |

    (enhancement probably isnt the best word here..)


  14. Mrm |

    wtf nasoor u geek its just spam.

    ps- luff

  15. TAT |

    “hey buddy ever wanted to have sex but your penis let you down?”

    lol that spam mail cracked me the hell up

  16. Nasser |

    lol, thats not a good idea!


    lol.. its not enhancement, its mutilation :/ lol yes your comments got spam, you should be careful what you say grey! are you selling enhancement stuff? ha? lol

    Easy for you to say, it is interesting to read sometimes :r

    so aggressive! :p

    So how much do you make off spam? =P

    Very cool! I might get in touch with you soon then, at least as soon as I get done with some of the old series I’m watching.

    What did I do? :l

    Thanks! My daily dose has been reduced! :/ The stuff I have isn’t remotely addictive as some of the very good stuff there was!

    Yeah it isn’t ethical but why do they do it, hmm.

    Thanks! :D lol! Yeah you probably shouldn’t think too much about it :p

    hehehe.. :p

    lol! I know it is, but still.. why..

    loooool! Yeah typical. How would anyone feel comfortable when a stranger comes and talks to you about your performance hahaha!

  17. manutdfanatic |

    I got it fixed up. I feel so proud.

  18. Laialy_q8 |

    I don’t have time for my email to check my spam mail :/

  19. Angelo |

    I once gave in and tried one of those male enhancement pills. It totally worked. My thing grew tremendously.

    No, seriously, spam is a bitch; my hotmail is literally filled with them and decided to give it a rest by opening another account…

  20. Spam-Wham |


    1st : cool & fresh blog :)


    usually when theres alot comments( more than 10 )I read only few & fast and sometime comes like zat :

    TAT commen6 :hey buddy ever wanted to have sex but your penis let you down…

    your reply :…How would anyone feel comfortable when a stranger comes and talks to you about your performance …

    and next manutdfanatic said : I got it fixed up. I feel so proud.



    I couldn’t stop my NONSENSE.nesS :D

  21. ammaro |

    thank god for Gmail… amazing capaabilities of blocking most spam… really good stuff:)

  22. Amethyst |

    You’re tagged;p

  23. KJ |

    Actually, if you look at it, spam mail shows you the current mentality of the world: sex, depression, anxiety, orphans, some religious blabber, and the occasional man who wants to wire you a million dollars.

  24. Nasser |

    Mabrook! :p

    Its best to just delete it but the problem is you can’t tell if an important email slipped in there!

    Haha. I know how that can get, switch to gmail already!

    1.Thanks ;P
    2. hehe, you’re really gettin a kick out of it aren’t you!!

    Yeah it truly does wonders!

    Done ;p

    Yeah… well at least the “deviant” mentality of the world, not the general mentality.

  25. Elaine |

    I oftenly got spam mail about prostitution service. That’s really annoying me.

  26. Nasser |

    It is very annoying, and the problem is there is no end to it.

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