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Paperwork, When will it end!


Everyone who’s everyone has been through, or will go through a bad experience at a government department. Whether it is lost files, missing documents, wrong documents, wrong files, missing signatures, wrong departments… you get the picture.

I haven’t received my government allowance (da3m el 3amala) in two months. The reason was because when I changed my job I signed a document to cancel my social security tax payment. It automatically canceled the government allowance. However, I also signed another document to start the social security procedure with my current employer. That — however — did not mean they’ll start paying the government allowance again!

To start getting your government allowance again after switching jobs, you do the following:

Here are the documents you need;

  • Salary Certificate from your current employer. (????? ????)
  • Copy of the notarized signature authorization, also from your current employer. (???? ?????? ?????)
  • Copy of your current work contract. (???? ??? ?????)

Here’s what you have to do;
First call the MGRP (I think that stands for Manpower Government Restructuring Program) (?????? ????? ????? ????? ???????) and make sure that you can come in directly without scheduling an appointment. If you have to take an appointment, ask them how you can do that and Inshalla they will guide you!

When you’re all set and ready prepare the documents, and head out to the MGRP. These documents are only needed if you are changing your work place. If you are a new applicant, you need a whole ton of other documents.

When I went, and after getting all these documents. I was told to come in the next day because that was when my “appointment” was scheduled. *Sigh*

Updated 6th August 2007:
I’ll make this short. It turned out I didn’t need the copy of notarized signature certification to complete the paperwork. Also, make sure at the reception you tell them you need a number for the “other” counter, where you want to re-apply for the government allowance after changing jobs.

11 Responses to “Paperwork, When will it end!”

  1. princess |

    uhh i hate having to deal with government bodies and stuff, the last time i did that was a couple of years ago when i had to change the address on my Civil ID card, uhh the horror!! allah iy3eenik

  2. N. |

    Thanks, Allah Kareem! They can be quite painful to deal with. Mostly always *something* has to go wrong.

  3. pearls |

    poor thing

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    i’ll star this incase i need it in the future :p

  5. Nomad |

    lol see you didn’t work at a government office b4 so you have no idea how to handle’em :p
    *hint* maces work perfectly :p

  6. Marzouq |

    I have gotten into this run around with them before!! They just didn’t pay anything what so ever and it drove me nuts! I wanted to kick them in the head to get things working in that noggin!

  7. Navy Girl |

    offff i hate this !! alla y3eenk !!

  8. N. |

    Imagine all the other people who aren’t even planned for this! ;/

    Starring is good :p I’ll take as an official Laialy Mark of Excellence ;p

    mace? why? When I have the huge BANKAI sword!

    It is annoying!

    Navy Girl,
    thanks! :) Allah kareem, I’m leaving in a while.

  9. Nomad |

    nah man a mace has a more dramatic effect :p

  10. Shoush |

    Allah y3eenik 9ej. Good luck with it!

  11. N. |

    Is it epic? :p

    Thanks a lot! ^_^

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