Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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I haven’t picked a title for this post, mainly because I don’t know what exactly I’m going to talk about. I have been feeling a little down recently. There have been quite a few things going on around me which, lets just say, are shocking and to a certain unbelievable degree.

You know when you hear a story, and think it is a fairy tale? That these things can’t or don’t happen in real life? I used to think that, and whenever I heard a sad story like that I said, “Allah ekafena el shar”. (May God discharge evil [from us])*. Lately, I have been thinking, sometimes these aren’t too far from the truth, they can indeed happen, and sometimes things you never imaged possible creep up on you.

I’ve learned that patience, and hope are a man’s greatest tools of existence. Without them, a soul’s destruction is inevitable.

* That’s the best translation I could come up with.

24 Responses to “No Title”

  1. Ri |

    It’s like standing outside a glass bubble and watching incredulously as your life unfolds inside it, isn’t it?

    That happens sometimes. To me, at least. It passes soon enough.

  2. N. |

    Hey Ri,
    Yeah, so surreal you know.

  3. This Lady Says |

    Patience is the best thing a person can have, because it gets us through the worst. Don’t worry, N, there’s always an UP after the DOWN.

  4. chikapappi |

    Oh N. I am so sad to read this because you sound like an optimist, this must be really bad.. I hope things get better & you should just be patient & ignore – keep away from these things…

    p.s.: I have a bride for you :P

  5. blue dress |

    Ok Exactly patience and hope.
    But that was such a riddle any who bitwafeeej!

  6. Intlxpatr |

    There are some things that happen that we have no control over, and we are left with the aftermath. Out of what appear to be life’s greatest tragedies CAN come great good. We can’t control what happens to us, but, with God’s help, we can choose to respond with grace and dignity, and strength, and courage. God grant you good friends, dear one.

  7. Shayouna |

    I know how it feels N. I think its part of growing up. It was so much easier when I was a kid. Now, things that happen around me or to me even, sometimes i can’t believe are happening.. But it’s true what you said about patience and hope, it what makes us keep going on..

  8. palo-girl |

    ever since i turned 11 ive been continously shocked with people around me.. expecially the closest people to myself.
    it came to a point where i used to have nervous breakdowns from the things i learnt.
    until i just.. became numb.
    i had to teach myself at the age of 13 never to measure people with my standards of right and wrong so that i dont get constantly disappointed.

    there are very very very few people i expect ANYTHING from..

    and so now, nothing shocks me :)
    except.. im not sure thats an entirely good thing

  9. Sarah |

    So sorry to hear u r feeling sad, down, depressed N… i know it’s useless to say now but without “down”, there is no “up”

  10. GreY |

    Life is cruel, its like driving on 5th ring road and feeling pity to the guys who met with an accident and move on …. but some day its us …. i hope you will feel better … I’d like to add one more thing to patience and hope …. that is Love …

  11. N. |

    This Lady Says,
    Allah yesma3 menech.

    I am an optimist, and this is life. So you have a bride for me ha :p Who is she?

    blue dress,

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

    It doesn’t get easier when we grow up, but this is life.

    I don’t think it is a good thing to be numb and not get shocked, but this is how our minds cope with tragedies.

    Thanks dear.

    Thanks a lot, you’re right about love. :)

  12. Swair |

    I think you know what i’m going to say.. don’t worry, it’ll all pass soon enshalla.. if a moment is good enjoy it cos it’ll pass and if a moment is bad (what you’re going through) just wait it out oo ed3ee cos it’ll pass too..

  13. Noufa |

    The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That’s the deal. – C.S. Lewis

    hope it gets better :)

  14. Laialy_q8 |

    i’ve been lost for words these days I have no idea why … sorry I might not have any words to contribute here
    I find staying quite is best sometimes

  15. Shayouma |

    I just realized my name was mis-spelled lol. Yeah it sure doesn’t..

  16. Navy Girl |

    your really feeling down aint you .. I hope everything works out for you I dont think that real life might have a happy ending .. life ; real life is always hard .. so lets just hope that you get with best of it ..

  17. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Indeed life can be so unpredictable. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone- My life changed so suddenly and unexpectedly, but Allah always opens a door when one is closed so whatever is bothering you Enshallah will whiter away. Do cheer up N :) We’re here if you need to talk.

    Allah iwafgik ya rab

  18. N. |

    Enshalla, thanks a lot.

    I like that quote, very practical! Yeah, enshalla it’ll get better.

    Thanks really, your comment is enough for support. :)

    Eh, hehe, it was misspelled before as well :p

    Navy girl,
    Yeah, I always remind myself that you know.. that in reality seldom are there ever happy endings in real life. Enshalla I’m hoping for the best.

    Thanks a lot, I’ll be looking for that open door! O ajma3een enshalla!

    Thanks everyone for your support I honestly appreciate it! As you all know I am an optimist. I’m hoping for the best, and wish that none of you go through this, and if you do, that God will give you the will of patience and courage and good hope :)

  19. Marzouq |

    Somethings just take time and you deal with them step by step. Alah ekoon bil 3oon. Just keep chugging along! Things will work out inshalla!

  20. N. |

    Thanks man, I appreciate it :)

  21. KJ |

    I understand completely. Yes, hope and patience are the best tools human have. You know what else is great? This is the month of Ramadan! So cheer up – you are in THE best month of the year and knowing that you are in this month would take all your worries away, if you try hard enough and focus on the positive energy.

    Here I am facing losing my job in a couple or so weeks, I have some debt, car loan, an apartment to pay rent for, among other things. My family is stranded across three countries and a long list of other stuff I won’t bother you with.

    But I have a HOPE, a strong one, since it is Ramadan, and I TRUST that things will get better soon.

    So inshalla things will get better for you as well and I will keep you in my mind for the upcoming prayers tonight.

    God bless!

  22. N. |

    Enshalla, this is the spirit I am in at the moment. I am not quite depressed because I refuse to be and believe in the blessings of the Al Mighty! :) Allah e3enek bro! Thank you for your great comment!

  23. Very.Q8ya |

    haw! tara taWni ashof hal post lol =~]

    on 27/9 i heard a shocking news, i thought it was a joke! ya rabi yetghashmeroon? akeeed ghashmara, i made that person swear on the Qura’aan min kither ilsadma ili 7ashatni =/

    bs al7eeen bala3t il sadma ib T-zab ;D wa shokran

  24. N. |

    Heheh, eb t-zab 3ad! Enshalla khair :)

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