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Medicine, Yuck

MedicineWhy does medicine have to taste so bad? My antibiotics supplement finished. I still needed to go a few days more (because initially I was taking two pills when I should have just taken one!) I ran out pretty quick. I am currently on the kids antibiotic mix! That stuff tastes so good! Who decided that medicine should just taste bad? Why does it have to be torture? :/ AND why do pills have to be so huge that you’d nearly choke on them! I hate pills..

18 Responses to “Medicine, Yuck”

  1. princess |

    yeah yu5 especially those large herbel pills that look bad and smell like hell!! allah iy3eenich ya3!

  2. Laialy_q8 |

    they do that so you take care of yourself more :p

  3. Swair |

    they say the older u get, the less sensitive ur taste buds are, so maybe they think ur old enough to endure the taste OR ur too old to taste in the first place :p

  4. Peony |

    u’re taking the kids liquid one ?
    ee, it tastes aamaazziinggg !! i remember it !

    i hate cough medicine.. ;s.. i’ve learned to take all my meds in pills to reduce the nasty taste..

  5. N. |

    I’ve never come across those! And I pray to GOD that I never do!

    lol, should I assume that pharmacists are mean then? :p

    lol! Endure the taste? laish? Mala da3i :p

    Yeah, but why not make nice tasting medicine, it should be enjoyable to take it, at least they’d put a smile on your sick face ;/

  6. Shoush |

    Eee 3adi take the medicine and eat chocolate right after it. :P

  7. Marzouq |

    hahaha! I think because we are adults and we are supposed to take it without being babied!!! Just take it! BE ALL YOU CAN BE! lol!

  8. Shale |

    They taste bad to enhance the placebo effect. Toughen up. I can send you the acupuncture needles if you prefer…

  9. N. |

    Chocolate! I think someone is craving chocolate now ;p

    looooool! Be all you can be! Take it like a man!! haha!! These pharmacists are evol!

  10. N. |

    I voted yes to your acupuncture poll. I’ll take that on! hehe. I didn’t know they had an effect on the placebo effect!? Whats that about..

  11. Shale |

    A placebo is a treatment that does not do anything. The placebo effect refers to the fact that if you think a treatment will make you better, you will often get better, even though the treatment is irrelevant. It tastes bad to make you think it is full of powerful magical medicine.

  12. Peony |

    ooh, i just remembered !! tathkir the old panadol kids tablet ? ili chewable.. they were pink and so tasty !! it used to come in those blue transparent containers..

  13. Marzouq |

    Yes they are evil, but next time take the pill and chew it with your mouth open in front of them and act like it tastes like honey!


  14. Navygirl |

    tell me about it !! i have no idea why it taste so awful !! there is only that pinky one .. taste strawberry !! other than that EWWW i mean try having that pill in your mouth before sipping some water for few seconds .. its soo sore like hell .. just like i told u before doctors are stupid :P

  15. Shoush |

    Oh Shale, i think ur right about that placebo effect. “It tastes bad to make you think it is full of powerful magical medicine.”

  16. Shoush |

    My comment is missing. After i quoted Shale i said:

    (I think that too sometimes.)

    N. i think ur blog is the one craving chocolate. It lost focus and ate the last part of my comment.

  17. N. |

    I see. More or less like sugar pills. Yeah I think that biterness does make people think it is good, lol, stupid people :p

    lol! Yeah :/ Need to get some of those, entegarath fehom.


    I hate having to taste it before drinking water to push it down! ;/ Just tastes horrible!

    I can’t control if my blog thinks something is yummy and eats it! :p

  18. Bradd |

    Well for me if its helpful size doesnt matter

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