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We live in a world where we must learn to conserve energy. We learn to limit our energy usage and actually give a crap about the state of the world. Even though I understand that we must promote alternative and environmental changes for the better, why does this have to happen at the expense of no electricity in the summer!

Logically, our country is doing well economically with the soaring oil prices over the past 5 years. What is the problem guys? I’m not going to get pissed (that ship has sailed). It just doesn’t make sense to have these blackouts! Why isn’t there a new power plant? Or better yet, let Kuwait join the action! Lets refine and weaponize transform plutonium into energy i.e. Nuclear power plants!

So we committed a tiny mistake of ruining the ozone, no biggie, we’ll get right back to fixing it (pdf link).

10 Responses to “Conserve”

  1. Vinnie |

    well, we simply didn’t have a plan.. taht answers your question?
    It’s simply incompetence.
    The population is growing and will keep on growing, the use of energy is essential for progress. How much of the energy is consumed by idividual households and how much by factories? am sure there’s a statistic done about this somewhere in a drower that no one cares to look at.
    So to sum it up, don’t turn off your Air conditioners this summer, conserve for your self when it comes to lights and stuff.
    And pray that your household doesn’t get a blackout this summer.
    Kuwait has the potenital to pioneer alternative energy namely solar
    will we ever jump on the bandwagon?

  2. Vinnie |

    ahh to correct an ongoin problem /vinnie is case sensitive so if u try to click my name it has to link yo to
    yell at Nomad to fix this problem

  3. Shoush |

    Since our heat is so freakin HOT, i really think the country shud consider solar energy as an alternative source of electricity. They don’t have to rely on solar power completely, but it wud really help ease the pressure.

  4. Shoush |

    Correction: our sun**

  5. Marzouq |

    It will take 3 years to build a new powerplant to give at least 2 for Gigwatts of power so it goes from 8000 to 10000.

    Secondly at lot of people are pocketing the money from the planning that they were doing, since they were supposed to be planning for population growth!

    On another note people have 1.1 million spotlights pointing directly at the house for no reason! complete waste of power!

  6. N. |

    Sure solar energy, wind energy would be perfect! The only problem is, why aren’t they doing it?

    So what if it takes 3 years to build.. Shouldn’t there be a plan that if consumption reaches 80% or something close then a plant should start being built so that within the next three years, when the consumption finally reaches 100% the new plant would be ready!

    Isn’t that just common sense? It is true some ppl are just wasting energy, but that’s a whole different problem — mainly deals with people’s sense of social responsibility which rarely exists!

  7. Laialy_q8 |

    people appreciate what they have when it’s gone
    zain esaween … some people will never learn

  8. EniGma |

    maybe people can teach their themselves, children, and maids to turn off any lights that are not needed. And we have WAY too many street lights in the highway. Do we really need one every few metres?

  9. N. |

    Yeah they do! Or in Kuwait’s case they don’t appreciate.. they just get pissed off lol.

    I agree about the street lights.. in some places they are just too many and in other places just not enough!

  10. home made wind generators |

    Well written site: Will come back again.

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