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A Fly Incident

Dead Fly Before I talk about the evil fly, I just want to say that I was away for the weekend, enjoying the sun and warm weather. It was beautiful.

If a fly comes next to me again, I wont kill it, no. I’ll just wound it, so it can tell its little fly friends how dangerous I am and to stay away from me. Stupid flies.

46 Responses to “A Fly Incident”

  1. chikapappi |

    How can you injure it bas o it’s tiny!!? :/ 7araaam

  2. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Dare I burst your bubble? That “little” fly which you have merely wounded will refer back to its colony and state the injustice, only later you will be bombarded by a whole winged civilization striking a vengence against a giant abuser- you. I suggest you dig yourself a shelter ASAP!


  3. Laialy_q8 |


  4. 'GreY' |

    lol ! i guess that must be some princess wanting you to kiss it to break the curse ! :P

  5. This Lady Says |

    Grrrrrr.. They’re so annoying!! a7san hurt it and let them all come, and call me if u need help torturing the idiots.

  6. Fayoor |

    Offf .. Mal il Thab7. estaghferallah

  7. N. |

    I’ll smack it around a few times, maybe break and arm or a leg..

    lol! On the contrary. I’ll threaten his family, his wife and two kids, yes I’m mean like that. Grrr.. ;P

    Me too!

    I don’t even wanna find out if that is true or not! lol

    This Lady Says,
    Sure, we can do it together!

    Lets join forces and destroy the evil fly empire >_<

  8. Chirp |

    Shoooo fly don’t bother me, shoooo fly don’t bother me! :p

    I hate the BZZZ sound of the flies they give me the heebeejeebees!

  9. N. |

    Yeah, they’re quite the pain in the butt! Especially if they come to you while you’re asleep and bzz in your ear.. Gah!!

  10. princess |

    hehehehehe wat the hell!! i hate flies too but i do nothing but u know try to get them to fly away theyre annoying with their buzz buuzz bizzz bizzzz

  11. N. |

    Yeah that is OK, didn’t it once just love you so much that it didn’t want to let you go?! That is annoying! :p

  12. Zed |

    speaking of flies, check this out

    this is the coolest thing ever

  13. KJ |

    Murdered. Open the window and let it be! Serial fly killer!

  14. |

    i sympathise with your cause, but how do you injure a fly, really.

  15. N. |

    Hey that’s actually quite cool!

    I am doing the world a public service!

    I got my tiny little baseball bat, It does wonders.

  16. Noufa |

    Poor flies..they’ll now suffer because of their stupid little fly friend who pissed N. :(

    I’ll pray for them tonight, even though I don’t pray but this is “serious”
    LOL :D

  17. N. |

    Of course this is serious! Don’t pray for them! :@

  18. Noufa |

    LOL no I will, you’re evil N.
    You’re like Hitler trying to torture innocent poor creatures :(

    You’ll probably go to hell for that..

  19. N. |

    Why is the fly the victim? Just because I am vengeful it makes me bad? :/ They are NOT innocent, I’d like to hear you say that the next time a fly just wont leave you alone..

    I’ll be standing, in the shadow, laughing..


  20. Noufa |

    LOL, that fly really pissed you off, huh? :P
    I actually love flies and all insects, and I have a spacial place in my heart for cockroaches, so I won’t ever been annoyed because of a fly who simply was doing “her thing” :P

    (euw, I think I sound filthy :/ )

  21. N. |

    Yeah it did tick me off, I was enjoying my resting time by the pool early under the sun. It was so peaceful, except for that fly!

    “her thing” doesn’t sound right.. lol.

    You don’t sound filthy, but there are insects that are! It depends on their habitat (that’s me going all Discovery here), if they live in garbage cans, sewers, etc, of course they’re filthy!

  22. Noufa |

    A)by “her thing” I meant that poor-fly-that-you-hate-so-much-and-want-to-wound-her was simply doing what she/he knows best, which is annoying the crap out of people. it’s like her/his job

    B) why do we hate “filthy insects” for being filthy when it’s The Guy up there who made them that way? :(

    just wondering…(am I dramatic or what? LOL)

  23. N. |

    A – Yep I got it!
    B – Yes, you’re very dramatic! There’s no reason why they can’t be filthy, and they were made that way to serve a purpose.. to each his own destiny, don’t you watch animal planet? There are some weird animals out there that do strange and weird things, but it all has a purpose.. whether we know the purpose or not, doesn’t matter much. :P

    Why are you defending the fly huh! ;/

  24. Noufa |

    LOL so I’ve been told :D
    …’cause poor fly can’t speak for ITself :(

  25. Amethyst |

    You’re cruel! Just shoo it away:(

  26. Navy Girl |


    oh and glad you had a good weekend ! :D

  27. Zed |

    flies should die

  28. shoosha |

    kill it!! :P i think their memory sucks :P fa ma yamdi they tell their friends

  29. palo-girl |

    loool :P
    man its good to be reading blogs again

  30. illusion |

    your one evil man ;p

  31. asoom |

    I don’t know if flies are clever enough to make the connection between the dead fly and a warning to them!

  32. N. |


    Some things just need to be taught a lesson.

    Navy Girl,
    Yes I’m sure ;P And thanks!

    Right on!

    Death would be better ha? Hmm..

    It is good to have you back again! ^_^

    That isn’t evil, it is justice! :p

    They may not be clever, but they’ll probably get the message! :p

  33. Marzouq |

    Looool! You know wat I do.. you know the spray cans you use to clean keyboards.. if you flip it and spray it, it freezes everything and thats what I do!!!! pain and then frozen! loool!

  34. Amethyst |

    It’s not a “thing”! It’s a living creature:(

  35. N. |

    lol! I gotta try that!

    A worthless living creature! (I am evil.. I admit) ;p

  36. Noufa |

    N. I like evil people :P

  37. N. |

    Oh you do! Good then, care to be my partner in crime? We can go around torturing and killing little flies? Or would you prefer to defend it until the end!

  38. Noufa |

    I said I like “evil people” I did say I wanna be one of them :P

    (if your plan includes people then I’m In !)

  39. N. |

    Hmmm, tempting..

  40. Angelo |

    LOOL if you found a way to injure a fly (without killing it), tell me about :D

  41. N. |

    lol, You’ll be the first to know!

  42. :::Shayouma:: |

    YUK flies!

    That pic is amazing though!

  43. Vixen |

    *is scared*

  44. N. |

    lol, yeah that was the best I found online so far!


  45. |

    you hit a fly with a baseball bat?

    did you break anything else on the way?

  46. N. |

    Actually, I said a small baseball bat, like a tiny one.. for major league mice..

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