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Wet and Cold

Laptop on edge of Bathtub It happens on occasion and at the worst possible times. Today was a cold morning. I woke up and went to take a shower. It was great, the water was steaming! I turned off the water, and turned around to grab my towel.

…there was no towel.

34 Responses to “Wet and Cold”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    I KNOW THAT FEELING … solution: grab the towel and head back to the shower, open hot water and dataaaa as if it never happened

  2. MishMisha |

    oh noooo!!! that sucks! fortunately i don’t know that feeling.. i never go into the shower without a towel.. never! and plus i actually have my towel hanging on my bathroom door so i’m good :)

    but man! that must’ve sucked… feel so sorry for you :/

  3. 'GreY' |

    LOL ! Oh that feeling ! gets even better , imagine you are in the public shitpot and water runs out and no tissue even !

  4. chikapappi |

    LOL maskeeeen!!! LOL

  5. EniGma |


  6. powder |

    lol happens to me all the time , luckily i have my sisters , i scream calling them to get me a towel :P

  7. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    LoL yeah happens often!

  8. FourMe |

    Isn’t that the most annoying thing.. If I was you I’de stay in the tub scream my lungs off till someone hears me and gets me a damn towel..

  9. Mrm |

    3asa ma 7ashik bard! wahahahahahhaha

  10. Amethyst |

    Ouff I hate it when that happens!

  11. Marzouq |

    ooohhh that sucks! I make sure the towel is there before I take that shower!

  12. ammaro |

    i am SO SORRY for your misfortune.

  13. MiYaFuSHi |

    So what happened next? :P

  14. Shoush |

    Awwwww.. *shivers* Just the thot of that makes me feel cold!

  15. suspic |

    Happened to me a couple of days ago, they were outside on my bed. After quickly thinking about using just a kleanex box, I ran out quickly, grabbed the towels, tried not to slip and got in my bathroom..

    ..only to scream like chewbacca because it was fucking cold.

  16. KJ |

    Winter is merciless! There are Ice Minions who disable heaters and steal towels! Be wary!

  17. Ri |

    Aww, you poor thing. You should just get wrapped in a huge, warm, fluffy towel and rubbed down by the fireplace like one would do to a puppy after a bath.

  18. eshda3wa |

    i HATE morning showers!

  19. Kaileena |


  20. Music Site |

    ha ha ha, well, I have a problem with the water, whenever I take shawer then the water get cold and it make me run out of the bathroom and find something to warm myself, this has been happening for the whole week that really drove me crazy, I complained and I am waiting for the owner to fix it, I wish if my problem is only the towel, I would bring tens of them with me inside the bathroom, lol


  21. Navy Girl |

    ummm i used to do that a lot .. and froze to death .. so i decided to have 2 towels .. one in the bathroom & the other in my room :D

  22. Zed |

    that does suck, but i would run ger a towel and go back under the shower, yo uknow just for kicks, to get the warm soothing feeling back, even if for just a couple of minutes

  23. G |

    LOL i am sure it turned out TOOOOO Cold :P

  24. Kaos |

    put on your dirty clothes back on instead of the towel and change after

  25. meeemo |

    toilet paper? hehe

  26. lone.rangeress |

    ;S.. did u end up having a bad day?

  27. Sarah |

    oooooooooooooh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa poor u!
    happend to me before *feeling of sympathy* and thank God my (male) flatmate was not home so i could go (naked obviously) to my bedroom (wetting the wooden floor) to get my towel…
    this is a total unsexy moment by the way: crawling on the balls of ur feet with ur ears kinda tucked into ur shoulders making a weird face (because of the cold)!

    is it only me or you guys do the same?!?!? ;)

  28. princess |

    hehehe a7san :p

  29. Fayoor |

    LOL!! Happend to me before! AAH worst feeling everrr!

  30. Very.Q8ya |


  31. greyshorts |

    30 comments 3la toweless shower ? Allah yzeed o ybarek enshala : P

  32. Music Site |

    @ greyshorts, lol, don’t envy the man, (kul a’uthu bi rab al-falaq).

  33. Maya |

    Argh! It just happened to me this morning! While I darted out of the bathroom to get my towel, trying to avoid the freggin cold, I ended up slipping. Al7amdulilah I didn’t fall flat on my boobies or anythin, lol. Damn. I don’t do hummus! Anyway, I freaked out and all that running generated this cold current. Darn! Just imagine that- you have a nice, hot shower and you end up freezing again. Oh and to top it off, my nose has been running like a darn tap!

    Chika 7abeebty.. I should probably ensure there’s always one in either room next time. Sheesh. Never struck me. Then again, I ain’t half the prodigy you are!

  34. Elaine |

    Once I got the same experience too…I felt like useles take a bath with warm water because in the end I was getting cold due to no towel. I hate that !

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