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So, What happens to the Rooster?


After the sun set, and we were sitting to eat. Somehow the issue of the chicken and the rooster came up; how we always only have chicken for lunch, or in sandwiches, but we never have rooster.

So the question was asked: Whatever happens to those roosters? And to our own shock and disbelief — it turned out that when roosters die, they become chicken!

You may say, “But, that is how it is, it is normal!” However, I would say, “Why does the male rooster die to become a female chicken? Isn’t that just wrong? It is wrong, very wrong.”

And there you have it folks, that is what happens…

…to the rooster.

25 Responses to “So, What happens to the Rooster?”

  1. shoosha |

    ya3ni basically we eat both the rooster and the chicken? ;p

  2. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    LoooL walla madri I am shocked and it’s funny all in one! But how does a rooster become a chicken after he dies..

    That makes me think, if we eat all the chickens, how those roosters find enough ladies?!!

    Now I will stay up all night thinking .. :\

  3. Mrm |

    poultry r the devil. stay away from them.

  4. Adenaline |

    What…what …what..i did not get that post

  5. Elaine |

    Me too…What are you trying to tell us actually?

  6. Navy Girl |

    ummm you started to sound crazy again like before lol JK :D

  7. Delicately Realitsic |

    But the rooster is a chicken….and the woman chicken is a ‘hen’


  8. ??? |

    me confused!

  9. Grey |

    What a disgrace !

  10. Nasser |

    lol, yes ;l Both, and we call them all chicken!

    lol! Well they’re all “chicken” in the end ;/ After it does, it is just named chicken

    Me likes me chicken!

    Its a poultry induced post =p Think of roosters, which when are made into food, become chicken. If it still doesn’t make sense thats ok =l

    Just pointing out, that Roosters are also in the end Chicken. It made more sense when the actual discussion was in Arabic :l

    Navy Girl,
    Go away =p

    Delicately Realistic,
    lol, Yes, that makes sense. But now think of it in Arabic (Kuwaiti) terms! See? =p

    The roosters are chicken too.. male or female, they all become chicken (deyay) in the end. And (deyay) is the female name for chicken.. isn’t it ;/ Still confused? lol!

  11. Swair |

    Film ru3b ;p

  12. Shaymaa |

    They both taste like chicken!

    I wonder, is the rooster insulted being referred to as a deyaya (hen)?

  13. Amethyst |

    Hens and roosters become chicken when they die. So, it’s okay;p

  14. M. J. Kout |

    marag chicken…

  15. iRise |

    I’m confused. How on earth does that happen?

  16. Ruby Woo |

    lol I always thought that the roosters were never killed because they were only there to mate and guard the chickens or whatever they do. Hmm I never thought about it this way before ;p

  17. Navy Girl |

    lol la la khalas i’ll be serious …

    i agree with the Kout :D looool

  18. KJ |


  19. Hamitaf La B |

    This piece of information made me feel like I want to puke…. the thought of eating a rooster is…. ….

  20. Ra-1 |

    Eshlon elrooster e9eer chikcen? :/

  21. Marzouq |

    Ok… you totally lost me on this one! hahaha

  22. eshda3wa |

    so it gets a sex change then dies?!

  23. Vixen |

    that’s sad…! >__< but i think the word chicken can be used regardless of sex, i’m not sure about deyay though!

  24. Nasser |

    lol yeah.

    Hmm, I do wonder indeed. It is a question for the ages!

    Nooooooo its not!

    ya salaam… so is Marag rooster (Marag dyacha..)

    I have no clue how it happened, but it somehow just did!

    Ruby Woo,
    lol, interesting isnt it =p

    Navy Girl,
    lol! Kout shgal! Marag bs!


    Disturbing, but there’s no running away from the truth;/

    Lama emot, maygolon marag rooster =p

    lol! You don’t eat marag rooster do you? But it could be.. when they’re dead, they’re all called chicken, male or female!

    loooooooooooooooooooooooool!!! That would be even more disturbing!

    Eh the original thought was “deyay” chicken, hen whatever hehe.

  25. Amethyst |

    It is! Then don’t eat the chicken :P

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