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N. Backstage: Latest Thoughts

  • I am now the Vice President of Membership at the Al-Koot Toastmasters.
  • Thank you to those who congratulated me on my job!
  • I have not had time to blog, since I blog mostly at work. Hence, I’m actually very busy (mostly..)!
  • Facebook’s application Friends for Sale has become the biggest thing to hit me since blogging.
  • I am eating healther, and haven’t had a soft drink in quite a while.
  • My uncle shared an apple with me, forcefully. He’s a great (old) man, and I am grateful but that was a little too much!
  • I ALWAYS think of great posts, I forget to note them down, and they totally slip my mind.
  • I’ve been expanding my mind a lot, now I’m even more open-minded and it is freaking me out lol.
  • I love my friends, and everyone I care about. Those who aren’t my friends, I care about them too, just not as much.
  • I’ve got to watch my stress levels.
  • I need to buy a Digital Camera and actually use it.

53 Responses to “N. Backstage: Latest Thoughts”

  1. G |

    This new job sure seems busy :P If you are not eating healthy food you will get a lot of extra unneeded and unhealthy stuff so keep going for healthy food :D

    You should note everything, I like what you write ^^ and a lot of them are interesting and funny. for the rest i should say “??????Gambatte”

  2. chikapappi |

    I love that application and stop buying off my pets man :@ – mabrouk!

  3. hammoodee |

    mubroook! what r ur duties as vice prez of toastmasters? what is toastmasters?

  4. Kaos |

    sweet, again grats… and you gotta dmit things are actualy goin nicely :)

  5. Marzouq |

    Sounds like things are going well! Mabrook!

  6. Sarah |

    nice to hear from u!!!! :D


  7. 'GreY' |

    Good to have you back ! keep writing often ! :P

  8. ammaro |

    * ALWAYS think of great posts, I forget to note them down, and they totally slip my mind. *
    Damn dude… All the time… all the frickin time…

    and when i actually get the time to sit down and write something, all that comes out is a load of crap…

  9. greyshorts |


  10. Amethyst |

    It’s good to know that you’re alive and well.


    7aram your uncle! Be nice;\

    Shsalfat your new poll?

  11. Laialy_q8 |

    I love short posts … they make me smile ^_^
    congrats on the position at toastmaster :)

  12. suspic |

    You’re open to new things..?

    Want some weed? A muscular man..?

    I keed, I keed. About your post, just write the title as a new message in your phone and then save it as a draft. I have an awful short term memory, so I forget things.

    Don’t act cool and record an audio clip though going “Bloggers Log, Starfleet 598..”.

  13. Navy Girl |

    congrats N you deserve the best :)

    congrats again ;P

    I dont feel like blogging lately either :/

    hate facebook duno why !

    good for you !!

    oh god I hate it when they do that !! forcing you to eat something you dont wana toooooooooo !! old folks ! ;P

    start drafting them or write down notes you lazy boy :P

    just dont get tooo over-minded oo start walking outside naked ;P lol

    good for mr.big heart :D

    dont get too stressed out .. mo zeen

    hate cameras ..

  14. Swair |

    Eeeeee, who nominated you balla? :p *turns into a true spotlight lovin’ Leo*

    Friends for Sale is CRAZY! A wise someone said “woah, you’re selling faster than Macs” :p
    I’ll take that as a compliment :p

    Being forced to eat half an apple is better than being forced to eat a meat-covered pizza! lucky you ;p

    Like suspic suggested, write it as a new message then save as a draft.. That’s what I do when I’m at work and not near my papers and desk..

    I need to watch my stress level too.. yalla, abi vacation :/

  15. Shoush |

    Congrats on ur position as vice president. Kash5a. ;) As for the digital camera, everyone shud own one and actually use it. I can’t live without mine. I literally can’t leave the house without it. And when i do by mistake, i hate myself becuz i mite find something photo worthy and not hav my camera in hand.

  16. Angelo |

    - Again Mabrook 3ala the new job. You certainly deserver it.

    - Yeah, I get like million requests to add the “Friends For Sale application in my profile but I keep ignoring them constantly.

    - Man it’s been awhile since I drank a soda. Water FTW :)

    - I had the exact same problem with the posts delimma but they slipped outta my mind the next day.

    - The same goes for Digital Camera.

  17. FourMe |

    Congrats.. wish you all the best. Oh friends For Sale damn addictive, so what’s your price tag? :p

  18. KJ |

    You got a new job?!

    ZOMG! Alf mabrook :D

    LoL @ apple. I have an extremely old relative back in the village who refuses to greet anyone without kissing them on the lips (male or female)

  19. Nasser |

    lol thanks man.

    I want them so I’m gonna buy them! :p

    I only created this yesterday but check it out here,

    thanks man ;D Yes they are..

    Thanks Allah ebarek feek!

    Its nice to hear from you too! :*

    lol thanks man!

    hehe tell me about it! But I like your posts, actually I think they’re some of the best on the middle eastern blogosphere!


    Thank you ;D Well I am nice, but come on.. lol The new poll is for statistical purposes only…

    lol I’m glad they make you smile xD Thanks a lot!

    lol no thanks none of that! Hmm I should probably get a recorder for making logs of my thoughts like those writers..

    Navy Girl,
    - Thanks a lot!
    - Thanks again ;D
    - Hmm, lematha?
    - Why the hate..
    - Thanks again!
    - lol! yeah ba3d ;p what can we do hahah..
    - I do write notes just not the ones that I feel strongly about for some reason lol!
    - no one is going to be naked! lol
    - thanks again even ;P
    - yeah mo zen ;/
    - why? i used to hate them but I would like to start taking pictures

    - lol well you did! and had you not nominated me, I probably would have been hesitant to nominate myself ;P thanks Swair!
    - lol! that is so true..
    - hahaha @ the meat covered pizza! I’d remove the meat though ;p
    - i’ll probably start doing that more often!
    - ee walla, soon enshalla vacation soon heh..

    Thanks a lot! :) That is so true! and I would like to take pictures in experimental ways not just ppl friends and stuff, but if I see something worth taking a picture of so I’m looking more for a dynamic beginner’s camera hehe

    - thanks :)
    - you’re going to keep getting the request, there’s money behind it! lol
    - water and juice! :p
    - yeah you should probably start taking notes too lol
    - yeah, I’m waiting for infoconnect its going to be next month! our tech thing eb arth el ma3areth

    thanks! lol I’m not that expensive, I only recently started and seems like I’m not being bought a lot :P 14,951 as of now, what is yours? ;D

    LOL! thanks man! haha that seems like a very very rural ritual ;P

  20. Zed |

    congrats on the job, hope its treating you well

    friends For sale, i had it, it got me confused so i removed it, i can’t handle the pressure lol

  21. asoom |

    send me a toaster

  22. Nasser |

    thanks a lot! lolyeah it is pressure.. I’m only wasting time with it but its too much work

    email me your address I’ll send you one pronto! lol

  23. Noufa |

    “Ive been expanding my mind a lot, now Im even more open-minded and it is freaking me out lol.”

    Oh, don’t freak out ;) you’ll have more fun that way!

  24. Nasser |

    Fun, probably but is just raises even more questions now.. and I’m being torn mentally lol..

  25. Chirp |

    Mabrooook (x2)!!!!!!! Bas we miss your posts!!

  26. Hope |

    Ive been busy

    so so busy :)

  27. Ri |


    Congratulations to you, more on your open-mindedness than the job thing, but congratulations for that too *kiss*

  28. Kaileena |

    “Ive got to watch my stress levels.”

    Yea you do! That should be the first thing on your list!

  29. Nasser |

    Thanks! :D Yeah, hopefully I’ll be posting more often!

    Yeah it seems so ;P

    Thank you dear! This open mindedness is great, even though it raises still too many questions, it should be good!

    Yeah, I totally should and you should help with that music you have on your blog !

  30. Navy Girl |

    lematha ?? you aint sober yet .. are you !!

    already said duno why :D

    we can simply take it ooo throw it somewhere hehehhe :D

    not the nake thingy all over again :D

    ummm duno either i guess !! its not that i hate them .. i love taking pic’s .. i actually do a lot .. but its not like i got it over my back all the time ..

  31. lone.rangeress |

    ..congrats! we await the presidential position;)

    ..we all should learn how to deal with our stress levels and proper time management :S

    ..indeed, u shud get urself a camera, luv it 4 a week or 2, and then stash it sumwhere in ur room, until its time to travel and u just have to hav ur camera cuz its mandatory dunno why though (or is that just me;P)

  32. FourMe |

    190,000 and climbing ;) ohh you’re a newbie that’s why…

  33. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    - lol! I am ;/ I was!
    - fine i’ll throw it :p
    - lol eeh bs no more naked thing!
    - ahh okay, yeah thats what I want to do just take pics and not carry it over my back :p

    ..thanks ;D La president no need thanks :p
    ..yeah its one of the hardest things ;l! I might do that but I would hope not I’d want to use it on as much as i could!

    lol oh you’re expensive! Hmm, I like setting goals, I’ll add you to my wish list if I find you lol!

  34. Navy Girl |

    your never sober dude !! ooo USE YOUR PHONE DUH !!! mo lazem camera wela y3ny 7arakat ;P

  35. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    lol! I’m mostly sober! ;D And my phone cam sucks! It is 2mp and I can’t take pictures of things that are far, nor things that are too close! ;(

  36. MiYaFuSHi |

    Mabrook the new position :)

    Why didn’t you just give him the apple??

  37. Nasser |

    Thanks! Well the apple was originally his, he said it’s good here have a bite! and so I was reluctant! “he said here take it! bite here! and here! see this is the good part! Here take it! keep it eat it!” lol!

  38. Ri |

    The questions are good, N. Welcome them, embrace them, nurture them. You may not get instant answers, but as long as you’re considering new ideas and the questions they raise, you’re moving in the right direction. Towards logic, and intelligent thought.


    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes quotes (American Physician, Poet, Writer, Humorist and Professor at Harvard, 1809-1894)

  39. Nasser |

    Very true, really good quote. The questions are getting deeper and deeper, and its all good.

  40. Navy Girl |

    if they are tooo close step back few steps ooo if they are very far step ahead 3aaad !! your making such a fuss ;P

  41. FourMe |

    by the time you find me the price would of changed :p btw now that’s an accurate poll and yes i voted :)

  42. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    hehe, well I tried to take a picture of this glittery hummer on the road tonight and it didn’t work cause it was a little far, and my cam has bad lighting and a bad shutter speed so the picture was all hazy :p

    Yeah.. lol It seems sometimes its just slow to make money on there! I’m glad you approve of the poll this time!

  43. SHISH |

    Vey Coool Blog…
    and interesting .

    Keep it up:)

  44. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Hey Congrats on Toasmasters! I would love to be there one day, it looks interesting!

    LoL, we tend to buy stuff sometimes and barely use them, not the case with my camera but sometimes I buy appliances like say a pop-corn maker or a waffle maker , not really important, and not use it!

  45. Mai |

    Mashalla! MabrooOoK =) VP sounds COOOOOL!

    Atmanna stop drinking soft drinks ! w eat healthy food!

    Buy me digital cam m3ak :P

  46. Nasser |

    Thanks! you too! :)

    Thanks! lol yeah It happens! for me it is with little gadgets and devices and cables!

    Allah ebarek eb 7ayatech! Enshalla you can do that, it takes patience :p Enshalla men e3yony!

  47. Music Site |

    Congradulation for the new work, I hope the best for you, but as we say with higher positions come big responsibility, but don’t let the stress come on you, try to spend time with the family and friends, cause at the end no one would help or be with you at the hard time but only them,

    wish you the best,

  48. Nasser |

    Music Site,
    Thanks, the new job has more convenient working hours which I hope is for the best :)

  49. asoom |

    ok, I want a 4-slot toaster, not a 2 slot one

  50. Nasser |

    A 4 slot.. oooh.. that will be a little difficult to find, nonetheless, I’ll find and send you the finest toaster, with a bag of freshly made bread for you to toast and enjoy wholeheartdly!

  51. Shaymaa |

    Mabrook on toastmasters and the new job! About the apple sharing story, lol, I think it’s my favorite from the list. I wish you all the best…. Enjoy life!

  52. Intlxpatr |

    Love it that you are a toastmaster, but you just lost your anonymity! Or did you ever have it? hahahahahahaha!

    Buy yourself a small digital camera, one that you can carry everywhere. Once you get totally addicted, buy yourself a larger one with a significant zoom. But keep the little one in your pocket. When you have the camera with you, photos just appear!

    Keep that camera next to the notepad with scribbled notes for the next blog entry!

  53. Nasser |

    Thanks! Ajma3een enshalla :D

    lol, well I had it, but it was quite negligible! I don’t intend to keep my anonimity. My original idea is to reflect who I am in all of my “states” if that makes sense. Thanks for the camera tips! I’ll get one tomorrow or very very soon enshalla :)

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