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My Tall Friend, and the Short Me

My Friend and I

I went out with a couple of friend for dinner on Friday, then we went to Raya mall for ice cream. Now, here’s something you should know. My friend is TALL, and I am SHORT. As we walked to find a table, ALL eyes were on us like we were some freaks, and indeed we were.

P.S. Drawing style inspired by Laialy. I would have scanned an actual drawing but I don’t have a working scanner.

86 Responses to “My Tall Friend, and the Short Me”

  1. Navy Girl |

    yay ana elfirst to comment ! :P

    so you guys were number 10 ??? i’m sure that was pretty funny :P

    oh bs seriously who cares what people think ??

  2. N. |

    Lol, you make it sound like I’m round or something. I’m not round, even though he is VERY thin.. haha. Walla I don’t care, he don’t care.. it was funny.

  3. suspic |

    Dude, you have no idea how much I relate to this post.

    My best friend’s freakin’ tall and whenever I walk around next to him it feels like I’m his pet midget, like he should put a leash on my neck. I’m average but the bastard makes me feel like a circus freak.’d be cool if I got in his pants like how a Kangaroo mom would carry its child..but it’d be too weird.

  4. N. |

    You should try that! Heck, I should try it! Next time I’ll talk about the details with my friend! haha.

  5. Mrm |

    N, my friend, that is how emaciaty and i feel. cept im the big tall one. So… Ha-ha!

  6. N. |

    Mrm LOL! still, you’re not THAT tall..

    mashallah to all the tall people, o mashallah to all the short ppl too..

  7. Navy Girl |

    good now thats the spirit !! i didnt mean that your an O :P

  8. N. |

    You could have said li ? laish 10 ha… ha.. haaa.. enty weya ur little *mis-hap* at work! :p

  9. EniGma |


    haha i’m so mean!

    and mashalla!

  10. N. |

    LOL! Enigma, not too far from the truth!

  11. Navy Girl |


    OH GOD moby ago work tom :(

  12. Navy Girl |

    oh and because you just cant be . !!! . would mean sooo tiny that your stuck to the ground :P

  13. N. |

    LOL yeah she’s meaner :p But yeah it does seem like it. I’m a very short guy. :P

    Me too dont wanna go! ;(

  14. Navy Girl |

    very very short :P say how tall is that friend of yours ? around 180 something ??? :D

    goooo tooo sleeep or you wont be able to go to work tom !!

  15. N. |

    He’s a little taller than 180 something, mashallah.
    LOL chenech tadreen of my usual staying up late and skipping work tendencies. I’m guessing enty nafs el 7ala lol.

  16. Navy Girl |

    mashala !! i wana be tall !! 7ada tall !! mashala !!
    well yeah if i didnt sleep early means either speeding the hell out to reach in the exact time wela sleeping over oo skipping work .. bs not today :D today i’m up all day inshala :P

  17. N. |

    lol, up all night you mean? Ya3ne chenna mako work bacher? lol. I’d sleep too, but I have lots of things to catch up on; Presentation, and a few other things! :/

  18. Navy Girl |

    my day just started since i woke up late today ;P so its still officially a day to me ! emblaa feee work inshala :D

    good luck with that work .. hope you can make it at time so you can managed to sleep .. ooo wont take that sleeping thingy as an excuse to skip work :P

  19. N. |

    LOL! la enshalla I’ll get to make it on time, I’m going to go now and get some sleep, either that I’m never going to sleep.. or go to work.. 9a7 enom :p enjoy the rest of your day;P

  20. Navy Girl |

    thanks … good nite :)

  21. Marzouq |

    Ok that looks like its from a football game!!! loool!

  22. Laialy_q8 |

    LoooooooooooooooooL, i love it … you should have emailed me I would’ve made one for you ^_^
    i am so proud my little drawings are growing on people

  23. Laialy_q8 |

    on another note, my cousins are very tall and i am very short, therefore, everytime we go out i have to ask what type of shoes they will be wearing to prevent any type of staring hehehe

  24. :::Shayouma:: |

    CUTE drawing!!

  25. Cat |


    How tall is he and how short u are ?!

  26. Missy-TheOriginal |

    lol @ the faces on the left =D

  27. Bojacob |

    Lol, you can say it was ME you know!

    I’m 193cm. I don’t know about him. It was pretty comical once we actually saw and digested the difference in front of a mirror.

    I almost blogged about it, but didn’t want to hurt any feelings :)

    We’ll figure out something. Maybe some stilts for you?

  28. N. |


    Aw, I would have! I didn’t know that I could have! ^_^ Thanks :D lol, yeah shoes help in your case :r

    It was also a cute scene hehe.

    As he said ^ up there, he’s 193, I’m 160.. which gives about 33 CM between the top of my head, and the top of his head. You can imagine! A tiny baby would stand on my head and would probably just barely reach his haha!

    You should have seen them :P

    I didn’t know if I should, especially that you could be spotted from the edge of Kuwait :p I was going to go for platform shoes, much more comfortable to wear. But stilts, sure.. either that. Or why don’t we find a solution for you. *grabs the axe* Don’t worry, this wont hurt much.. (not unless you want it to…)

  29. princess |

    hehehehehe 3ade 3ade u dnt need stilts or anything :p and ur little doodle thing?? aish ya3niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  30. N. |

    lol, ya3nee thats what we looked like! EXACTLY o thats how ppl were lookin, LOL.

  31. blue dress |

    Lol! Freaaks?! come on.

  32. G |

    Ya i know how it feels with that guy, he is a mountain. LOL

  33. N. |

    blue dress,
    La we’re not freaks, out combination is a freak one! :p

    LOL! yeah!

  34. Chirp |

    LOL thats so a post I would write!

    Short ppl of the world UNITE! :D

  35. princess |

    ana agool ur forbidden from drawing anything, awal mashiftha i was like ok so theyre in a soccer field and these faces are the balls….

  36. N. |

    lol! Unite, we shall!

    haha, yeah.. it came out a little wrong, but I like it, its abstract.. ahem, Picasso style!

  37. True Faith |


    Last night me and a friend decided to go out for coffee and she sent me an text message minutes before I go out “Don’t wear heels please” :P I’m tall and always on heels, and my poor friends suffer a lot from that :P

  38. Bojacob |

    Hey G, I’m surprised you were able to spell “mountain.” You’re getting smarter every day ;) You must be proud!

  39. Amethyst |

    My best friends are: 175 cm, 173 cm, and 165 cm, while I’m 153 cm. Giving them a hug is a stretch routine. Join the club;p

    So, how short are you? 150 cm short? If you’re less than 152 cm, you’re a midget.

  40. This Lady |

    I’m mean!!

  41. fadidra |

    LOOOL, priceless wish i was there ;p
    anyhow, real friends don’t judge you 7asab u’r tallness or shortness or even madre — u put something.

  42. Ri |

    Remember, dear N, that the best things in life come in small packages.

  43. N. |

    True Faith,
    lol! Did you end up wearing heels anyway? that would have been funny :p

    I am proud! xD

    Mashallah.. no I’m not a midgit, I’m a shorty I’m 160cm :p

    This Lady,
    LOL! Yes, you are!

    Yeah funny thing is, most of my very good friends are much taller than average! hehe.

  44. 'GreY' |


    reminds me of a Egyptian Couple i see at the mall , 7ft Vs 5.1 in heels !

  45. N. |

    Exactly, nothing says it better than a small package with a red ribbon. ;)

  46. N. |

    lol, I’ve seen that before. But with two guys it is not normal, hehe. 5.1 in heels is very short too hehe :D

  47. lone.rangeress |

    l9ora jad it3abir! eheh but ya who cares? wht matters is that u both had fun and had a good laf out it of it;)

  48. N. |

    yeah hehe, it was an adventurous everning!

  49. Ra7aLaH |

    LOOOL the faces ;p u him ;p ma3lih ;p

  50. N. |

    Ra7aLaH.. haha, yeah, the faces..! I seriously should have taken a picture. It was priceless.

  51. Bojacob |

    For what it’s worth, I DID glare back at them. Didn’t help much though :(

  52. N. |

    Yeah, I don’t think it helped :/

  53. Hope |

    hehe..just think of it this were both unique individuals when it comes to height..and people were just amused to see such uniqueness..

    plus..people will just stare..regardless of how tall you are..or short you are…they will still stare :P and really how would u know its the height of you two that got their you ever wonder of what a person is actually thinking when theyre staring at you?

  54. Amethyst |

    16o cm zain! You passed the midget test;p

  55. N. |

    Yeah, we couldn’t really tell what it was, we assumed it was the height because that is exactly what we’d be thinking hehe. Hmm, I don’t think we had anything on our cloths or looked weird :p


  56. KJ |


    Like my sis with a former friend of ours… he is almost double her height

  57. meeemo |

    i’d be more concerned with your “Art piece” then your height :) hehehe

  58. Sarah |

    oooooooooooh funny! Yes N u might be short, i mean not very tall but hey, remember what i told u once, when people look weird at u, just smile at them… ;)

  59. Nomad |

    LOL you should be used to that by now *wink*

  60. N. |

    lol! double! No way, unless she’s probably 1m high and still in grade school :p thats funny though hehe.

    What about it? Its very artistic! hehe

    Yeah you did! Bummer, I was smiling, I didn’t look at them though, next time enshalla ;P

    Hahah! I should, but I think he’s even taller than you by a bit, besides he’s as skinny as a piece of paper.. which makes him all the more stand out. :p

  61. Jacqui |

    Maybe they thought you were hot :P

  62. Very.Q8ya |

    mo layeg 3alek short =o]

  63. N. |

    Thing is, most of them were guys I sure hope they didn’t think that! lol!

    I used to be tall, but my heavy schoolbags made me shorter ;/

  64. desert-roses |



  65. N. |

    LOL! fine.. 10.. as you like! :p

  66. desert-roses |

    at last….

    good this made you smile ;)

  67. N. |

    hehe, yeah I’m always smiling :p O el fwd 3ajeb hehe.

  68. desert-roses |

    more than welcome!!…….

    walla bema eni 8a3da soolef….elyoam I was thinking to post my video presentation… lool my narrative 7adha badliyat….mako kelma ma 3waitha bel english..ya3ni yeswa a’9a7ek el awadem 3liay :P

  69. N. |

    lool la post it! khanshof! What are you waiting for! :p

  70. desert-roses |

    madam 8elt chithi ….mara7 apawest (yakni make post)…loooooooooooooooooooool!!!!! ashoof etha wayed y’9a7ek I will not :P

  71. N. |

    la qasdy u can get positive feedback from ppl about your speech, 3ashan el mara el yaya u do better job.. ya3ne.. u know.. its good :p

  72. desert-roses |

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee……(7abibi) :P

    ya7alatek o ent tra8e3….

    o etha fee mara yaya..
    to day I made presentation o when I was done the instructor said a thing bout my work and I looked at him….ha…this is my first time!!! and inshllah the last one….. eewww u dont know how much I hated this project….

    And basicallY i did translation from arabic to english and u can imagine el 3afsa eli 9arat..sec I confess when I speak english O 8e6 lot of accent is zero… :P….e7m e7m..5eregat madresa 7komiya….

  73. N. |


    aaah el salfa chithee ya3ne, badliyaat o accent mo shay.. ee goly chithee 3ayal dont post :p la I’m kidding you can post if you want.. o ghaaleban lama teshtaghleen enshalla you will give presentation or speech.. you never know, thany shay esa3dech fel elqaa o shay 7elo el wa7ed yet3alam yetkalam jedam jemhoor.. ayan kan el jemhoor fe dawam aw bara el dawam..

    7ata etha mako accent o tars badliyat.. 3adi.. yemken neth7ak eshwaya ;p bs net3alam men hal shay

  74. Vixen |

    awww that’s really cuuuuuute n____n kawaaaiii el drawing!!!

  75. N. |

    ;P thanks hehe

  76. Vixen |

    a7la shaay el 3youn malooot-hum! waiii i keep looking at over again n__n!!

  77. N. |

    LOL! Obviously influenced by Anime.. something like Full Metal panic scene :p

  78. Vixen |

    heheehehe edwardoo kun!

  79. Nasser |

    I meant FMP not FMA :p but yeah FMP i think alphonse would have had those eyes a few times :D in FMP the class they were in, mostly they looked exactly like that :p

  80. Mini-Adventures at work | N. |

    [...] of you may remember my tall friend Bojacob from my previous post about us walking next to each other in a mall. Now, there is nothing weird about walking with a friend, but only when there is a 33 CM gap in [...]

  81. enchanteurs |

    loooooool!! thats like me with all my friends ;p am taller than average ;p

  82. Nasser |

    lol! Yeah we pretty much are used to it now =p mashallah 3alech ;p

  83. Klaudia ....... |

    hi my name is klaudia Im polish but i live in Malta ; always whan i go out whit my friends i feal so stiupidd and shy ..Understand you :P. :*( wish to be shorterrrrr!!!!! Im 1’72 and from 1month im 13 i know that i m not that tall but hier is evry body short

  84. Klaudia ....... |

  85. Chibi-Bashiieru |

    Omigee! lol!
    Jaa, shall I call you chibi Nasser ? lol >u<

    && that little doodle applies to me too. my friend is 181cm & I’m 150cm <~ midget XD
    we both dont wear highheels, so I understand what you’re going through. lol!

    this sounds more like this anime, called “Lovely complex” except that they’re a guy&girl. xD

    anyways, I know that… this is an old post, but I can’t help not commenting on this. *u*
    it doesn’t seem like an old one though. n_n”

  86. Nasser |

    Feel free to comment on old posts, its all good. Its nice to see that my situation isn’t quite rare.

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