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My love for Vacuum Cleaners

You know why I love vacuum cleaners?

(Yes, I’m a guy. And, yes, you’re not imagining things. And yes I am straight..)

They are designed to be switched on and off with your foot!

Based on my experience, I have come to see how nearly all the new vacuum cleaners have a huge button on them: big enough to step on. There is usually another huge button to retract the chord as well.

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45 Responses to “My love for Vacuum Cleaners”

  1. Noufa |

    Vaccum cleaners, huh?

    Interesting :P

  2. Sushi |

    Yeah I like the way I can just step on the button but I dont like letting go of the vacuum and then physically moving the furnitures to vacuum behind it. Still a hassle =P

  3. Laialy_q8 |

    mine didn’t, I has a small one that actually stood up and didn’t have a base. It was practical back then … I don’t vacuum in q8 obviously but if i did I’d get myself a heavy duty vacuum

  4. manutdfanatic |




  5. eshda3wa |

    they should invent one that makes no noise

  6. Grey |

    lol man ! whenever i do that thing my wife screams , ‘ is your hand broken you idiot, you want spoil it because my mother gave it to me?’

  7. FourMe |

    Thank you Thaaaank you ThaaanK YOU! I love vaccum cleaners toO! But then I’m a cleaning freak. What’s your excuse?!

    p.s. I was the first to vote :p

  8. FourMe |


    eshda3wa: I’m sure the spy shop next to nbk has some but just like the silent hair dryer it probably cost a grand or two!

  9. Marzouq |

    I like vacuum cleaners that can vacuum, and there is a huge difference between the high quality ones and low quality, I remembered buying a crappy one and it wouldn’t clean up anything!!!

    The better ones would suck the carpet off the floor!! loool

  10. Enigma |

    emm, shfeek? :P

  11. fashionated |

    my niece LUVS vacuum cleaners we just bought her a baby vacuum fa et7oos bel bait o etgool “vrooom”..but back to u :P what is it that u luv about them ?

  12. Soul |

    i dedicate this 6o you..

  13. G |

    LOOL Intresting, Dede :P

  14. Shoush |

    I never took u as a vacuum guy. Wat a surprise. :P

  15. Nasser |

    Oh, is it? ;P

    Yeah that still is a hassle, now need to find a way around that.. pun intended ;p

    Since it stood up I’m guessing it allowed you to reach for the on/off without bending too much, which is good. And yes, heavy duty ones are great!


    That would be great wouldn’t it.. like FourMe said it would probably cost a fortune!

    You are most welcome! My excuse is, well, doing something different for a change! ;P

    LOL! Yeah! I had one of those cheap ones in the U.S. it sucked! well not really, hahaha wish it did! It was just so bad!

    Salamtech ;P Taghyeer.

    LOL! Men al7een et3awdonha 3al house work? ;P 3afiya!

    LOL! a7la shay, “It really sucks” ;P

    Wahaha DeDe!? What she have to do with anything!

    Well miss shoush, hope it was a good surprise ;P

  16. Nasser |

    Grey! Sorry your comment was in the spam box..

    lol you know they were designed that way, but better to keep the wife happy and use your hands :P

  17. Shaymaa |

    LOL @ the pic, we used to do that to our cheeks!

    I love vacuums and all cleaning products! I always have a solution for any kind of stain!

  18. Chirp |

    The good ones are too heavy .. I hate vacuuming…

  19. Hamitaf La B |

    I don’t vaccuum… my room doesn’t need vaccuuming just wiping.. and only on dusty days.. :)

  20. Zed |

    what other uses do you put your vacuum clearner to?? huh??? huh???

  21. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Ahh the vacum is my spider weapon :P

  22. Ra-1 |

    “They are designed to be switched on and off with your foot”

    tawnee adree !

  23. suspic |

    You should commit Seppuku after this post.

  24. KJ |


  25. Amethyst |

    LOOOOL! I’m a girl, and I don’t love them!;p

  26. Intlxpatr |

    I HATE vacuuming. It will always be worth it to me to have someone come vacuum for me (hint hint). I wish my husband loved vacuuming.

  27. Vixen |

    awww N, that’s just kawaaaaiiiii ^^ I love it too especially when I haven’t been to my flat for some time and then I suck all the dirt out hahahahah!

  28. Kaileena |

    Never really thought about vacuum cleaners..come to think of it..I do like them a bit!

  29. Victim. of .the.( turbaned ).head |

    So , now you are one of them ? :I

    Not LoL :I

  30. Nasser |

    Then you could probably help me out.. there are quite a few stains in different materials I really need a solution for! :p

    That isn’t surprising :p but yeah, I used to hate it too!

    My room used to only need wiping, but it gets cold and slipery lol.

    Errrrrrrr… As a paper-weight?

    lol! You and your spiders! :p

    Eh! Well, the good kind are designed that way!

    You remind me of my friend so much sometimes, it is actually freaky. Two of him, would really be the end of the world.. I’m saving the Seppuku till after I start doing my own laundry and silverware shining.


    Why not? You should? :p Chop chop.. housework 101.. yalla get to it!

    ahah, yes, I wouldn’t mind a part time job vacuuming :p

    xD lol, it does give a whole satisfaction feeling doesn’t it!

    Gooood, they never really crossed my mind either until recently.

    Victom. of .the.( turband ).head,
    One of who? What? Why? :l

  31. Kaos |

    YA? you didn’t show that much love to it in the states :P

  32. Victim. of .the.( turbaned ).Lady |

    Guys who use the ” vacuum cleaners ” as sex toy ! :I


    your ass :I

    LOL !

  33. Nasser |

    Victim. of .the.( turbaned ).Lady,
    LOL! That thought is very disturbing! And why would you and obviously Zed above get such assumptions eh? tsk tsk this is a PG13 rated blog =P

  34. manutdfanatic |


    Nowwww I get it! Tsk tsk tsk indeed! Shame on you. *mock horror*

  35. manutdfanatic |

    And to think you actually had me convinced with the “feet/button” story!


  36. Angelo |

    I’m not in the hot mode with my vacuum cleaner these days because it decided to break up with me. Seriously, it literally broke while I was cleaning the other day. I need a new one fast.

  37. suspic |

    That friend seems like a catch, bestfriend him immediately. =O

  38. 3abeer |

    my favorite vacuum cleaner is Rainbow… it’s more than a vacuum cleaner.. !

    too martha sterwarty !! I know :/

  39. Navy Girl |

    heeeey N .. shfeeek your getting werider each day ;P first ma nfhm whatever you say .. and now your love for vacuum cleaners laaa .. you need to check yourself out with a shrink ;P

    by the way i’m just kidding :D

  40. Amethyst |

    They’re noisy. HELL NO!;p

  41. Nasser |


    Broke? I guess it was time to get a new one then! Did you go for the one with huge buttons? lol!

    Haha, he is my best friend. Evil geniuses, him and I.

    I just saw the review, wow it does do more! As long as you’re happy with it, martha stewarty or not lol!

    Navy Girl,
    Will you be my shrink?

    Some are very quiet! :p Some…

  42. Elaine |

    Every body love vacuum cleaner, especially a housewife like me…without vacuum cleaner, life will be twice harder, even more…

  43. Navy Girl |

    yalla lemme shrink you .. ymkn et6eeb :P

  44. Sunshine |

    I agree.. I love vacuum cleaners! I vacuum my own room!

  45. Bebe |

    i agree lool

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