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Mario Bros Room

smroom1 Isn’t this the coolest design ever? I found it through, who got it from who got it from

23 Responses to “Mario Bros Room”

  1. manutdfanatic |

    It’s nice to look at, but I wouldn’t really want a room like that..

  2. ??? |

    me likey =D

  3. Amethyst |

    Never :P

  4. Amethyst |

    But I’m not surprised;p

  5. Shaymaa |

    If children hospital wings in Kuwait had walls like that…

  6. Elaine |

    Good, but I don’t want having that for my room too…Too childish :)

  7. Laialy_q8 |

    I think it would fun to have it for a while bss it wouldn’t be very practical heheh

  8. Nasser |

    Its mario!

    Good =p


    That would be really something!

    Yeah, definitely not for a personal room hehe.

    Yeah, well, I want to hit these bricks and collect coins. =p

  9. Mrm |

    i used to love that particular mario game! imagine ur kids jumping up and hitting their heads on that hovering brick til they develop concussions wahahaha

  10. eshda3wa |

    oooh i love it!

  11. Adenaline |

    Am sure you’ll love to stay in one of those hotels

  12. iRise |

    I would have loved a room like this… 10 years ago… hehehe!

  13. KJ |


  14. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    AWwwwww sooo cute!!

  15. Navy Girl |

    WOW ! i always wanted to paint my room like this !! actually i wanted to paint anchors :D

  16. Arabian lady |

    Yshaweg !!!

  17. Sh7afana |

    allag MARIO !!! 3ajeeeeeb!! .. 3ad tawa i was playing mario party .. hehe.. and no im not a kid! .. im a 20 year old girly girl who was raised with boys and enjoys video games..

  18. Ruby Woo |

    lol that’s so cool!
    I’m so tempted to jump and hit the block with my head.

  19. MiYaFuSHi |

    that is so funky!

  20. Nasser |

    LOL! That would be so insane.

    It looks fun doesn’t it.

    Stay, maybe not but those do look fancy! Especially that baby grand hotel!

    lol yep! oh who could imagine!

    lol! I know it =p

    lol, yeah its nice for the kids.

    Navy Girl,
    Hehe, well you can do it ;p

    Arabian Lady,
    Hheh yeah, its cute.

    eh 3adi =p Nothing against girls who love playing video games ;)

    Ruby Woo,
    LOL yeah, hope its safe and doesn’t hurt.

    It is isn’t it..

  21. Marzouq |

    If I was a kid that would be a really cool room!

  22. ammaro |

    OH MY GOD! thats like, the COOLEST ROOM EVERRRRR!

    please please please please can i steal the topic for my site? pleeeeease?!

  23. Nasser |

    Yeah! Very cool!

    Heheh, yeah man go ahead!

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