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In the Middle of the Road…

I could not find a suitable image to suit the topic today. I do have a picture of road kill (a dead squirrel) and if I post it I would probably not stop receiving e-mails from animal rights activists!

Have you ever seen something totally out of place on a road? Something that certainly does not belong there? I’m most certainly not talking about all the road kill out there, unless it is strange. For example, a friend of mine said once he saw a dead cow here in Kuwait! A cow? I’d be surprised! If he’d said a goat, or a camel, I would think it was normal but a cow? Now that’s new to me! Yet, still very possible!

Here are some of the strange items I have seen: A chair, a mid-size wooden cage, even a mattress! — all in the middle of the road! Sadly I do not have the pictures to prove it! I will try to remember to take pictures if I come across anything new!

What is the strangest thing you have seen on a road?

47 Responses to “In the Middle of the Road…”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    A shoe
    A friend of mine saw a large snake once and got a picture in her cell of it .. but that here is Tucson

  2. chikapappi |

    I’ve seen shoes, underwear, dead animals – cats, birds & pigeons hmmm… a sofa… bottles …

  3. Very.Q8ya |

    A CHAIR?? LOOOOOL yemken 6ay7a min sayyarat naQil 3afsh =[

    ana shfeeni mashof ella g6awa mayta? lol

  4. "GreY" |

    I havent seen any yet ! but i do see a plenty of idiots on the road zigzagging , they are almost everywhere !

  5. Intlxpatr |

    My neice was with me and I said “I don’t think those things are secured very well” and I pulled out from behind a truck into the next lane just as a radiator fell off the back of the truck and the truck kept going.

  6. asoom |

    So the most out of the ordinary thing is probably not appropriate for this post since it’s not funny and actually really sad

    I saw bodies! a bloody woman and a dead man (I didn’t know he was dead). Their tire had blown up and they were going really fast and their car flipped and landed with such force that all of the people (or maybe 3 out of 4) were ejected from the car and the two front passengers landed on the road and couldn’t move. I guess I was driving behind them and didn’t see the accident but saw people lying on the street and was like what the???? I pulled over and got out along with a whole bunch of other people to help them and try to carry them to the median, it was almost an hour before the police and ambulance came and one of the 4 was pronounced dead on the scene!

  7. blue dress |

    i’ve seen a goat 3al ba7aaR!
    a camel!
    A sheep!

    and aswa2 shay 3alla share3 il a7midi!
    A HORSE! poor baby black ba3ad!

  8. AlleyCat |

    A bald eagle.. no not in kuwait (i dont think migrating that distance from North America would be worth it.. plus he wouldnt be protected by any laws here LOL)

    Yeah A live bald eagle just chilling in the middle of an interstate… casually watching cars stop or swerve around.. it seemed it was flipping us ‘the bird’ (hahaha) since it knows its protected from being hurt in whatever way.. thats the advantage of being a country’s national animal… I vote cats as kuwait’s national animal… all in favor say aye?

  9. Marzouq |

    A huge Satellite Dish.. I’m talking 3 meter diameter!

  10. cixousianpanic |

    LOOOOL alley cat :P Aye!

    i bet that bird was having fun… smugly :D

  11. Peony |

    a huge plastic bag that i could have sworn that a human corpse was in it ;s

  12. Swair |

    underwear.. and a 7jab lol

  13. Navy Girl |

    ummm i just saw a dead dog today :(

    once i saw a little cat .. dead .. i saw a car in fornt of me riding on it !!!!! when i went home i went straight to my room i couldn’t stop myself from crying !! i hate to see such things in the street .. and sometime there are dangerous stuff .. this is just wrong ..

  14. Maya // ???? |

    I’ve seen USED sanitary pads (REALLY!), a dead cat tied to the back of a car (and the poor driver didn’t even know!) and uhh… nah, that’s it but its more than enough pour moi, merci beaucoup!

    ♥ Maya

  15. Phoenix |

    ive seen chairs, matress, a khaima, countless toys
    and ofcourse many many cats

  16. N. |

    A snake?! Wow. I’d assume taking a picture of a huge snake is not such an easy feat!

    Sounds like someone apartment!

    lol! Maybe that’s a good thing. Wahga etha etsogen o faj’a jedamech shay ghareeb!

    lol, idiots!

    Woah, its good you’re all safe. I always get uneasy driving behind those trucks, especially here in Kuwait!

    That’s so sad. Being thrown out of the car I don’t think they were wearing any seat belts. Oh well, traffic accidents are really a sad thing, but mistakes happen — a lot!

    blue dress,
    A camel? A sheep? 3al ba7ar! Now that’s weird. The horse was probably lost or something, that’s sad!

    lol, flipping you! I could just imagine. He’d probably just had it from all the bull crap people haha! Aye! Cats the national animal, lol, I can just image all the craziness that’s going to happen on the roads because of that.

    Wow! That must have been quite a hazard! I hope it was on the side of the road, cause driving into that would be such a problem!

    I bet he was ;P

    :/ Did it appear like someone was in it? or was the size of it that seemed to be that way? It is dangerous!

    lol! underwear? 7jab? I can imagine someone “stripping for freedom” lol!

    Navy Girl,
    Ah, yeah it is sad to see that happen. I hate when you can’t move and don’t have an option to do anything. Madry, but don’t feel so bad, as I hear a lot of ppl say, she’s probably in a better place now. Right?

    Pads? That’s a first! Disgusting haha! Poor cat, how come he didn’t know that’s just stupid!

    Sounds like someone full camping gear! Khaima? Wow, again this is such a driving hazard. These people really need to secure their cargo more!

  17. Kaos |

    I saw a Couch a few days ago in the middle lane of a highway

  18. |

    once saw a leg.

    yup, just a leg. that was on a road outside dubai. dont even ask the ideas that went through our heads. yes, thats a human leg btw.

  19. Navy Girl |

    do you think animals go straight to heaven when they are dead ?? :/

  20. Very.Q8ya | .. a leg? YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMA LOL!!!

  21. Vixen |

    An ipod!!!!!!!! I was sure someone dropped it cuz who wants to throw an ipod?!! It was in South Surra.

  22. N. |

    Damn! On which road was it?

    Ouch. :/ I hope it was a prosthetic leg.

    Navy Girl,
    Good question. I think they do. I don’t know really.


    An iPod! That’s weird. I’m guessing someone was jogging and dropped it! A friend bought an iPod video from Friday market for 5kd. Can you believe that?

  23. princess |

    the weirdest for me was a shoe, lana i was like wheres the rest of the guy! and then i went into my head and imagined this car accident with yeah

  24. N. |

    :/ I hope that wasn’t the result of an accident.

  25. princess |

    me too, but thats what came to mind when i saw it

  26. N. |

    eh, dark mind! :p

  27. chikapappi |

    Dude, where are you from! Not from here right.. I just wanted to ask if you don’t mind :)

  28. N. |

    What gives you that assumption? I’ll tell you from where, after you give me an answer :P

  29. chikapappi |

    answer to what :) !

  30. N. |

    An answer to what made you think I’m “not from here”.
    Didn’t you just ask me where I’m from? Or was that rhetoric? lol.

  31. chikapappi |

    :) comments left by an N. using a lebanese – maybe shamy accent …

  32. palo-girl |

    must be people moving houses
    a chair?? ;s

    road kill depresses me
    i saw a dead cat once and i told my mum to stop the car so i could put her on the side of the road..
    and i know this is pathetic.. but i honestly could not bring myself to lift the dead cat’s body..
    it was just so.. lifeless.. and.. akh it was too depresssing.
    i seriously regretted it after i went back into the car but i just couldnt :s

  33. Fayir |

    A CARRRR! :P

  34. Fayir |

    No seriously? An indian crossing the road :$ LOL

  35. chikapappi |

    LOL Fayoor, this makes me rethink it all over – THE STRANGEST, WEIRDEST thing I’ve seen on roads is YOU DRIVING! :P

  36. N. |

    lol, no I am from around here, totally.

    I’m guessing they were moving houses! Yeah, that’s alright. I know you feel bad for it, but don’t take it in deeply.. ma teswa el salfa walla.

    lol! :p ma 3endech salfa!

    Is she that weird? Strange? :/

  37. N. |

    wait don’t tell me its because I said “Allah ewafek” on Asoom’s blog? lol! Don’t ask why I said that, it just came out that way. That’s probably the only recent shaami comment I’ve ever made!

  38. chikapappi |

    Why is Fayoor weird! Man, you gotta be in the car with us while she takes over the steering wheel o yes that’s the comment :) so I thought you were men 3anna :P

  39. KJ |

    Hey there! You got an interesting blog :D

    The strangest thing I have seen on the road is a herd of some 20 sheep and two camels crossing a main highway :D

  40. Vixen |

    5 kd? Lol 3aleeeh bel3afya! Lucky guy heheh! Does it work normally tho?

  41. N. |

    lol, Allah e3enkom :P

    Thanks! a highway! That must have been quite dangerous, and amusing haha!

    It was! It had some name on it too, “max’s ipod” or something registered when he plugged it in.

  42. Fayir |

    Laish it7eshoon!!

    no N. u know why?
    because im not meant to drive in slow kuwaiti roads.
    I was born to drive fast LOL
    walla its a hobby .

    Chika i Know u enjoy my roller coaster :D

  43. Vixen |

    eeh its second hand akeed some person owned it before :P

  44. N. |

    lol! So why don’t you become a race car driver? If only.. huh. Now, I hope by driving fast, you are not destroying the harmony of the road, and nearly killing people! :p Allah e7afethkom.

    I bet someone did ^_^

  45. This Lady Says |

    Cats, cats and more cats.


    and the Grande Finale:
    BIG HUGE COUCH. (Not even bil magloob! In a seating position facing the people driving towards it!)

  46. N. |

    This Lady Says,
    Yeah, there’s always cats on the roads! They should probably reconsider cat walks, tehee. Yeah, a couch seems to be quite common, and quite dangerous as well. I hope you and those on the road were safe!

  47. Intlxpatr |

    As for Navy Girls’ question, the Catholic church alwasy maintained that animals don’t have souls, and you have to have souls to go to heaven. On the other hand, Jesus and Mohammed were both very kind to animals – perhaps it is a matter of conservation of spiritual energy? I believe they will be there, these sweet little spirits, and I believe they will be laughing and tell me they are so glad to see me, they have so much to tell me, I was stupid and they tried to tell me so many things and I was too stupid to understand!

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