Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Evil Soup!

Evil Soup

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P.S. What do you all prefer? Me replying within your comments, or having a separate comment? Let me know!

25 Responses to “Evil Soup!”

  1. chikapappi |

    hmmmm… I was thinking of that when i commented on your previous post, I think seperate a7san.. Yeah Green soup is good “boogla hoba mongol”

    Separate seems to be going out of style at the moment! :p I’ll wait for more comments, which I am so hopeful will come, somehow. Until then we shall see, but it looks like within comments seems to be the most popular. Boogla hoba mongol to you too :D

  2. 3baid |

    I wonder what evil soup tastes like… :o

    I’m not sure, probably like broccoli.. It IS green!

  3. "GreY" |

    “It was green , it had HAIR and TEETH” …hmmm Yum Yum , looks Tasty !…

    “within comments”

    It sure looks Yummy!

  4. Sarah |

    I usually like green things but ur evil soup looks a bit too “alive” for me!!! and i don’t wanna become a crouton! ahahahahahahah

    I like it better when u reply within the comments

    lol, you eat the soup and it will help you make people your crotons! (I love that, hehe.)

  5. Ri |

    Evil Soup sounds like me on Saturday mornings :|

    Comment within comments.

    You have tendencies to want to cover the world in soupiness on Saturday mornings? You got a spot for one more?

  6. Fayoora |

    And all the people will be our crotons Hahahah
    I say seperate comment

    lol ^_^ I’m still waiting for more income, looks like there won’t be any hehe.

    I was wondering where your blog went! Only a while ago did I realize you moved! Yeah, I’m slow heh.

  7. Shale |

    1. In the comments.
    2. Cow stomach soup in Romania – that is evil soup.
    3. Wow, your new blog look is ugly, and confusing. Did you choose the colours in hexadecimal?

    1. Hoping to get a larger sample.
    2. Cow stomach? Oh boy, you should check out the Intestine tomatoe soup here (kara’een) I think it is called.
    3. I’m working on the colors now. This is not final! I agree that it is a little ugly. Side bar is way too green for my taste.

  8. Laialy_q8 |

    i”m not sure which one i prefer but i am used to the old way
    i didn’t get the soup joke :/ i think i am just tired i’ll read it again another time

    Looks like it will be within comments at the moment. I don’t know if it gets updated on the comments feed and marked as new or not. I sure hope so!

    Check out the website, it is loaded with funny little drawings :)

  9. |

    if you reply within our comments, it will be like your comments is the croutons of our soup. or something. never mind, I need to sleep…

    lol! “All your comments will be our crotons!” Does this mean comments within comments is better? Its nearly 1 in the afternoon, what sleep!

  10. CeCe |

    Hey! I love the new look. That is some wicked story ;P~

    Thanks. It is Wicked! You want to be a part of our crotons? Evil soup is ready! *insert evil laugh here*

  11. Swair |

    holy crap! tawni ashoof the new look!! it’s friggin’ amazing!

    hair and teeth! ewww :p

    Thanks! And yes, hair and teeth are ew, but it is evil soup, can you resist evil soup! I don’t think so!

  12. Fayoora |

    I did not move :P
    Just opened up a new chapter of my life heheh

    Well it looks like I lost the bookmark ;p

  13. Navy Girl |

    was that my soup :P i think i made it :P

    i think your separate comments is better :D

    Navy Girl,
    You make evil soup? I need a batch pronto! :p I’ll see about the comments, still thinking about how it should be done..

  14. eshda3wa |

    soup with hair and teeth

    yah … sounds ummm yummy?

    i prefer separate replies

    It shouldn’t sound yummy, but it should BE yummy!

  15. Shale |

    Keep in mind, by default, you are:
    1. Nobody.
    2. In danger of me cracking your head open upon an actual meeting.
    3. In danger of me being bored.
    4. Presenting a blog that makes it difficult to find the ‘post comment’ link.
    5. Trying to be different, despite the fact that your blog was recognisable already.
    6. Colourblind.
    7. Truly, fashionably, completely uninspired.

    Let your posts do the talking.

    It isn’t my fault the soup made you feel all cranky!
    What is wrong with the colors? Do they still look ugly?
    I’ll fix the “post comment” link being at the end of the page.
    I also actually do have something I want to post about, the topic is selfishness. But, I’m not in the mood to post anything at the moment.

  16. Laialy_q8 |

    yeah, this “in the comment” commenting is a bit confusing for my simple mind … remember K.I.S.S. :p

    Hehe, yeah you’re right at that point!

  17. princess |

    wain commentity?? im sure i commented *pouts*

    fine, i hope u drink that soup lana ur mean blog kidnapped my comment :(

    and LOL at people being croutons

    la you didn’t post a comment! I would have gotten an e-mail notification :p The evil one is your computer! It ate your comment and didn’t send it to me! ;/ Your comment is your computer’s crotons! We are all crotons! *crunch* ;p

  18. princess |

    inzaaaaain i believe u! *glares at the computor* hehehhee


  19. palo-girl |

    soup is good.
    shale has anger problems. (try yoga ;p)
    i dont think seperate or unseperate is important.
    i dont have preferences.

    im up to episode 66 in Bleach :p
    do u mind if i ramble on about it? :)
    no im sure u dont.
    :O it was so cool when the cat turned out to be a hot chick :P (im straight but shes just plain hot :p)
    and when ichigo saved rukia… omg..
    that.. was .. amazing
    i dont get them though
    he saved her life.. and.. nothing happened? they didnt even hug :S
    do u think theyre in love? :)
    and that episode when rukia’s older brother saves her :’)
    im really and truly addicted :p

    Of course I do not mind at all! Yeah, Yoruichi-san is very hot! That was a huge surprise, especially how she sounds when she’s in cat form! lol!

    Ichigo really went all out when he went to save rukia! That was the best few episodes that we have all been waiting for! After that it gets back down again and a little less intense, but it builds up again, but still slow! That was and still is the current high part of Bleach, I’m still waiting for something to top that scene! Not that what comes next isn’t cool, it is, but is not as good especially with relation to the story, the characters, and the struggle he goes through.

    Byakuya is cool too! He doesn’t too much air time after that sadly, but he is one of the top ppl :p Enjoy it! You got a long way to go. I’m interested to know what you think about the next part of the series. It changes a little with new characters, a new villian etc. Some people didn’t like it one bit, others said it was OK. I personally liked it :)

  20. Shale |

    Ya, what Palo said. Re-reading it, it comes across as obnoxious and rude rather than ironic.

    It is alright. I didn’t get offended. lol. I kept wondering why the blog seems ugly, I’m still trying to figure that out. I didn’t create it, so its a pain tweaking it to get it to look good.

  21. |

    i was at work and tired and needed to sleep!!!

    and i think you should reply OUTSIDE the comments :p no croutons for me!

    Alright so you don’t like soup? That’s fine. I’ll keep the crotons then. lol.

  22. Shale |

    In my opinion, having once worked as the programmer for a graphic design company, and overheard some good advice,
    1. Whitespace. You have none. This is empty space in your website in which the eye can relax. Think Google’s traditional homepage. Also, to get a message through, all other messages must be quiet, and you have too many messages going on at once.
    2. Consistency. It takes me time to find the links I need to click, which is annoying. They should be on a panel on the left, right, or top.
    3. Composition. There are equations and guidelines for eye-pleasing layouts. You do not need to use these, but you do need to slide around the borders and elements until they appear balanced.

    The entire right panel could be removed. Mine needs a picture I think to make it more identifiable. Hmmm.

    Thanks. I’m not much of a composition person. I do however know a little bit about tweaking. This is totally not my creation, but I’m going to hack around and get it be a little more presentable. The main problem with the previous theme was that it was too shiny. It was also too blue and the center section was very limited. The font was also a little small.

    It is hard finding the right theme, I’ll keep looking, but until then I’ll give this one a little face lift here and there.

  23. palo-girl |

    im up to the part with the three mod souls.
    theyre freaks :s
    its okay.. but its not as exciting as the last part
    with the saving rukia part..
    i got addicted!!!!!!!
    i couldnt stop watching!
    but yeah like u said.. its a little less intense now..

    Yeah, the rest isn’t as exciting as the previous parts, but I am sure you will like it! :D

  24. palo-girl |

    damn. new twist in the story again. -_-
    Bounds, huh? interesting

    Yeah, bountu! They have an interesting story. This part is cool, but it is not as good as the previous parts. :p

  25. Navy Girl |

    hehehe only when i’m mad at someone :P aswey lek ? ;)

    Navy Girl,
    Sure! Bring it on!! ;p

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