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Chicken, A Tissue, and [No] Pictures

Why is it that nearly everywhere in Kuwait people have problems with pictures being taken! Is it only in Kuwait? I don’t believe there was a problem when I was in the U.S. or the U.K. We could take pictures in the mall, in the grocery, nearly anywhere we wanted. It seems people here have problems with pictures being taken.

We were at the cinema in Avenues and I was testing out my new camera in the beautiful colorful lights. The cinema employer came running to us and said, “No picture! No picture!” I wasn’t that surprised, but what was the problem? There was no one around, and I was taking pictures of my friends.

I figured they won’t stop me, so I took a few pictures anyway. They turned out a little blurry but I have to figure out why, I’m guessing since it was dark, the exposure was on auto and the picture came out fuzzy. Hmm, I need to mess around with it a bit.

The next morning was fun, I walked out to go to prayer, and I saw the chicken that have been running around in front of our house for so long. I was going to post about them a long time ago, but there was no chance because it just wouldn’t be worth it without any pictures. Without further ado, here are the chicken of our fereej* after the break.

Chicken 1
Chicken 2
Chicken 3
Chicken 4

The following picture is of the predator of the fereej. Don’t worry, the predator is quite harmless and lives in peace with all the yummy chicken in the fereej.

Cat 1

But wait! You may ask what is this tissue you mentioned! Well folks, I had to test out the video aspect of my new camera as well. So I shot a video of a tissue wandering aimlessly. I was going to embed it here, but decided against it since pictures and a video would probably be too much, the video is only 20 seconds long, so go see it at youtube.

P.S. Fereej is another word for neighborhood.

43 Responses to “Chicken, A Tissue, and [No] Pictures”

  1. greyshorts |

    I liked the American Beauty version more : P

  2. MiYaFuSHi |

    If i were you, I wouldv’e been spinning and wizzing around on that wheeled chair instead of videotaping a tissue :P

  3. Shaymaa |

    Last week I was at Kuwait Airport and a Kuwaiti soccer team was hanging around for their flight too, so I asked them for a picture since my brother loves them and I was happy to see them quickly slide into positions for a group photo. It was so cool. I had to turn off the flash since we were near terminals and I didn’t want to get in trouble, but other than that – it was great.

    There is always that thin red line when take photos in Kuwait, or in the Gulf (except Dubai?) , but I think thats gradually changing. I hope.

  4. fashionated |

    ppl are always scared ur taking their picture and not ur friends..there’s this paranoia that ur gona snap their picture for personal reasons o moms always warn their daughters “mo a7ad esawrech o ewaze3 eswarech” :P

    as for the chickens: i officially hate u :P i have a fear of birds and ur post did not help so: thanx :(

  5. GreY |

    Yes ! same in Marina , The guards are so ‘ruthless’ with people who take pictures. I once tried to take the picture of Marina Dome and the guard gave a earful … may be he thought i was the terrorist :D .
    and yeah Cats don’t eat chickens … something strange!

  6. chikapappi |

    no one tells me not to take pictures!! :p I love the chiken of your fereej and I once witnessed a predator eat a pigeon :(

  7. Amethyst |

    Wala mara a7ad gali don’t take pictures!

    The cat b your freej wayed a7la mn the cat b our freej;\

    I like the idea of the red elevator and blue chair in the video because they add color;p

  8. Vagabond |

    I think I was there when the event occurred. Were there some cleaners around you, watching what was going on?

  9. ammaro |

    lol, turn up the ISO for dark shots (photo guide on my site, look it up on Jan’s archive)…

    anyway, yeah, its stupid about taking photos in public… everyones so slef conscious and crap… screw em…

    once this fully ninja’s up lady (ie, only eyes were showing) started complaining about me taking her photo… What the f$#% for? you think you pictures gonna end up on the internet? do you think ANYONE is gonna recognize you from your goddamn eyes? and to be in the clear, i wasnt taking her photo. she walked by as i was taking one

  10. Sushi |

    @ Vagabond,

    Wow he caused that much havoc with his camera? It’ll probably be on the news tonight =P

  11. F. |

    I hate it when they don’t let you take pictures…my family is a “lets-take-a-picture” type of family so we’re doing it all the time :P

    I hate birds…but your photos make those hens look great…and the tissue video I found absolutely hilarious…what’s making it fly like that?

  12. Intlxpatr |

    I take photos all the time, and I am careful not to shoot women. I am also careful to keep the flash on “no flash” all the time. I love your chicken photos – do you have a zoom? Would love to see a close up.

    Good for you, buying a camera and USING it! Wooo Hoooooo!

  13. Shoush |

    LOL @ the tissue! Looks like a dog trying to catch his tail.

    As for the no pic policy, that’s ridiculous. It’s not like a safara or any government property. It’s just a cinema! Ma 3indihom salfa.

  14. eshda3wa |

    ya salam 3ala el fann

    the chickens look so cuute!

  15. Navy Girl |

    hate to say this but in kuwait everything is wrong and 3eeb !! i believe its okay to take pictures whenever you feel like it .. sometimes you feel like taking a pic to remember the moment that you guys had .. but people would stare wondering and oh sometimes laughing saying ” mo m9dgeen ? ” well its not that .. its the moment itself !! they wont get it .. people here are so shallow ( not all of them though ) that they wont think about such things .. i do take pictures whenever I feel like it .. my mobile is full of strange and funny and pictures from everywhere I went .. sometimes looking at it makes me remember what had happened before .. its amazing .. so never mind people .. do what you wana :D

    those chicken looks ewww :D I hate them and elcat looks amazing love kitties ! ;P
    tissue wondering aimlessly ha .. I bet you had nothing to do that day N. :D

  16. Cat |

    Oh my God .. I wuved the chiken !

  17. FourMe |

    What’s this you’re flooding us with posts .. stop posting so much :p
    I kinda understand the whole no photo’s thing cuz there are so many ppl mo kafo and would walk around taking photo’s of people, just like they do with their mobiles.
    There is a pair of brids that start chirpping or whatever they do at the middle of the night till 7am that I just wanna sho0t down. Oh and I’ll trade you the wondering cat for a wondering Fox in my freej..

  18. Laialy_q8 |

    funny, cause i was out walking in the neighborhood on Friday and there seem to be chickens everywhere hehehe

  19. Marzouq |

    lol! Now thats funny, we have two or three cats of the fereej, but there is one that always comes to my dewaneya door and always wants something but never eats it. Its been entertaining but once he snuck in and turned the world upside down, I was afraid he might eat my wires!

  20. suspic |

    Our house is either being invaded by cats, or they’re our guardians. They don’t fear me unless I run after them like an idiot. They just sit on the bench, and stare at me like “whatchoo lookin’ at, boy?”.

    About pictures, there are scum who abuse cameras. I don’t blame people for worrying. They’re just being realistic..

    About the chicken, what’s with the URL on them? Seriously. :|

  21. Hamitaf La Bookay |

    Wow… the chicken look so gracefull… LoooL
    And as for picture taking… I hate that about Kuwait… oo don’t believe the guards.. wallah!! I always tell them okay and then continue taking pictures.. bs i guess lana im a female the can’t do anything about it.. (its also like you can’t come into the store with your drinks.. as IF!)

  22. KJ |

    I dunno which part is the saddest: The employee, the no-photo rule, the chicken, the cat, the tissue, or you being in all this!

  23. asoom |

    Oh my god that cat is soooooooo cute.

  24. Zed |

    i like this better than the american beauty dancing garbage bag, make it slow motion, add a soundtrack and you got yourself a hit

  25. manutdfanatic |


  26. Nasser |

    I saw that movie a million years ago, I have no idea what you’re referring to here :p

    LOL, it was tempting.

    Thats wonderful, good they seemed positive about it. Hopefully things should change.

    lol @ the picture thing, yes I understand that is how it is. You faced this post well, enshalla it will help you overcome your fear of chicken :p

    Hehe, they can be mean can’t they.

    Maybe cause you’re a female, thats why they don’t tell you not to take pictures.

    Again, maybe cause you’re a female. Our cat might look better, but she’s just like any other dirty street cat! I’m glad you like the color in the picture.. ;p

    @no one in particular:
    This actually bring up the issue… where’s AlleyCat? Anyone seen her?

    I didn’t quite notice, it was at the VIP section in the Avenues Cinema.

    Thanks for the tip! ;D lol @ the lady.. damn, I mean seriously!

    Did you see if it was on the news? :p

    There was a cyclonical vortex, yes I made up cyclonical.. the air blowing from many different directions, but its cool none the less :p

    I’ll take a zoomed up picture and show you some later :D Thanks! Yeah, I’m using it more than I expected which is making me happy.

    I know, tell me about it, even taking pictures outside a building can be a problem.. ayshay.

    lol! They are!

    Navy Girl,
    I don’t necessarily care, let them say whatever they want, they can’t do anything about it, they can bark.. but screw em!

    lol! They’re fun aren’t they!

    lol, well people were asking me to post more! I had to fulfill my fans’ requests! :p I’ll slow down, just a tad ;p You have a fox in your fereej!? In the UK? or in Kuwait?

    LOL in your fereej too! What’s the dilly!

    LOL! Its freaky when they sneak in and run around the house causing havoc! We had one sneak in and our cat chased him out, and he had diarrhea the whole way! LOL! It was insane!

    The URL on them? I like dem chickens, and they cukoo which is cool.. some ppl find it annoying though.

    lol, you like the chicken too! Yeah I know tell me about it, even in the cinema I hate when you can’t take in your own coffee.. they won’t let you bring it in!

    None is sad, its all fun!

    She is!

    Oh so that’s what greyshorts was referring to, I don’t remember that all too well, the only part I do remember is the guy naked and flower petals falling on him.


  27. manutdfanatic |

    Wandering about? How can you wander about something? Wonder sure. Wander, nope.

    The same way you cannot “wonder aimlessly”, yet you can “wander aimlessly”.

    Get it…?

  28. Skinny Bumblebee |

    Inzain 3al question what if the gender was neither? buwahahaha!

    Did you take the chickens permission to post these pictures?
    I mean the last thing you need is some chick suing you.

  29. Swair |

    I love the first pic, the rooster’s tail is appropriately raised lol

    and 20 seconds of a tissue going around in circles… 20 seconds of my life that I’m never getting back *grrrr* :p

  30. falantan |

    I assure you people everywhere can get annoyed if you take their picture without asking. Its only polite after all :)

    and the chickens look way too flirtatious with the alley cat!

  31. Vixen |

    they have camerophobia 3adi : P the caaaat is cuuute! I hate chicken :D

  32. Intlxpatr |

    LOL @ Skinny Bumblebee!

  33. Very.Q8ya |

    haw? shako no pictures? maskeen yimkin kaan eb-kha6rah esawwir ma3akum lol

  34. FourMe |

    Uk.. but he’s a friendly fox.. he’s fox elfreej he wonders around thn comes and stand outside my door .. 7abeeeeb, mayadrii ana akhaf min flies.. but its ok i pass by him and say ‘hey wats up’ the twat just gives me a look he never replies..

  35. Soul |

    ya zeen el chicken.. 6a3amhom latheeeeeeeeeth

  36. Nasser |

    Ah, now I get it! Too bad can’t rename the title of the video but I have renamed the link.

    Skinny Bumblebee,
    If you’re neither male, nor female, then you’re probably a plant so reading and voting is not an option :p The chicks knew I was taking pictures and that is why there we posing like that!

    lol, at least you enjoyed it.

    Of course they would be annoyed, but why would they get annoyed if I was taking a picture of my friend. The chickens are chickens, no more to say really!

    lol! Chicken are cute.

    She’s witty!

    lol, madry 3ana ;p yemken

    A friendly fox? How about some pictures next time I’m sure that would be a little amusing and entertaining. I’ll show it to the chicken to scare them away :p He’s a rude fox too, not replying when a lady says, “hey whats up”.

    Stay away from the chicken! awaaaaay!

  37. Zed |

    it wasn a guy with the rose pedals falling on him, it was a girl, mira sovari

    watch the movie again, its a good movie

  38. Nasser |

    Oh yeah it was her, the guy was a spoof in some other movie i think, I’ll see if I can find it and watch it sometime.

  39. Kaos |

    BB gun w/ u all the time?

  40. Elaine |

    I also had experience being forbidden while took my own photo in a restaurant…I don’t know what is the main reason. I only want to make some memory while together with my family… Now I know that it happens anywhere.

  41. Nasser |

    lol! Those days are long gone :p

    Yeah, some places are very strict about taking pictures, its just no fun.

  42. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Yeah I hate that.. Once we were in Bait at Sadu and they were like no pictures?!! WHY???

    Not to mention also the people who stare!

    LoooL at the tissue funny video!

  43. M. J. Kout |

    Our Guardian of the freej Black 3itwy Bo Smakh the Great has forbidden us to take his pictures, better not give your address to anyone or he will move to take over your territory and eat your cat… i suspect that he is a starving Jaguar not a normal street cat.

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