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5 Things – A Summer Tag

I honestly believe tags are the perfect excuse for not posting regularly, they pop up out of no where and when you have nothing better to say, just do a tag!

I was tagged by Amethyst, who was tagged by F. who was.. okay I don’t want to go that far back. Anyway, without further ado here is the tag.

I will always wear…
…underwear, how can anyone not? Okay you don’t have to answer that. Seriously.
I will never wear…
…women’s clothing, or spandex. I don’t think I’d look good in either.
My bad-clothes-day advice…
…No comment. (This is an EXTREME female question.. I’m not going to answer it or consider an answer for it.)
I know I look great when…
…all the ladies are lookin this way.
Smart travel tip…
…don’t assume, and always check the weather before you go.
To me summer means…
…hot weather. The time when it meant relaxation is over, vacations are better during the winter anyway.

And with that I conclude this tag. Yes, a lot of what is up there is sarcastic, if you can’t already tell :p

Now, I’m going to tag Kaos, suspic, and Zed. They’re all guys, and I’m sure they will have very interesting answers.

P.S. If you’d like to look at previous tags, you can read my 6 Things, 7 Things, and 8 Things.

P.S.S. If you haven’t already voted, please take the time to vote on the poll on the right thank you!

P.S.S.S. I’m leaving to Dubai tomorrow with family for a few days, so I won’t be around. I’ll see you guys when I get back enshalla.

22 Responses to “5 Things – A Summer Tag”

  1. suspic |


    Do tell on how you discovered your dislike of wearing women’s clothing? =O

    p.s. tro7 witrid bilslama.

  2. Harlow |

    Trou7 w itrid bil salama :D

  3. joud |

    tried to vote but it’s not clickable

    u can ut me down for all the time :)

  4. Amethyst |

    I’d love to see you in spandex. The laugh of my life;p


  5. Navy Girl |

    first of all whats with the “spandex” ??? you cracked me up reading it wala lol :D i even pictured you trying on women clothes lol :D well , you brought it up :P

    and summer means HELL IN KUWAIT ! ;P

    wish you have fun in Dubai , oo inshala you will find a Taxi lol ;P you will know what i mean when you get there .. especially in City Center :P

    tro7 oo trd belsalamaa bro :)

  6. grey |

    Sometimes going commando is the best thing to do in summer..

    say no to undies.

  7. Cant.Tag.This |

    And how often you know you look great ? ;b

    and thank you for sharing with us the info about you wearing underwear LOL !

    ” womens clothing ” !? so you never wear pinks or reds or purples ? like ..never..ever ! :I

    Dubai the k.a lill India ? :) you actually want to spend your vacation & money there ? but why ? :I

  8. Sarah |

    Enjoy ur holiday Nassoori!!!

  9. Mrm |

    how the hell did u turn ur posts into arabic? i want answers now!

  10. enchanteurs |

    awww i cant comment on the underwear thing?!:P

  11. Marzouq |

    loool! pretty funny..

    enjoy the vacation..

  12. Ruby Woo |

    Are you sure you won’t look good in spandex? I think you do, so give ‘em a try will ya?

  13. Ruby Redux |

    If you like tags so much, do mine. It’s a 25 secrets tag.

    Bonne Voyage!

  14. Elaine |

    Playing with tag is fun.

  15. Zahra |

    Checking the weather doesn’t always work for me :( Have a fab time in Dubai!

  16. KJ |

    LOOOL @ women’s stuff hahaha

    try to enjoy Dubai’s week-long dust storm

  17. Ri |

    Nasser darling, you are totally adorable.

    And yes, you should try going commando sometimes.

    It’s exciting.

  18. Laialy_q8 |

    etroo7 o etrid bisalamah

  19. fashionated |

    lol bada3t

    etroo7 o etred bel salama enjoy dubai :)

  20. eshda3wa |

    im not a fan of tags

    enjoy dubai !

    belsalamah inshallah

  21. Balqees |

    can i answer the underwear Q ??
    well i’m gonna answer ir anyway :P
    first of all girls don’t wear underwear coz i thik in some way they think its sexy when they say to a guy *in a sexy voice* “i’m not wearing any underwear” :P
    and guys .. well 3ad meshklah if they don’t wear underwear and u know why :P lol

    i had to answer that, just to make things clear for ppl :P

  22. Nasser |

    I had a dream I wore some, It was bad, very bad! :l
    Allah esalmek.

    Allah esalmech.

    Yeah, I think its something to do with your ISP:l

    It would be, and I would never, so sadly you won’t have the laugh of your life. :p Allah esalmech.

    Navy girl,
    lol, I hope you had fun imagining things ;p Thanks a lot, and Allah esalmech. Eh tewahagna bil City Center! We just went to the Hotel next to it and got a taxi from there :p

    lol! Thats brutal..

    You’re an MC Now? MC hammer ba3d? :p I look great almost always ;p Your welcome about the sharing and no thanks for women clothing. It just doesn’t work! I was going to escort some family.. thats all! It wasn’t that great, but it was okay.

    Thanks sweetie! :D

    A little plugin I cooked up! :p I will share next time.

    Of course you can, I wasn’t serious about the you can’t comment or ask about it ;p

    Thanks, it was alright!

    Ruby Woo,
    Yeah, I’m preeeeeeeeeetty sure!

    Ruby Redux,
    I think I’ll take you up on that! Thank a lot.

    It is! You can also get to know a lot more about the person through tags (I think that was the original idea).

    Yeah, it doesn’t always work.. but it is worth the shot I believe. Thanks a lot!! :)

    lol, thanks man, the weather wasn’t great at all;/

    You think I should try? Hmm, I probably won’t though, unless I’m wearing a swimming suit.. (stating the obvious..) What do you mean by exciting?

    Allah esalmech! :D

    Allah esalmech thanks!

    Yeah, I noticed you’re not a big fan, thats okay your posts are usually more interesting than tags ;p Allah esalmech thanks!

    loooool! Thanks for answering the underwear question? That does make it very, very clear ;p

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