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Where would my Jacket be now?

A little more than 10 years ago I lost a jacket in Lebanon. I loved that jacket and it meant a lot to me since my Mother had bought it for me. I don’t know why I remembered it yesterday, but I was thinking about where my jacket is right now? What is its fate?

I am getting visual images of it, probably piled up with some other trash in a large area. If it has been disposed of in a landfill it is probably in the dark, or maybe being eaten by some sort of animal on the lower end of the food chain.

Maybe someone had found it, and has given it to a friend and is wearing it right this minute. It could be stowed away in a closet too, someplace foreign, distant.

It could be lost at sea, at the depths of the ocean collecting algae. Maybe floating around, from ocean to ocean, the blue and orange jacket.

Or maybe it got burnt somehow, in a trash can, a burning house, or even lit and discarded to disintegrate from this world.

It might have travelled, from city to city, and is now in a strange land with people who speak a much different language than we do. Where could my jacket be now? My blue and orange jacket?

Come to think of it, I have lost quite a few things, some are mostly forgotten. Others, where would they be now? What life would the be living and what fate would they be having?

I’m not sure why I’m feeling quite sentimental right now, but we all lose things, they do not simply disappear from existence, but they are out there, somewhere.

35 Responses to “Where would my Jacket be now?”

  1. Hamitaf La Bookay |

    I lost my highschool ring three years ago… I still think about it!! :(

  2. Very.Q8ya |

    I “forgot” my mother’s ring in a hotel in Dubai last summer =/

  3. falantan |

    Oh you mean THIS jacket?? ;)

  4. fashionated |

    a sports jacket? i saw it on lbc the other day! u want the guy’s contact info? :P

  5. Chirp |

    I know i hate losing things I got from my mother. Bas I usually forget, bas not that u reminded me, i dropped my moms ring in the sink 10 years ago too :’(

  6. chikapappi |

    toooo far with the thinking :) bas I too hate losing something I like

  7. Sarah |

    in London i lost the golden bracelet my mum gave me when i was 16 years old… And then i lost a pair of earrings she gave me last year… im no good with jewels!!! :(

  8. Zed |

    what if your phone had a soul, it would listen to all your conversations, good, bad, ugly, funny, sad, private, sexual, loud, low……

    would it judge you? think about it

    watch final cut, starring robbin williams, its about the how in the furture they plant a chip in your brain which records every move yo make, through your eyes

    and when you person dies, someguy filters all the video feed, to delete all the fucked up things you did

  9. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    looooool too much thinking but it happens..

    You know, sometimes when I look at people in the streets, I wonder what each one is thinking at the moment.. and what their life is like/ are they married/ are they happy with themselves or just smiling on the outside..

  10. Ri |

    Your jacket met a pretty cardigan one day on the clothesline. They held sleeves for a long time and flapped about in the wind. They decided that they went together beautifully and decided to spend the rest of their shelf lives together. They are now happily living in a large walk-in closet with their five little vests and camisoles.

    Don’t you just love happy endings? <3

  11. Almost There |

    Or perhaps it was set on fire, with the person who was wearing it, by some missile in one of the attacks on one of the areas.
    Perhaps the person was sixteen years old and he was going to fetch his young sister from her friend’s house.
    Or maybe he just was going to a girlfriend and had the pockets stashed with condoms.

    Just thought I’d be a gruesome bitch for a bit .. Nice post!

  12. soul |

    She got married to a Gab pullover and had 5 little hoodies in a closet somewhere. Bs maskeena she got buttons cancer, cuz her owner smokes too much. But that didn’t kill her, she died at age 38 poisoned with clorox. They burried her in a trash and then recycled her to make lingerie..

  13. soul |

    Ri @@ when i finished my comment i saw yours! Lol same imagination bs the ending is different ;p

  14. EniGma |

    u weirdo

  15. Amethyst |

    LOL @ Almost There! You’re always a gruesome bitch!

    Anyways, jacket isn’t yours anymore, so forget it;p

  16. shoosha |

    i think that way too :P
    i lost my camera in mexico last summer :P wondering what people are doing w/ it, and not to mention what they did with my pics ;p

  17. eshda3wa |

    its gone and it aint never coming back!

  18. Cat |

    I can only blame ur imagination!!

  19. Marzouq |

    I rarely lose items of clothing.. one item I might lose is socks.. and thats about it!

    Don’t worry about the jacket.. its probably doing its own thing! lol

  20. Shaymaa |

    Some things in life are never meant to be ours, even if they are given to us for some time.

  21. FourMe |

    You have a very active imagination.

  22. Nasser |

    Hamitaf La Bookay,
    Ouch, come to think of it.. I need to find out where my HS ring is!

    Ouch! ;l

    lol, you see how fate bring things to their rightful owners, now hand it over!

    lol, sure you still have it? :p

    ouch, in the sink! Hmm, I’m sure it should be able to be retrieved..

    there’s nothing too far ;p

    Well, you should be more careful next time :p

    Tell me about it! Weird ideas like that cross my mind all the time. I’ll try to get that movie.. sounds very interesting!

    lol do you also have conversations with them in your mind? :p I do that too lol..

    I do love them, that was beautiful <3 much!

    Almost There,
    Yeah, the thing is gruesome but none the less could be true! Thanks!

    hmm, so the jacket had an affair with a Gap pullover and a cardigan? ;P lol! a7la shay recycled to make lingerie!

    ;o and I thought you’d appreciate this sort of thing!

    lol, the story isn’t about it being lost, it is about the fate of it, but only one person so far has mentioned fates of the jacket, the “gruesome bitch” lol! Others chose fantasy tales or a tale of a lost item ;p fascinating!

    lol! Yeah… hmm wow with a camera the story could really be interesting ba3d!

    Nope, never!

    lol! Blame it for what exactly?

    Mashallah haha, socks! Yeah, it probably is doin its own thing I like Ri’s and Soul’s versions lol.

    Very very true. That applies to people as well.

    Thank you, it would do much if it was inactive either ;P

  23. suspic |

    It probably got in an alley and got raped violently by coat hangers.

  24. Kaileena |

    I have this feeling sometimes, mostly about my stolen was my first one..sob..
    Back when I was in the first grade, I would imagine this huge golden baige place, like the inside of a city’s water tank but limitless in width and length, and all my stuff would be piled in there lol!

  25. Nicole |

    Interesting idea :)
    I bet someone is still wearing it somewhere :)!

  26. Shoush |

    Maybe a poor old man found it on the street laying around and gave it to his cute little nephew on his birthday and that boy fell madly in love with it and it became his favorite jacket he ever owned. :)

  27. KJ |

    I wish I can know where my brain is

  28. Nasser |


    lol! That would be wonderful. I don’t know if you remember Uncle Scrooge from Ducktales I loved the vault! He would jump and swim in all that cash! :p If it was personal items it would be the same idea lol.

    Welcome and yeah I think so too!

    That is a super wonderful story, I hope that is the true case! :)

    Did you forget it somewhere? Moogle stoles it! It’s preeciiouusss.

  29. Navy Girl |

    hate losing things … well inshala your jacket is okay though ;P

  30. joud |

    i wonder what became of my lovely black coat, it was stolen from the coat room at a friend’s party during my junior year . i loved it :/

  31. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    enshalla ;p

    Ouch, well if it is stolen, hope its in good hands now! :l

  32. Angelo |

    Let’s just hope that somebody didn’t take it and kinda preformed some voodoo shit on it or something.

  33. ammaro |

    i lost a wallet with 4 dinars in it when i was 10. im still angry.

  34. Nasser |

    lol! Hope not..

    I’m guessing probably some kids took it!

  35. Mai |

    LOL ammaro :D

    I lost my Fendi Watch :( lail7eeen I miss it ! It was a gift from my dear mom :( w kant mufaj2a mnha, knt mayta 3laiha ayam il hbal awal manzalt ;/

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