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What’s in your Car?

Pandoras box Shayouma gave me an Idea a while back while suggesting I should have an extra dishdasha in my car. Today for example I learned that I should keep some money in the car because I forgot my wallet at home, and there was no way I was going to go and get it because there wasn’t enough time.

I’ll update the list below according to what you all contribute.

What do you think would be a good item that is useful in an emergency to have in your car?

  • An Emergency Money stash.
  • Tide To-Go.
  • An Extra ID Card
  • Emergency Contact list
  • An extra charged mobile phone with a spare chip
  • Drinking Water
  • Gum
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Extra pair of clothes (Jeans and a T-shirt)
  • Shoes and socks
  • A light Blanket
  • Front window shade
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mobile Chargers
  • Media; CDs, DVDs, MP3 Players, Magazines, Pens, Papers
  • A Camera (Unless you have a good phone camera)
  • An umbrella
  • A portable chair
  • Girly Stuff
    • Moisturizer
    • Make-up Kit
    • Hair Brush
    • Pins (Hair, Cloth, Safety)
  • Glasses cleaner cloth
  • Lens Solution
  • Perfume
  • Wet Wipes (Dettol/Scented)
  • Antibacterial Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex
  • Torch/Flash light
  • Plastic bag and Disposable Garbage bags
  • Jumper Cables
  • Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Pliers
  • Mechanix Gloves
  • A weapon for self defense (Not sure about weapon carrying laws here)

What else?

64 Responses to “What’s in your Car?”

  1. Cat |

    Extra shoes
    Extra hair band
    Hair brush
    First aid kit
    Mobile charger
    Plastic bag
    Thats wat come on my mind .. :)

  2. suspic |

    A spare tire! :D

    - Most girls put perfume in the car not to mention the ones in their purses, why I don’t know..but it seems like a must when they park near Sog Elsimach at Sharq. Zbaidi odor doesn’t exactly say “luscious”.

    - Most guys have a spare pack of cigs.

    - I keep a bottle of water even if it’s boiling hot. You do not want to choke on crackers whilst driving!

    - Keep change in the ashtray for parking lots.

    - I should stop..

    - Or should I?!

  3. Cat |

    Where is my comment ?!

    I’ll post it again ..

    Extra shoes
    Extra hair band
    Hair brush
    Firts aid kit
    Mobile charger
    Plastic bag
    and maybe a gun

  4. Marzouq |

    Mp3 player
    Jumper Cables
    Other types of chargers…
    I think thats about it

  5. Swair |

    Definitely a gun. Just in case somebody’s choking on crackers and they don’t have water. You know, mercy killing, getting them out of their misery.

    BTW, I want your car! That’s the car I want! (I don’t care if you bought your car first and I’m still SAVING for a car) Qalad! :p

  6. This Lady |

    HANDBAG.. that’s why we carry them :pP

    Keep a spare toiletry bag in ur car, contents:

    small perfume (30 ml)
    spare change
    some ID cards for identification (License, civil ID, gym membership, etc)
    moisturizer maybe?

  7. suspic |

    Trust me if you saw the veins popping out of my red teary eyes you’d shoot yourself, pitiful minds cannot withstand such beauty!

    And for the Kuwaiti mortal combat guys, always keep a 3ajra!

    Perhaps a coloring book if you’re transporting retards? Make sure they don’t eat the crayons though.

  8. 'GreY' |

    I forgot my wallet once at the gas station , lucky me my uncle was nearby so he rescued me ! now i keep money in my car all the time !

  9. Mrm |

    what happened to spontaneity and living on the edge?? take NOTHING!

  10. Laialy_q8 |

    a lot of people already covered the things i thought you should have, so i’ll save you some time and not write any :)

  11. princess |

    hmmm gum, perfum, shoes, kleenix, make up wipes , advil

  12. N. |

    A spare tire sure sounds like a great idea. We do not condone smoking, so that’s a no no. If you think of something else add it sure!

    Fixed your comment thing ;) A gun? LOL! I like that. Plastic bag, I’m thinking for garbage?

    These are great! You meant phone chargers right. Mechanix Gloves now thats a good one!

    lol, Oh boy. I think my hitman tendencies have rubbed off on you :p Swair, chill! hehe. You want my car now? :/ If you are willing to make an appealing trade I’ll go for it, whats your offer ;p Besides, weren’t you get a red hummer? :p

    This Lady,
    Handbag, you mean an extra one? lol. Thats a very girly suggestion. Not saying its a bad thing.. but you know.. I’m kidding I’ll put it up there :p

    3ajra, wouldn’t the gun do? Coloring book, yes I agree. They would eat the crayons or stuff them up their noses homer style haha.

    Tell me about it! I should keep some money in there pronto!

    lol, I’m guessing you’d like to add to that driving naked?

    Thank you for your contribution, yes a fun person would be a plus to have in your car :D

    Gum! Yes, that’s always a good thing. Wet wipes, advil, bs yekhtereb bel shams :/

  13. princess |

    ee gum!! and umm il make up wipes wil advil ib dirg il sayara, aish 3alaihum min il shams *confused*

  14. N. |

    wipes would dry up, but thats ok. advil i dunno.. it should be stores in a room temperature wella yekhtereb mo el shams per se.. the heat!

  15. Enigma |

    These are some of the things I keep in my car..

    -Perfume samples
    -Dettol wipes
    -Nice smelling wipes
    -Hand sanitizer
    -Chargers (Sony Ericsson, Nokia, iPod)
    -money (at least a couple of KD’s)
    -hair clips
    -chewing gum
    -first aid kit (it came with the car)
    -pen and paper
    -safety pins (which i forgot and just left them there)
    -a little makeup kit (when its colder)
    -contact lenses (only in the winter)

    there’s more..

  16. Enigma |

    advil should not be left in the car ;/ i carry that in my handbag and yeah, wipes dry out akher shay

  17. N. |

    Wise words dear EniGma I’ll add most of this stuff, now it has to be categorized into male/female items. :/

  18. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Front glass shade
    Car leather seats wet wipes
    Phone charger
    ipod charger & wala3a connector

  19. N. |

    Thanks, yep front glass shades and Zbala are important!

  20. SweetD |

    I definitly keep money..becuz I tend to forget to get i have emergency money…I take things out my car and put stuff in all the time..since it’s winter I always try to keep a coat or anything else I can use to make me really depends what kind of life style you have..If you spend the majority of your time outside the house and you live quite a distant…( to me thats like qrain:P or mangaf:P) then you should keep items like clothing, shoes etc…how can you keep food in Kuwait in such weather? well when it’s cold you can…I hope my comment makes sense…very interesting topic…I like CLEAN my ToNy (L)

  21. N. |

    You named your car? I think you talked about it before if I remember right hehe. Yes those are important, lazem wintery things. I have an umbrella that I never take out of the car! :D

  22. princess |

    fine, *takes advil out of the car*

  23. N. |

    3afiya 3al sha6ra :p

  24. Sarah |


    you should definitely keep a hairbrush and some hair pins in ur car!!! and don’t forget the make-up bag, u never know… ;D

  25. N. |

    lol of course, who knows what the girls will need when they get in the car! :p

  26. |

    oh this is a fun topic. i ALWAYS make sure there’s a few dinars in my car glovebox at least, just incase you somehow run out of gas and don’t have your wallet around. Or need food. Or whatever.

    I always keep a toolbox, jumper cables etc in the back, I guess i’m just sort of technically inclined.

    Tissues; have to always be there. Especially if you like eating in your car :p

    A SPARE PHONE WITH A CHIP. because you end up forgetting yours sometimes and you need to make an urgent call (not relevant if your car already has a carphone.

    Mobile charger.

    everything else is not really that necessary, even in the case of an emergency. hehe, you said water, gum, spare clothes, etc… loool… dude, you need that if youre going into the wilderness or something, not for your every day situation :p

  27. chika |

    I think a knife is good to be there for girls >:)

  28. ZuZu |

    kel hatha bet7e6a bel car? ;/

  29. Very.Q8ya |

    a weapon?@@ 7asha daash Miami =]

    for me I dont carry any of what you have mentioned, I only carry a-3abaya for an emergency 3azza =]

  30. Amethyst |

    Shda3wa? I would never consider half of what’s on there;p

    A book:)

  31. N. |

    A spare phone is a very smart idea. True you may not really need everything on the list. lol, some of that stuff will come in very handy.

    knife? like a weapon you mean? already covered!

    la mo kela! just what you need from it.

    Yeah, you never know a wild cat might jump you, you might find a stray dog in your lawn, or a3otho bellah ya3ne you never know! El wa7ed must be prepared for anything :p 3abaya is good too.

    lol, It’s a checklist, its not all necessary.

  32. Navy Girl |

    though i dont have that much of space in my car .. its more like a tiny room :D
    you can name it and its there !
    almost all of the above with some extra stuff .. i mean i got also a nail clipper , knife ( protection purpose ) :P , a pillow got it stashed right behind my seat , panadol , my book , my coffee mug , some makeup thrown up , umm and the list go on you know ! :D

  33. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Ya enty! You’re ready to roll!! :p

  34. Navy Girl |

    sure baby !! READY TO ROCK N’ ROLL ! :D anytime !! check this out .. once elstreet was frigging stuck ooo it was like 6 something in the morning ooo ana el7lwa didnt sleep a bit !! soo i got my pillow oo stick back right under my head oo drived half asleep ! :D LOL !!! :D it was fun :/

  35. N. |

    Laaaaaa mo ma3qool! ;/ kha6er! You shouldn’t do that. o Lol! chan enseda7ty ba3d mara wa7da!!! :p

  36. Navy Girl |

    wala el3`6eeeeeeem :D well my pillow aint that big .. besides .. i was half asleep :P

    once i did fall asleep for about a minute or sooo wala !!! i was sooo sick oo tired ! mom called me ooo she woke me up !! jenaa 7asa she was like UR OKAY ?? lol i was scared like hell .. turn the music 7ada on 3shan wont sleep !!

    lemme guess .. your working again ? :P

  37. N. |

    lol I know the feeling saratly, I open the window, put the music, o start dancing to stay awake hahahaha.. retarded :P

    La la I’m at home, going to get ready for toastmasters thingie :p

  38. Navy Girl |

    meno e7na ? you know nothing !! i know someone who slept for so long oo had an accident !! now she is the retarded one LOL !!

    toastmasters wow ! :P

  39. N. |

    meno e7na meno! lol yeah she is, my cousin did that in US poor guy kan emsafer ;/ mo shay kelesh walla. Wow ha? 7ayach!

  40. asoom |

    well I don’t know about emergency but the class schedule on my gym sits on my passenger seat, you never know when I’m in the mood to pop in there!

  41. Navy Girl |

    kelsh mo shy :D

    allah yay i’m coming over yalla wait lemme change ;P

  42. N. |

    lool! eeeh 7ayach anyone is welcome.. swair and chika have been inviting everyone ma khalaw a7ad they didn’t invite, its interesting o fun o it really helps those who need help
    o amazing experience ;D

  43. Navy Girl |

    no one told me :( moby aroo7 uninivted :P

  44. N. |

    I’m telling you :l lol.. o they always post on their blog asking everyone to come! :p you can come tonight if you want, or you can in 2 weeks there’s gona be another meeting come to that one.. i need to go get ready excuse me :D

  45. Navy Girl |

    thanks inshalla i’ll see next week :)

    looooooooooooooooooool ahem .. yep .. you go break a leg ;P

  46. N. |

    Enshalla! :D Thanks! Adios ;p

  47. fadidra |

    Money (no serial #)
    Extra shoes
    Extra hair band
    Extra jeans
    Blond Wig
    Firts aid kit + knife (how knows)
    Mobile charger
    Disposable Plastic bag
    Check list

    Done 1 to go ..

  48. fadidra |

    done !

  49. N. |

    pardon that your comment has been spammed so i fixed it! blond wig, untraceable money, and a gun.. oh something going down here!

  50. fadidra |

    mohahaha >;p

  51. KJ |

    Funny, I have most of them in my car, lol, except the girl stuff is in my sister’s purse!

  52. N. |

    lol! :p

    lol! Good job man! Time for me to get started with some of these!

  53. :::Shayouma:: |

    Hmm, I need a blanket, a pillow, a book, mp3 player, extra diabetic kit, first aid kit, hand cream, notebook, pen, some chocolates lol, money, an extra mobile, kleenex..

  54. Joel |

    The extra id card thing is interesting! I’ll try to apply one(hope the government gives it!)

    Screw drivers are a better tool for self defense! They are ammunition-less and better than a gun with silencer! :)

  55. N. |

    lol chocolates! I See :P

    I don’t think the govt will give you an extra ID card! You’d probably have to make a photocopy of it, or get an ID from another source.

  56. :::Shayouma:: |

    well lol in kuwait they are just gonna melt most of the time but here, mostly freezes so it’s fine !!!!

  57. Ra7aLaH |

    CANT LIVE WITHOUT MY Targus Dc to Ac adapter!

  58. N. |

    Hehe yeah I was wondering about that, good thing you’re in a cool place! :D

    what do you use it for, and you u use it in the car?

  59. palo-girl |

    lol :P
    thats a very useful post :)

    except. ermm.. uve got to be a very organized person to do all that

  60. pearls |

    diapers for my baby and rubbish bags to throw diapers away

  61. Ra7aLaH |

    plug it in and charge everything on the go! mobile, laptop, camera..etc.

  62. N. |

    You don’t have to be that organized, just grab a bag, and stuff the stuff you need in it and throw it in the car o forget about them until you need it.

    oh baby items! yes these are very very important. So there should also be a little baby emergency kit as well!

    that seems like a very useful device!

  63. Shaymaa |

    wow, everyone seems to have listed it all.. I would add in a small kit with a tiny toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, and a paper with emergency contact numbers (God forbid something happens). Oh and a pair of clean comfy socks! lol.

  64. N. |

    Welcome! These are great ideas too, I wonder if it would be OK to store the toothpaste in the car for long periods of time. I’ll add them! :)

Reserved, going to add something here later.