Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice GuyWhen pursuing a relationship, it has been said that nice guys end up with nothing. They mostly end up being friends rather than having a relationship with the person they are interested in.

Nice guys finish last.

The original quote was related to a baseball game, however in terms of a relationship, what’s your take on it? True? False? Why?

50 Responses to “Nice Guys Finish Last”

  1. Kaos |

    I always thought that saying was related to orgasm, but interesting point. I don’t think it is the case but I like the thought process. I just like to think of relationship related matters as a spider web of misschiff in the middle of a dark place, yep conservative background :). You get who you want if you really want them, they do want to feel that you actualy want them.

  2. chikapappi |

    That applies to girls :$ – Life’s funny when the quiet ones get crap while those who are sinful have it all..

  3. asoom |

    everyone has their naseeb!

    Some girls prefer the nice guys!

  4. Ri |

    Totally true.

    It works both ways though. In general, nice people finish last. Not only are they not exciting enough for the opposite sex to be attracted to, but they usually end up getting taken for granted, doormatted, used, trampled on and easily dismissed.

    PS: It must be noted that by ‘nice’, I mean ‘nice’, the opposite of ‘evil/hateful’. You can be ‘sinful/bad’ and still be ‘nice’.

    You know?

  5. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Some women prefer nice men to build a strong friend/relationship, those stick around. Like wood logs take longer to build a fire but once it does lasts long & strong.

  6. 'GreY' |

    Shorter version ! Hmmm

    Anyhooo ! Not true ! In the long run nice guys always finish first , though initial stages ‘it may seem’ bad guys got the best !

  7. Chirp |

    Not true.

  8. eshda3wa |

    so r u telling guys to be mean?

  9. Very.Q8ya |

    Its a myth :p

  10. blue dress |

    I agree with VQ! Myth!

  11. Amethyst |

    No, they don’t. If that were true, how come I can’t find a nice guy? They are all already “finished”.

  12. KJ |

    Kinda true… most of my potential girlfriends ended up being good friends. Sigh.

    I even willingly said no to a relationship because I would be unable to make her happy at that time. How thoughtful of me :P

  13. joud |

    it depends – are these nice guys good looking ;)

  14. |

    well, its not just a truth of relationships anymore, its actually a truth of life. when youre nice and all, youre vulnerable, and people will take advantage. a lot of mean tough people out there, and if you be nice, you will get suffer sooner or later.

    just be careful, i say, and dont let your guard down until youre really sure. i used to be the nicest person around till i got screwed around a few times (not relationship wise, i mean in life in general), and that toughened me up.

    people aint so nice anymore.

  15. This Lady Says |

    Nice girls finish last. Unfortunately.

  16. N. |

    lol! I don’t you can get who you want, by just wanting them so much… it doesn’t work that way!

    So you’re saying both nice guys and bad/evil guys like bad girls, and no one wants the nice girls? :(

    True! We can’t argue with that.. but what people want, is not necessarily what they get. Who are these girls, and where are there. I know a lot of nice guys who are in misery and have lost hope!

    You’re right about that. Sinful/bad can be nice too, I get that. Very interesting way you put it though.

    I like the comparison. Burn.. yes, men, burn. You are evil.

    Yep! You read the longer version? I didn’t want to add my opinion from the beginning. True! In the looooooong run you’re right.

    I don’t think so either. Definitely.

    No, I’m not. But a lot of guys, and well girls too, seem to think this is the case! I hope they don’t believe it absolutely, cause I don’t think it is true.

    Very.Q8ya, blue dress
    Oh really? All women in general say they prefer nice guys, but in the end.. they just dump them, and leave them for someone else :p

    Are you saying all the nice guys “are finished”? khalesow? mako ghairhom? I’m know there are some! :p

    Ouch, very thoughtful.. I don’t think that’s being “nice” though :p How about now? Able to make her happy? Go for it!

    Yes they are ;P

    It does apply to life in general, but being nice here is mostly referred to as being weak (I like to call it that anyway..) and yea it always seems to take a few beatings to actually shape up and learn something! Been there.. hehe.

    This Lady Says,
    They do too! :/ I think they should get together with the nice guys and run up ahead!

  17. Laialy_q8 |

    Not true
    Relationships can be spontaneous
    Don’t they say: Love is blind … thus it wouldn’t matter whether the guy was naughty or nice

  18. Amethyst |

    Well, the ones I’ve met are either takenor too nice;p Hook me up;p

  19. Noufa |

    Nice isn’t “in” anymore! people perceive nice people as “dumb” and easily “fooled”

  20. 1001 Nights |

    I think when it comes to choosing husband or wife people tend to be attracted to the person that confirms his or her own belief in himself or herself. For example women who have no confidence and who think that they are worthless will find men that beat them or verbally abuse them very attractive. The men confirm these womens lack of belief in themselves. On the other hand confident women who think theyre beautiful and decent will be attracted to guys who treat them like princesses. These men would confirm these womens belief in themselves. I definitely dont think theres a rule that dictates that nice guys are unwanted.

  21. shoosha |

    they can come to me itha ma3indihum a7ad :P i dont mind

  22. Blueberri |

    Well it sure feels like it sometimes

  23. Vixen |

    yes i think so, but it goes both ways.

  24. Missy-TheOriginal |

    I think men are usually the ones who prefer physical appeal over being ‘nice’.

    Can I be very honest here?

    When you say ‘being nice’ it’s very vague. Personally I don’t think you should be overly nice. No matter how good people are they will take you lightly if you’re too nice and if you’re in a relationship it will take out the passion.

    When you’re dealing with a relationship, you have to be smart on how to keep you and your partner satisfied. And in order to have a healthy relationship (at least in my opinion)you have to be assertive which means sometimes No ya3ni no and yes ya3ni yes, speak your mind and lay out CLEAR boundaries, it doesn’t mean you have to be mean- not at all, you can be sweet but I think it is best to step over excessive niceness and show confident attitude. He or she will respect you and your values and not to mention keep them attracted.

  25. Missy-TheOriginal |

    What I just said is usually kept silent but practiced by smart lovers and those are the ones that maintain a happy relationship. Be REEEEEEEEALLy nice, agree with whatever your partner wants and sacrifice and tell him you love him 10 times a day, and you’ll see him loving you for your kindness but not really for who you are.

  26. Marzouq |

    I think its true to a certain degree! Sometimes good intentions just isn’t enough, even if you want something it seems you have to be aggressive and tactful about it. I’m not saying about not being honest but you have to be skillful and try to get together with the person you want.

    In reality it isn’t all black and white, and a lot of girls say they want a normal guy but the guy they want in their imagination may not really be a nice guy but something slightly different.

  27. asoom |

    N, LOL, at this point in life I actually prefer the nice guys! It comes with maturity.

  28. AlleyCat |

    False. Treat others how you like to be treated… I think the saying refers to guys that are ‘too nice’… as in those with the best friend/doormat complex.. yes those guys or girls will finish last because they usually turn into the kind of people that will always say “whatever you want dear” ALL the friggin time… yet they are better than assholes.. :p

  29. Zed |

    i will explain it for you, why are nice guys nice?
    cause they are ugly, and the parents raise them to be nice to have some sort of advantage in life, for they will get nowhere without looks or a good attitdue.

    same goes for women, how come all the hot ones are bitches, and all the nice funny ones are fat and ugly.

    can i get an AMEN

  30. Intlxpatr |

    Nice guys finish happy, N.

    Nice guys/gals have lasting relationships, and are willing to do the hard work it takes to keep them going.

    Those who think otherwise are crashing and burning all over the divorce courts.

  31. Very.Q8ya |

    I’m sure a clever woman would never dump a nice guy. She either dumped him cause he cheated on her or he wasnt good enuff for her =]

  32. Ms Loala |

    It’s not just guys.
    A good person often ends up with a bad one and vice versa.
    Which basically means, be a bad person yourself until you get what you want :P

  33. Fayoora |

    A Nice guy Is nice to have ;P

  34. Joel Robinson |

    I was thinking hard on what to post on! It depends on whom you are having a relationship with. If it is some one understanding, it will be fine, but with someone who is ******…guess it will end up bad!


  35. Navy Girl |

    i dont think so .. i mean good or bad if they love each other, and understand each other they will end up together and just be happy … good guys definitely should not end up with nothing :D oh and the friendship thingy .. why end up friends ?? if they love each other?

  36. N. |

    It definitely can be spontaneous. Love isn’t blind, or else more people would be happy with what they have!

    Sure thing! Send me your contact info and the profile of the “nice guy” you want to meet, I’ll find you someone worthy :p

    They do, which is wrong in my opinion.

    1001 Nights,
    You’re very right. But here’s the problem, when people of both genders act different and not be themselves in order to behaviorally manipulate the other person! It causes a lot of problems!

    7aather, afa 3alech, send me your contact info and I’ll send them your way!

    It does doesn’t it, hopefully it only feels that way

    It probably does, which is even sadder :/

    Of course you can be fully honest! I’d expect nothing less! You’re right about showing a confident attitude. I think that is very important, and somewhat related to what I said before as the relation between being nice out of weakness, rather than out of a strong value!

    Missy (contd.),
    Out of kindness, and out of sympathy hurts 10 times more than having broken off the relationship!

    Trueee! You need skills, and it is needed (just the fact that we’re having this conversation here is a sign that we actually need this) Good points!

    True! It does come with maturity. I’m slowly getting there as well. Nice is good, it sure beats all the strategical love games and tests hehe.

    Sure they’re better, but they’d be practically get used, and unless they have this very submissive complex.. and get off of it, they wouldn’t last long :p

    lol! That is the most interesting point of view I have read, and you actually do have a point, even though I don’t agree 100% :p

    True about the happiness part. I do agree with the crash and burn theory. Now that I think about it, it does seem that way sometimes doesn’t it. These people do things to get what they want, and when they don’t want it anymore, or something goes wrong.. it is all over, isn’t it.. that is sad because some people only know life that way!

    You’re smart, and yes, a clever woman wouldn’t do that. It doesn’t look like there is a lot of clever women out there :p

    Ms Loala,
    LOL! be bad until you get what you want.. hmm.. seems like the perfect strategy in this day and age! :p

    Enty ely nice! :P

    Joel Robinson,
    Sure understanding is a big deal, but also there has to be a commitment to put in the effort or else it’ll just die out!

    Navy Girl,
    they end up friends because he’s being too nice, probably doesn’t want to hurt her.. or make any problems for her or something.. and just decides that he wants her best interest instead of actually being with her..

  37. Amethyst |

    Will do! Wait, no.. How do I know if worthy to you is worthy to me?! Oh, and you usually play matchmaker?

  38. N. |

    I’ll do the first screening. After I send you the info, you can pick who seems worthy for you! ;) No, I’m not usually a match maker, far from it!

  39. Touch |

    Ok, this is the scenario, a nice guy is someone who makes the girl comfortable and who always offers a shoulder to lean on and cry, who makes her feel good and comfortable. And by doing so, he just takes the wrong turn into the friendship zone and all of the sudden he is locked up.

    Being nice as he is, he shall not take some mean tactics to snatch the girl from someone bad “competitor” because he is a nice guy and is always there and taken for granted.

    To set the record, it’s more likely that nice girls finish last as well.

    Amen to Zed, interesting and funny perspective.

  40. Navy Girl |

    then he is not being too nice !! if he really loves her he would wanted her to be happy ..and if she loves him as well there would be nothing in this whole world that would make her happy but to be with him .. he need to step up and say it .. and stop being such a wuss :P

  41. N. |

    Exactly! That is how is happens, mostly.

    Navy Girl,
    I agree, he does need to step up and say it! Some people (guys and girls) doesn’t get that! ;p

  42. princess |

    hmmm i think at the begining thats true, cuz the not so nice guys sometimes have a certain allure or attraction but then u realise theyre ass (maybe :p) and then the nice guys r appreciated

  43. Zed |

    touche: thanks, i’d rather be the jerk that has fun now, and enjoys the moment than being the shoulder to cry on

    and all the women that claim nice guys have a chance, YOU LIE !!

  44. Navy Girl |

    laaa bs rejection is hard and it hurts !! people are just afraid of getting hurt .. but this is life ..

  45. N. |

    lol, thats a way to put it.

    Yeah, tell em!

    Navy Girl,
    Of course it is hard, still, that isn’t an excuse to not open up about those emotions. Doesn’t matter what happens, its better to just say it!

  46. Lone.Rangeress |

    Not necessarilly N.
    If it has been proven, statistically, that they do indeed finish last.. it’s only because the majority of the females are bad. Therefore, “i6iyoor 3ala ashkaaliha ta8a3″, meaning that all the bad guyz are taken. So, the nice and good guys are left, unfortunately cuz the nice nd good girls are a minority?

    Farait rasik?? :P ya it’s a bit confusing when u read the text, but it makes TOTAL sense in my mind;)

  47. palo-girl |

    not truuuee
    might be true for short-term relationships and flings
    but the real deal?
    nice guys are winners :)

  48. Angelo |

    Not necessary. They just suffer until they find somebody who loves them back and when that comes, they would be over 30.

  49. N. |

    Wow, I never heard a woman say that about other women. You really shed the light there on how it really goes down :p It does make total sense ;P

    They are.. ;P

    True it may take time, though a lot of nice guys give up on being nice, which isn’t a good thing :/

  50. Crystal |

    I agree with 1001 Nights.That’s what it all boils down to.Thanks 1001 Nights for sharing that with us.

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