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I need a Macbook Pro

Some of you may have seen the latest changes to the MacBook Pro. Since I have the older PPC PowerBook it seems only natural for me to update my laptop, add to that the constant nagging from some people I know *cough* Bojacob *cough* MJKout *cough*cough* G *cough*… excuse me.. seems like I caught something. Another huge reason for me to update is that PPC processors are outdates, most current applications only support Intel processors (especially work related applications in my case).

I went ahead and tried to order it from Apple but they refused my request stating that:

The Apple Store sells and ships products only within the continental
United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. No shipments can be made to APO or
FPO addresses, United States territories, or addresses outside the
United States. You may not export any products purchased at the Apple

And then they said something about…

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Inconvenience? Yeah, you bet! I’m currently looking for a solution to this dilemma. I would rather buy it from the U.S. since it is much cheaper, and would save me well over 150KD which is approximately 550USD! If anyone has a solution please let me know through the comments or you can get my e-mail from my blogger profile.

46 Responses to “I need a Macbook Pro”

  1. G |

    LOOOOL Ok ok i will help :)

  2. M. J. Kout |

    Get a student or a teacher in US to buy it for you its around $250 cheaper too

  3. Marzouq |

    Goodluck with that! :D

  4. Shaymaa |

    Ahh, I remember the “student discount”, use that and throw the 250 in for a DHL shipping!

  5. Sushi |

    Did you try shipping it to a US p.o box?

  6. Nasser |

    Thanks G, MJ, Marzouq!

    I’ll see if I can use that, somehow!

    It says on their website that they don’t ship to P.O Boxes

  7. Chirp |

    No Aramex account?

  8. falantan |

    N! hold on. I can get my brother in the US to buy you one for a huge discount coz he’s a student there. (in case you’re wondering, I’m your boss :P)

    This is the exact same way Bojacob got his, through my brother lol, he should start charging a 3omoola

  9. Bojacob |

    Falantan: Your bro has been adjusting us big time man.

    N.: I told you it’ll work!

  10. Nasser |

    They rejected my aramex account, seeing that it is a forwarding address!

    Thanks boss :p

    Yeah, after gettin on my case.. my PPC laptop is hurt.. very hurt!

  11. KJ |

    Call Aramex, have them open a PO BOX in their US offices. Ship the thing there and they’d ship it to you. Dunno if you’d be saving money but this is how everyone here in the UAE is getting stuff from the US.

  12. Laialy_q8 |

    Allah e3eenik

  13. Intlxpatr |

    N. . . great excuse for a short trip back to the US!

  14. Soul |

    HP mo zain?
    madri ma3arf eb halsowalef el ba6aleya ; /

  15. Glitter |

    Abiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

  16. ammaro |

    and thats why i hate apple. because they complicate EVERYTHING. bloody cash cows…

  17. Shaymaa |

    So now we know who to contact to get somethin somthin from Apple! -> falantan

  18. Kaileena |

    Happend to me more than once when I tried to purchase an Ipod from Apple store..shoof having an Aramex mailbox wouldn’t need to have a credit card from an american bank! Even though my internet card’s billing address is set in the US, it didn’t work. La and it took them 10 days to decline! Hmph! If you have a relative or a friend living in the US, that person’s your savior.

  19. Nasser |

    They don’t ship to PO BOX’s


    Ahh, I’d love that so much right now! Sadly its not so feasible!

    la mo zain! ;P

    You and me both!

    Bloody cash cows indeed.. I love their tech developers but hate their marketing and sales.

    Exactly… !

    That really sucks!

  20. EniGma |

    hmm they know about Aramex? Well then do it the way BoJacob did it!

  21. M. J. Kout |

    Don’t seem like a good idea … u know Bojacob has problems with the Law :P he has a mutated Macbook Pro with 14 screws missing

  22. Amethyst |

    I wouldn’t know;p

  23. Navy Girl |

    wala its a MAC trend now !! everyone is getting one !!! moby mac moby i’ll stick to sweet dell lol :D

  24. Touch |

    Ask them if they you can pick it up from their store and let them give you the pick up address and number. Then call FedEx and schedule a pick up delivery from USA to Kuwait and you’ll pay here.

    Though I think your problem has already been solved by your boss.

  25. Intlxpatr |

    Don Veto just got one – ask him how he did it!

  26. Jacqui |

    Didn’t think you were still on PPC Hehehehe but what I did was order one online using an American Account (I had one open in the states and it also helps that my sister studies there so I could wire her money and use her card) then had it shipped to my Aramex box. But here they take 5% of the amount you paid for the laptop as a customs fee.

  27. Dotsson |

    I had the same problem when I tried to order an iPod touch through the Apple website. Just order it from Amazon sometimes gives you better prices and the expedited shipping can get you your new gadget in a few days. Good luck.

  28. Nasser |

    I’m planning to do that enshalla

    lol, his laptop is disabled!

    thanks for thinking about it at least;p

    Navy Girl,
    lol! Stick to your sweet dell. Actually they’re doing well, they’re selling laptops now with linux installed by default ^_^

    I’ll ask him after if there are any problems with the solution my boss offered! :)

    Yeah, 7adi qadem! :p That seems very complicated but it might just work!

    Very nice, I’ll try amazon if all else fails!

  29. Navy Girl |

    laaaaaaaaaaaa not that linux thingy all over again !!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 7adkom you guys wana something unique!!!! y3ny 7arakt ! :P

  30. Vixen |

    that’s odd. my cousin ordered the macbook for me from apple, via aramex. But he used an american credit card i think. and talked to them on skype.

    have you tried amazon??

  31. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    lol! Sheno something unique? ;P Linux is for geeks..

    Oh, I guess sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, I don’t really know :/ I’ll try amazon, but I’ll see my other options first.

  32. M. J. Kout |

    OMG what will you do without the arabic text on the keyboard :P loool

  33. Nasser |

    Allah ekhali Yamli :p

  34. Loca in Kuwait |


    You can have whoever in the states buy it, and I have an APO which is serviced by the us postal service send it to my address. I promise not to keep it. Oh hi nice to meet you, hehe I have been a silent reader but no one should be without their Apple thats whats promted me to comment, you know the saying an Apple a day :0)

  35. Nasser |

    Thanks for that! Check your inbox! :)

  36. Loca in Kuwait |


    Your not Chang Lee or Natasha Ali with the Nigerian Olympic commitee are you? :0) Sorry nothing in my inbox from you.

  37. Nasser |

    lol, no I’m not, I sent it to the wrong e-mail address I’ll resend now.

  38. Nasser |

    I actually sent it to the right address (the one you’re using to comment). I’m not really Chang Lee, nor Natasha Ali.. lol! But regardless, check your spam/junk folder it could have mistakenly ended there. You’ll find an e-mail from “N.” Or send me an email and I’ll reply! :)

  39. Navy Girl |

    aint you a geek :P

  40. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    totally ;P

  41. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Me too I have the Powerbook and my brother like GET RID OF IT!!!

    I have the new iMac but I want to change my laptop..

  42. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Listen I ordered it last night through Amazon.. My brother says it’s cheaper i don’t know but he says you have to buy memory or something later on if you want as they don’t have all the options..

  43. Nasser |

    Did you order the newest models? Because those haven’t been sent to Amazon yet, it says “item not yet available” but you can pre-order it. The older models are still available though..

  44. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    yea I pre-ordered it!

  45. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    yea I pre-ordered it!

  46. Nasser |

    Oh okay, Mabrouk :D

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