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Are you a Multitasker?

Multitasker Only recently I posted about the relativity of time and how it makes us all feel very busy. I received quite a few comments about multitasking. In our current environment it is important, rather imperative and crucial that a person learn to do more than one thing at a time. Sometimes you can do one, two, three or more things however to truly reach the maximum potential you’d have to get creative!

Multitasking is usually attributed to people who are talking on the telephone and doing other things at the same time, such as reading, writing, typing, watching TV, or anything else while still being able to maintain a balanced conversation with the other person.

Another common multitasking activity is typing on the computer and talking to someone around you, or watching TV at the same time.

The question here is how can you be a creative multitasker? What do you usually do together at the same time? The idea here is to be creative!

52 Responses to “Are you a Multitasker?”

  1. chika |

    I am the mother of multi tasking because I lack attention anyways & get bored with things, so everything has to be done quickly!

  2. sws |

    I can multitask thats for sure and it is not complicated. Thinking about it, If i’m talking to someone whilst writing an email and on the phone, I have an on/off button, so when i’m writing the email i’m shutting off from everything around me and my complete fous is on the email… if I get interrupted, I shut off from email and focus on whatever’s got my other attention. If your not shutting off then you would just sound like you have A.D.D like this ” Haaa? ee … uhhhhhh… haaa?”

    If your creative then your creative in any setting, its like second skin.. even if your a quadruple tasker.

  3. princess |

    hmmm im a multi tasker, the worst multi tasking combo i have is, driving with my knees, a ciggerete in one hand, the phone in the other, while checking that my make up is fine, with the hand thats still holding the ciggerete, which sometimes means the ashes fall 3ala wayhi, it may not seem as successful multi tasking but it is that

  4. |

    believe it or not, it has been scientifically proved that on most things, multitasking is not very effective. if for example, chatting and talking on the phone at the same time, it might take you a minute to complete a conversation. but if you focused on each one by itself, you might finish each one in 20 seconds.

    well, of course that’s relative to how fast the conversation goes and so on. but anyway, you definately feel like you’re achieving more when you multitask, even if sometimes the reality is not that.

    i multitask best when im driving, talking on the phone, eating, changing the CD im listening to and waving to my friend in the next car at the same time.

  5. 'GreY' |

    I cant ! i mean if i do i end up doing everything half !

  6. meeemo |

    I think it all depends on the line of work you are in. In some cases multitasking could be effective but in most cases (i believe) it works against you.

    I’m a structured kind of guy so for the most part i like focusing on one thing before proceeding to the next .. In today’s time however it is almost impossible to do that .. so i learned how to multitask in my work and personal life ..

    funny story that freaked out the car driver next to me (i’ll never do this again, i now fully focus on the road, this was during my wild days :))
    Driving to a golf course and i’m running late (i needed to grab something to eat from the school’s cafeteria (all they had was rice with chicken i think ) so i’m on the road … calling the golf course telling them i might be late, while eating using a spoon with the plate on my lap! and changing gears since my car is manual !!

    Lets just say i still have some rice under the seat !

  7. Angelo |

    I’m not a big fan of multitasking and I wonder if there is such a thing as multitasker.

    Maybe painting a portrait in one hand and writing a poem in the other…

  8. MishMisha |

    i’m actually very good at multi-tasking (it’s not that hard to believe).. i can study, watch t.v and eat a pizza at the same time.. i’ve done it so many times it’s become quite the routine :)

  9. Chirp |

    I dont like to multi task, i’d rather focus on the task at hand and get it done quickly.

    Imagine these really busy people, talking on the phone, sending an email and working out all at the same time.

    I don’t know how people read and use the tread mill or eliptical at the same time.

  10. N. |

    What sort of things do you do at the same time?

    lol! I probably sound like have ADD. That happens to me quite a lot, especially while I’m on the phone and doing something I’m really into, most of the time I get into the “uhhhh huh? Yeahh… what?” stage. I’m not so good at doing that. Very true about the creative part, I don’t quite remember any creative multitasking, I do have some very vague ideas though.

    It might not be successful but it gets the job done right? hehe.

    Productivity drops doesn’t it? That could be the case, but there are things that don’t have to be done 100% right? I can’t say what exactly right now, but it can happen. Somehow driving seems to be the best multitasking environment!

    Yeah, but not everything has to be done 100% right?

    Eating with a spoon and driving, and talking on the cellphone? Now that is quite creative, and yeah we really need to pay attention while driving. You sometimes get so used to it, that you basically can do a complete activity (such as a very deep conversation while changing CDs and looking for something in the glove compartment) while driving!

    THAT is creative multitasking! Writing a poem and painting a portrait.. hmm very intriguing.

    I can’t do that, mashallah 3alech!

    How did you do that? I came up stairs to get my iPod ready for a friend who’s going to fill it up for me, I usually use it at the gym. I sat down and started thinking, “I need to do something while at the gym on the treadmill.” I then thought about reading and working the mill AND elliptical thinking of where I can put the book or if I am going to hold it! You’re psychic or something? :p Anyway I know exactly what you mean, I can barely multitask, but there are things (such as working the mill and watching a movie on my iPod) that we can do at the same time and hit two birds with one stone!

  11. princess |

    yes it does most of the time :p

  12. KJ |

    I dunno if I can multi task. If I am too concentrated on the road while parking for instance I have to turn off the radio! LoL… but usually while on the road I am in La La Land… which I think is multitasking.

    Typically, while driving, I listen to different sorts of music, anything from sleepy Enya to rock to war music from Hans Zimmer or Jason Hayes… and while listening and driving I make up these imaginary music videos for all the songs, which either involve people, events or even 3D animations and cartoons all of which I imagine up myself! I take note of them then later on I can write a poem or a story or have a dream about them lloll.

    Other than that I think, while reading a story, from the descriptions I come up with an idea for a photo.

  13. Outkasty |

    only If I’m doing things that I like 6ab3an

  14. Ra7aLaH |

    i can be a multitasker sometimes….to me it depends on the task i guess!

  15. Missy-TheOriginal |

    According to psychology and science, women by nature find it far more easier to multitask than men. Men can only concentrate fully on one thing at a time (but varies considerably from one male to another).

    I find it difficult to read or work on a writing piece when someone is around me. I like being left alone at some parts of the day in order for me to rejuvenate, but if I really have to do this then I’d suggest the following based on experience:

    1. paint toe nails & watch TV
    2. clean the room and listen to an audio-book
    3. deep diaphramatic breathing while reading or in social events
    4. foot exercizes at work while I type

    lol simple really and nothing creative.

  16. N. |

    good ;p

    That is cool! I still haven’t gone deep in your blog so I haven’t read some of that stuff, I hope you post it! :D If you can do animation too that would be really cool.

    Of course ;)

    It will have to depend on the task, what about some examples.

    Studies also show that women are worse drivers than men, honest there is a real study. It has to do with thinking in “width” rather than “length” i forgot the actual terms used :p I love the breathing exercise.. and the foot exercises :p

  17. eshda3wa |

    i multitask, but i wish sleep could be a part of it, like i would sleep and do something else at the same time :S

  18. N. |

    You could actually multitask while you sleep. Ever heard of Lucid Dreaming? :D Check it out! It takes time and practice but it is doable.

  19. Navy Girl |

    i can be creative alright ! Im proud to say that I can do more than one thing at a time ! at work or in real life .. at work you can see me working on some paper work , answering people questions , checking out certificates , writing reports , and checking out data from/into the computer ! I can do some stuff with my hands and thinking about some other stuff .. but sometimes it can be tough .. when I think that this thing need more concentration , I hold it all up and focus on that thing ..

  20. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Mashallah that’s very cool. So you can do all these things and keep your sanity, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

  21. Laialy_q8 |

    multitasking = overrated and not effective nor efficient

  22. desert-roses |

    hmm…I read once a book about differences between men and women (if you think of al regal mn almaree5 o el nesa2 mn el zahra, then you’re wrong :P), it says that men can’t do lot of things one time unlike women who can do many things at the same time…I read el scientifical reason but I don’t remember it.

    I do believe that women do it better than men generally….anyhow, to me I can do it, bs more attention will be paid for one of the two things I am doing…yet..when it comes to final results, I would make better results when I do them separately…I don’t think generaly ppl can do creative two things at the same time..ela if they were too smart or when they are in a certain level of unconsiousness.

  23. Chirp |

    N Sometimes I scared my self! :p I do think I am psychic, or psycho, its only a 2 letter difference :P *LOL*

  24. Noufa |

    Hahaha why do I find this post naughty?!
    Multitasking, huh? I think I could be good at it, who knows ;)

  25. N. |

    You think so ? :p I honestly think it depends on the type of multitasking.

    Yeah men are from mars women are from venus, you probably enjoy the fact that it has been proven that women can multitask better than men. :p About doing something creative sure, but I think that isn’t what I meant. I meant doing two or more things, in a creative way, not doing two or more creative things, there is a large difference here.

    lol! I prefer the psychic chirp over the psycho.. so careful with those 2 letters lol!

    lol! You tell me why its naughty? I don’t know! Have you tried multitasking, you should give it as shot! :p

  26. Vixen |

    I’m a designer, so I’m naturally creative even while chatting or eating heheheh :p

  27. Marzouq |

    I’m the only one I know that can dance and ride a motorcycle at the same time to Will Smith… top that!

  28. N. |

    Ya salaaam of course I’d expect nothing less from a pro designer ;p

  29. Vixen |

    marzouq: how about dancing on horseback :P ?

    n.: eee afaa 3aleek bas :P

  30. N. |

    lol I didn’t see that! hahaha! I can just imagine LOL!

  31. desert-roses |

    ah..and thats what i meant..sorry..I am used on it..always deliver the msg in a wrong way :P…I don’t use appropriate….I was scrolling the page down and I read…Studies also show that women are worse drivers than men…..shloan 6aftni hathi!!!!

    I think in some aspect women do it better, cuz despite the fact that our sight range is short but it is with in 180 degree, unlike men who have straight long sight range, thats why they say women star more than men but they can’t be caught because of their sight’s range…the scientific researches say it is due to the men skull structure,on the two side of mens’ skulls behind the eyes, the bone shway prevents them to look within 180 degree..
    so if we can look with in 180 degree, why don’t we drive better? I drive better than men.. :P..Ladies who agree with me ??!!!

    btw I have just noticed that you have spelling checker here… :P..was that b4 long o ana tawni ala7e’9? :D

  32. N. |

    I have a spelling checker? What spelling checker? I never noticed lol. What you said is true, and men actually do drive better because they are able to measure better than women, I’m not saying all women, I’m not saying you per se or anything cause for all I know you could be a better driver than me, and I’m a pretty good driver! :p

    I’m not going to get into a women vs. men debate! :p Ma ra7 enkhales! I like women so I don’t wanna fight with them loooool!! :p good night!

  33. Navy Girl |

    i’ll lose my mind if i was on one thing only !! :D i just cant .. gotta do them all :D

  34. Zia |

    ok so today i was at the gym
    1) on the elliptical while
    2) listenting to my ipod while
    3) watching dr. phil while
    4) texting a friend about ideas for a project we’re working on while
    5) thinking about what to post on my blog while
    6) reminding myself to tell you how i was multitasking today ;)

  35. lone.rangeress |

    i hav pretty much mutilitasked my whole life, and continue to do so…its just that my mind is constantly somewhere else, and im always physically occupied with those r 2 activities rite? so ya i do multitask every minute of every day:P

  36. Amethyst |

    If at home: read, chat, check e-mail, and text.
    If waiting in line: read, wait
    If driving: read, coffee, music, drive

    Basically, depends on the 5 Ws;p

  37. Ri |

    You _really_ don’t want to know.


  38. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    lol! the question is how do you do them all at once!

    lol ;P Very impressive! I do maybe half of that on the mill on the gym lol.

    lol, let me guess, how many times do you have to remind yourself of somethin you have done, or think you have done :p

    Oh, do you actually plan for it, or does it just happen! :p and Read while driving? lol!

    As your #1 fan, I _really_ want to know.. ;P

  39. Navy Girl |

    you just do .. its a gift ;P

  40. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Ya 3ainy ;P

  41. Navy Girl |

    ya 5ashmy :P i have nothing to do so bear with me ;P

  42. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    LOL ya rasi! :p I’ll bear with u :p

  43. Navy Girl |

    you wana me to go on ?? tara 7ady am95aa :D cuz seriously I GOT NOTHING TO DO ! :D

  44. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    El 9ara7a I don’t mind, GO ON ;P

  45. Navy Girl |

    aint you at work ? akeed you got nothing to do ;P

  46. N. |

    Yeah I’m at work, I’m working! and chatting, and drinking water, and converting a video for my iPod! Multitasking baby! :p lol

  47. Navy Girl |


  48. N. |

    Thanks im becoming a pro now! ;p

  49. Maze |

    i do many jobs together….so good and others nassstyyyyyyyy….lol

  50. N. |

    lol Maze! I’d assume you’d have to, with ur kind of job! haha

  51. komodo dragon |

    indeed, most girls can multi task quite well, i certainly can.

  52. Nasser |

    komodo dragon,
    That’s quite a skill to have.

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