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A Web Forum

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I thought I’d just ask everyone who happens to drop by here about what they thought.

Are you in favor of me adding a web forum to this website? Vote on the poll on the right please.

If you’re not familiar with what a web forum is, I’ll explain briefly. A forum, is called a “Montada” in Arabic. It is a place where people can participate in conversations and have a dialogue about certain topics.

So, Why a web forum you may ask? The original reason is to encourage everyone to engage in a dialog about certain topics. In blog posts, this might be achievable through comments, however I believe it is best done through a forum. A website forum, also gives the opportunity for a member to create their own post and give a chance for other members to comment and interact with the ideas of that member.

Please share your thoughts and don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.

EDIT UPDATE: Note that the forum will not take the place of this blog. The forum would be an addition to the site. I believe some of you misunderstood. There is no way I’m removing this blog :p

30 Responses to “A Web Forum”

  1. Ra-1 |

    I voted! I dont like forums :/

  2. Sarah |

    im not much into forums either but i voted “aye” so the ppl who wanna enjoy it can do so… it’s not because i don’t like forums that i don’ wanna see one here ;)

  3. skinnybumblebeee |

    i think the forum will be a haba for a while then it will die out. many did it before and that was the nateja. i think a blog is a sorta of forum. no?

  4. suspic |

    Given there are no forums for bloggers to meet up except on 248AM and ananyah’s blog, I think your forum would do well.

    People like you and relate to you more, plus it’d be a Kuwaiti infested forum which’s appealing to many.

    I’m personally for it, only if you do a good job on the design and not use a free web forum page like proboards.

    Tip : The most common flaw in Kuwaiti forums is that they have so many sections with very little traffic, so I suggest to have just a few general discussions forums.

  5. LOLa. |

    I only know 300 english words and 313 arabic wor6s :I

    here! so all know it now :I

    therefore I cant write more than few & short posts .

    I take hours just to englisg-comment here !:I

    Its tiring me out :’(

    why yo .. yaw.. yu .. wan6 to embarrasS+s me?


  6. manutdfanatic |

    Hmm…it is much needed, there are drawbacks you might be aware or unaware of of course, but it is much needed and hopefully will prove to be productive as well.

    Good luck! :)

  7. manutdfanatic |

    …I’m surprised some people seem to think it’s not a very good idea; a conclusion I drew from your poll results.

    Hmm again.

  8. Navy Girl |

    wala i think its a good idea .. since you know very well that i tend to talk A LOT lol :D

  9. Amethyst |

    I love forums although I only participate for grades;p

  10. Q8GEEK |

    Please notify me whenever you do open your forum, I’ll be happy to register in there

  11. TAT |

    Don’t think a forum is necessary but it’s up to you of course

  12. elool |

    no no

    i dont like forums

  13. Laialy_q8 |

    I’ve never been a fan of forums, I tried but just not up for it :/

  14. Grey |

    I vote aye ! but i dont think i can participate really ! too many pages/blogs/bands to visit

  15. enchanteurs |

    cool im in!!!

  16. Balqees |

    A fourm sounds cool u know
    lao eno like a montada it would be cool

  17. eshda3wa |

    laish matsaweeh alone
    laish on ur blog

  18. Soul |

    Aye brotha.

  19. Soul |

    Forum is a good idea mostly for those who have queries or for a site with good traffic.

    I voted YES !

    Its worth a shot, but remember the diversion of traffic will affect your blog :)

    ~ Soul

  20. Shoush |

    Hmmm, madri. Ma7ib forums.

  21. KJ |

    I believe making a forum will reduce interaction on this blog. Plus a forum will open an added dimension of use registration and all the stuff that comes with it and their integrity

  22. G |

    I think its a good Idea to have a forum. You are right they can discuss and open topics etc.
    Go Go Go N.

  23. Harlow |

    *goes and votes*

  24. Nasser |

    What is amazing is that the results are split nearly exactly 50/50! I’d really like more input. I’ll have another post enshalla in the future with more details about this.

  25. suspic |

    The people who voted Nay just want to put you down!

    You’re competition to them! =O

  26. Elaine |

    I enjoy blog more than forum. But I heard it could bost traffic. I don’t really understand how it works.

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  28. Nebras |

    A blog. The web formus take more time to post comment. I mean you need to register and sign in and all that…..

  29. AlleyCat |

    Yo N,… is there a way for you to figure out if someone voted twice… not that i’m getting any ideas.. *cough cough* ;p

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