Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Relativity of Time: Being busy

Pocket Watch A second, was always a second never more or less. So what changed? We have cars that should take us to our destination faster, but because of traffic we usually spend hours on the road.

Has life become so complicated that there are just so many things for one person to do, that it takes up most of their time? In actuality, if we remove all social norms, and normality out of the equation and we look at how we spend our lives, what in truth becomes necessary is only but a tiny fraction of what we do. Everything else is more or less a filler.

34 Responses to “Relativity of Time: Being busy”

  1. MSB |

    very true.. like u said, while technology made things ‘faster’, it’s actually just made our lives ‘busier’ cuz we can now get so much more done. expectations have changed and time has become a rare commodity!

  2. N. |

    Till what end? shouldn’t technology be making things easier and more comfortable, than making it complicated and keep us busier

  3. Chirp |

    Love the new look btw!

    I read a quote somewhere, i don’t know exactly how it went, but basically that we should not complain that there is not enough time in a day, what makes us better than Einstien or Helen Keller or other “greats” of our time. THey had 24 hours like we did and they suceeded in doing a lot.

    I really don’t agree with that argument though.

    Well actually people are able to do a lot in a day, but imagine spreading your self thin day after day and year after year, it reaches a point where you just are like to hell with it, this is not worth it.

  4. N. |

    Thanks! That is a good point, but still we can’t totally agree because people are born with different capabilities. Yeah, don’t you get those days sometimes? Just take a day off everything and enjoy the serenity of timelessness.

  5. MSB |

    yes.. but it’s our fault really.. we’re the ones who have filled our lives with so much to do that we no longer enjoy it as much… with work, technology has made us capable of doing so much more.. and not just that, we can even work from home! blueberries have made sure to tie people down to work 24-7! technology has also made it easier to stay in touch with more friends. so, like i said, with the increased expectations, our time has flown out the window.

  6. N. |

    In the end it is because people want more, that everyone else is doing more. This is what is seems like.

  7. chika |

    I hate time & it looks like it’s moving fast today :$

  8. Zed |

    i second that

  9. :::Shayouma:: |

    Man I hate technology. Ok there are things I like such as this computer that i am using to write in my blog lol BUT, it’s going too fast, you know. Before I thought life was easier without mobile phones. If you don’t pick up the phone, people will get worried or get the feeling you don’t want to answer. Not so long ago, people can’t get through you until you are home. It was better.
    But, what I hate most these days is that there’s no quality family time anymore :( makes really sad. Men work too much, some women also do that. They don’t see their kids. Go out to receptions and stuff that they say the HAVE to do ( they can choose not to go you know).. and in the end, they are like “We have so much work to do, people to visit, blah blah blah” .. Then all youth is wasted and when they grow old, they are like, Was it worth it???

  10. Marzouq |

    The thing is there isn’t anything you can do about it, you just have to find a solution for problems that keep coming up. In my case, I off-road to my destination which takes less time! loooool!

  11. Kaos |

    Its your choice how much you let these obligations affect you

  12. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Yes but without those “fillers” you mentioned your life will be boring, because they’re the things that keep you moving ahead to do what’s necessary. Say 10% of important stuff and 90% of neccessities? I think that’s fair, otherwise you’d turn into a robot.

    BTW nice new look, mabrook

  13. |

    i wonder what it is that takes up all our time. twenty four hours, disappear so quickly…

    work accounts for a large part of it, and sleeping for the other… leaving you with a little to get from place to place to do whatever else needs to be done… killing the time you have for things you WANT to do rather than things you need to do…

    10 years, 20 years, 30 years later, time passes, you turn around and wonder where all the time went, and why you still havent achieved anything…

  14. N. |

    Yeah it is moving fast! 3 hours till the meeting lol.

    wise decision!

    yeah you’re right, most people it seems dedicate their time to the wrong things! Or so it seems that way at least..

    lol!!! off-road? It does sound like a good strategy, but you need a monster of a vehicle!

    It would be boring without the 90% fillers, but fillers can be replaced with really meaningful things. The problem is, directing that time towards something that actually is productive and meaningful rather than just waste is on to-dos.

    That’s life my friend.. o el7emdellah!

  15. Intlxpatr |

    I am happier and happier as I eliminate more of the “I shoulds” and go with more of the “I love . . . ” On those days when time seems insufficient, I often pray to the creator of time to expand time so that I can do what I need to do, and to help me see what needs doing and to be able to leave the rest.

    Some of the ways we fill our time are just KILLING time instead of treasuring it!

  16. N. |

    Amen to that. And that is true, killing time has become such a norm that we do not truly grasp the deep meaning in it.

  17. Amethyst |

    You have to find a way to make sure that whatever your doing is woven into the social norms. While stuck in traffic, listen to the music you want to listen to. While waiting in line for anything, read whatever you want t read. There’s probably a way to do everything you want while doing social norms. This way, you’re killing time doing something you want to do. Multitasking my friend:)

  18. Amethyst |

    Btw, I love the new look, but you updated your blogroll.. and I’m not there.

  19. N. |

    Multitasking is the answer, that is what I’ve been trying to do and plan out all this time. It is a crazy world! Thanks and my bad, I have you in there but somehow you weren’t on the public list! I fixed that ;) You know I’m a big fan *wink wink*

  20. Laialy_q8 |

    everything else becomes a means to reach that necessary moment in my opinion

  21. N. |

    As long as you get closer to the necessary moment right? no use if these just give u a way that will make it more work and harder and slower to get to it

  22. Navy Girl |

    so what is it ? feel like your running outta time N ? i know this feeling .. sometimes i feel like i’m running outta time .. and it was just last year and now its a whole different year … man !! there is no time anymore :D sooo dont hold on any plans .. just do whatever you feel like doing and never say i’ll do it tom !

  23. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    I am running out of time, etha getlech my daily schedule, betgoleen shay mo 6abe3y! do it all, do it now! like you said dont plan much

  24. KJ |

    Time is basically measured by change. If there is no change, no time passes, as far as the brain is concerned. For instance, try sitting idle for five minutes, and then make some eggs in the next five minutes. You’d see what I am talkin about

  25. N. |

    Yeah relativity, so things are changing so fast, time seems to pass by quickly!

  26. Navy Girl |

    yalla tell me ??? got the all the time in the world ;P 7araaa :P

  27. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    lol! well I work two shifts, o yala yamdeny aro7 el nady ben el dawamen, o ba3den belel bs 3endy cham sa3a asawy fehom shay ethaaa 3endy shay asaweeh! so mako wagt el yom kella e6er.. :p If you have all the time in the world, you probably stole it ha? sa7?

  28. Are you a Multitasker? | N. |

    [...] recently I posted about the relativity of time and how it makes us all feel very busy. I received quite a few comments about multitasking. In our current environment it is important, [...]

  29. Zia |

    True… bas i still manage to feel busy!! the fillers take up so much damn time!! :P

  30. N. |

    Of course they do! :p Thats what they’re supposed to do, take up all your time and keep you busy busy busy!

  31. Navy Girl |

    you mean from your time :P ??? LOL no really I love it !! i’ve been looking for a part time job cuz i dont wana get back home oo sit the whole day doing nothing .. i joined gyms .. clubs .. training centers oo sick of it all .. i truly dont mind working the whole day ! wala ! :D

  32. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    You have? and why part time job? What else do you do, jam3a? I thought u already worked someplace. Latfawleen 3ala nafsech :p Working the whole day isn’t a walk in the park really, it is painful.. you won’t have time to do anything else, basically your life is your work.

  33. Navy Girl |

    noo i’m workin already .. bs wana work ba3ad :D i feel like i have all these energy that i gotta take out somewhere !!

  34. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Mashallah, ya36eech el 3afiya. Why work, instead work on other stuff like your art or something.. :D

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