Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Islamists and Liberals: Advice for All Those Who Hate

people hugging This is for those who hate the Islamists who ruined our country. And also to those Islamists who hate the Liberals that ruined our country.

Don’t hate. If you start to hate and reply with arrogance and ignorance you are only being savage and uncivilized. If your points are better, then why don’t you prove it? Why don’t you stop bashing other people and discuss the topic you are into correctly and fully? Don’t hate just because you have only been influenced by what you hear. And don’t hate period, respect the people, and hate the argument.

Don’t be an idiot and start insulting others. You won’t gain respect, or if you do, the respect you gained will be lost once the people see the real you; one who uses slander and heresy to back up one’s argument. Your argument will not stand long, it will crumble and it will only cause you to get more pissed off, and create more accusations and harsh unnecessary statements.

Instead, learn and educate. If you don’t like what you hear; question it, investigate it, solve it, and discuss it. Study the negative and positive impacts of what you aim for. Do not neglect the truth, if you do, you only lie to yourself. Spread your message of understanding. Think. Believe in your cause, work hard, but do not put other down to make it to the top. And finally share your wisdom with the world. Even if you think it is trivial, someone somewhere will benefit.

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63 Responses to “Islamists and Liberals: Advice for All Those Who Hate”

  1. Bint. Ladeno |

    I see naked people hugging each other :I

    this is what we get from f***** liberals :I

    Point : but what if I cant ” DEAL ” with gays ,atheist , polytheist , agnostic , and irreligionist or even infidel !! … and the list go on .and why I have to ? :I

    I do believe* that the ” other side ” ppl got a problem with the ” idea ” of Islam to be exist ! wich is weird ! cuz here where Islam start, belong, and last end .

    so the liberal ” experiencs ” not going to work here cus it failed in other Arab countries ! even in 70s-80s Kuwait !

    so ! I say give it to the Islamists maybe they can clean the shit around :)

  2. nusoul20 |

    it would be awesome if those two parties realized that and worked on it. but the problem here is both parties aren’t civilized enough to work together and solve their issues.

    They both aren’t willing to compromise. it’s like my way or no way! which resulted in the state our county is in right now; backwards and pathetic. and that “ya Bint. Ladeno” happened under the control of the Islamists! back the 80′s and 70′s Kuwait was at it’s peak!

    and btw, those gays/atheists/infidels you talk about make up the most educated, most TOLERNT, most civilized class in this country. some of them are university professors, doctors, businessmen..etc and I know that FOR SURE.

    and sweety, embrace diversity! we’re in 2008 for humanity sake :S

    Sorry N. for the long comment. awesome blog ;)

  3. Zed |

    i hope someone listens to these words of wisdom

    “Instead, learn and educate. If you dont like what you hear; question it, investigate it, solve it, and discuss it. Study the negative and positive impacts of what you aim for. Do not neglect the truth, if you do, you only lie to yourself. Spread your message of understanding. Think. Believe in your cause, work hard, but do not put other down to make it to the top. And finally share your wisdom with the world. Even if you think it is trivial, someone somewhere will benefit.”

  4. fashionated |

    ur words are brilliant as usual

  5. suspic |

    Well if you talk about them like that, they’ll let go of the important issues and discuss you there. =O

    *waits for N’s blog to be blocked by Kuwaiti networks*

  6. plastic |

    lol funny mariam elmo virgin and now bent ladeno kela extreme ebhaldeera

    moving on i think your poll is so cuuuuute i had to say it carry on

  7. Bint. elpeople |

    ” .. and btw, those gays/atheists/infidels you talk about make up the most educated, most TOLERNT, most civilized class in this country. some of them are university professors, doctors, businessmen..etc and I know that FOR SURE. ”

    you got names ? :I

    LOL !

    Q: how can they live here when they know they’re not WANTED ? and wich ” part ” of this land they belong to ? being Arabs or Muslims ?

    ” ..embrace diversity ” ! between wearing hejab or not , yes I do , but believer in ALLAH or not !? :I

    and ya elsweety inty/int :I lives 99.9% muslims ( by choice ! ) so figure who got the rights and who set the rules .

    70s- 80s kuwait was Islamists controled ?! :O

    it was the CRAZIEST times for all that freedom b***shit in all Arab world . read some archives :I

    and Im not gonna comment about this again .

    said all :I

    Liberals ! ha3 :I

  8. Ruby Woo |

    I hate Islamists with all my heart. I don’t care if there are good ones, I just hate them!! All they CARE about is control over this or that. They contradict what they say by their actions. So what if we have gays, atheists, etc..? Who are you to take action against them? Who are you to judge whether they are worthy of walking around in this country? Who are you to segregate genders? There is something called freedom of choice. I can choose to be committed to Islam or I can choose to be a whore. It’s non of your business. Allah will decide my fate in judgement day not those extreme Islamists.

    Liberals here in kuwait are different. They dont approve of alcohol, sex, clubs, etc.. all they care about is the ability to have the right to choose. It’s all about balance.

    I got off topic now so I’ll stop now..
    SORRY for the long comment!

  9. Nasser |

    Bint. Ladeno,
    Emuta betba6len men hal sowalef o stay with one name! =p

    Don’t apologize for the long comment. The more you get to express the better of course for me as the writer and the people who come here to read general views.

    It is common sense isn’t it? I hope so, I didn’t invent this..

    Thank you, but as I told Zed, it is common sense isn’t it? Or shouldn’t it be?

    They might as well do, and might go to extremes to shut us civilized ppl up. If I suddenly disappear.. you know where you will find me.

    Bint. elpeople,
    O ba3den?! What’s next? Bin. elN.? =P and don’t stop discussing or arguing about a point. We are here to discuss so talking back and forth is OK.

    Ruby Woo,
    Why do you hate them? Why not just hate individuals? Why even hate individuals, why not just hate some of the ideas and thinking they come up with? You just grouped them all together and hated them. What difference is this from racism or prejudice? I’m not saying don’t get mad, or complain, or stand for your beliefs, but if hating a whole group of people, even those who have nothing to do with the real reason you hate what is happening doesn’t seem right don’t you think so?

  10. G |

    You are right, though I hate Islamists I have many friends among them. Not everyone is what you see, the thing is that it is always the bad part of something shows first.

  11. fashionated |

    it SHOULD be common sense but sadly its not

  12. manutdfanatic |

    Words of wisdom. I like.

    I think you need to mention [somewhere] that people need to stop apologising for, or trying to cut down, on “long” comments that seem to evoke discussions. Let them know you don’t have a problem with it, because it seems that they think you do. =p

  13. manutdfanatic |

    Keywords; “long comments that evoke discussion”. Of course. Hehe.

  14. nusoul20 |


    Before I reply your comment, why are you being so defensive? we’re just discussing no need for “Liberals ! ha3″.

    in the 70′s and 80′s Kuwait wasn’t as religious as it is now, I mean religion and Shari’a wasn’t involved in our politics as much as it is now… can you see the link? between Kuwait’s situation before the invasion and after? before “religion” took a huage part in Kuwait’s political life?

    I’m not pointing fingers at Islamists only, Liberals are guilty as well. I blame them for allowing illiterate tribals take over Kuwait. and also the people who voted for them and still voting for the exact same people who brought no change what so ever! and chose Islam to promote themselves.

    The only solution to Kuwait’s situation is political education for the people. Kuwaiti citizen need to be more educated when choosing who will represent NOT them but their needs and Kuwait’s needs. regardless of what party they candidate belong to, what matters here is Kuwait.

    Also, I do have names but I don’t think there’s a point in sharing that here. my point when I said that is; even if some are different with their sexual orientation or beliefs that doesn’t make them less of a person! and “with all due respect” who are you to decide who lives in this country and who doesn’t? if I was born in this country and my family extend to five generation living in here and I became an atheist I wouldn’t be a Kuwaiti up to your standers?! please, I assume you’re young can you be a bit modern?

  15. suspic |

    The gap is too big to close between both parties, and both parties have reached a respectable amount of authority and popularity in the country throughout the years, and both parties are not willing to compromise criminalising the other party playing on the population’s feelings rather than mind.

    When was a conflict like this ever closed where people lived in blissful eternity?

    Call me negative, but that’s what I use to refrain from getting worked up and emotional about issues and I just “embrace reality”.

    I don’t think there is a balance, you want the Islamists to be more liberal about the Islamic rulings, and you want the Liberals to be more conservative about their freedoms and opinions.

    “?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????? ? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?????”

    Here is a part of a Hadeeth about if the Muslims stopped to ?????? ???????? ?????? ?? ??????..

    “??? ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ????”

    So as you can see, the Islamists aren’t ideally doing this to be control freaks, they’re doing it because God and his Prophet told them it’d also determine their fate.

  16. Harlow |

    I don’t hate Islamists.

    I hate the EXTREME Islamists.

  17. Vixen |

    N.. Kel ma agrah one of ur posts a7es im dumbstruck.

    I never have something to add, cuz i always seems to be fully agreeing with you..!

  18. Ruby Woo |

    Honestly, I tried and tried and tried but I got so sick of it. “I hate Islamists with all my heart. I dont care if there are good ones, I just hate them!!” See I know there are good ones but what did I see from them? Nothing? The extremists pop out and demand this and that while the others just remain quiet. Where are the good ones when you need them? Why are the good ones voting for the bad ones? Honestly, have you ever heard of an extremist vote for a liberal? No matter how the situation is, they will back up the extremists just because ohma “dayneen”

    I agree with you 100%, don’t hate but respect. That’s the main reason why I stayed away from a thing called politics. I’m not influenced by what I hear, but i’m influenced by what I see. and what do I see? Everything banned in this country. We as a country are falling years behind while other countries are progressing. What good are they doing to this country?

    I do think there should be a balance. I do believe we need islamists and liberals. There are bad Islamists and there are bad liberals. So it’s all about the balance!

    I’m guessing I overreacted at first. I don’t HATE them all, I’m just frustrated with what’s going on in this country and I tend to lose it every once in a while. It is not fair for those who have nothing to do with it, but it’s just that these circumstances drove me to it. I apologize for whomever I insulted from my previous comment.

  19. plastic |

    i think im in spam

  20. iRise |

    You go girl! Tell it like it is…

  21. KJ |

    What you wrote is how people should be going about things, but it is a utopia difficult to obtain without educating people from a younger age

  22. Fayoora |

    9a7 ilsanik .. but, I hate Islamists that ruined our country :/

  23. Soul |

    I think Islamist didn’t harm kuwait at all..
    here in this ((ISLAMIC)) country u can do whatever u want, go out with ur friends, choose to wear Hijab or not, listen to music, wear make-up, date, go to 7aflat hala FEB ETC.. (most of this not 7alal by the way).

    But! u can’t drink, have sex, be a gay or a boya (recently), get naked, Etc, in public. o alf el7imdellah for this!
    We are muslims! how come we attack Islamists? why do u think Islamists fight for Islam and forbid HARAM actions? Because ALLAH sb7ana says so!

    If u want the streets to be full of gays and drunk ppl who get to buy the mashroob easily from supermarkets, then the majority of the population (the Islamists) don’t want that shit!!

    what’s the meaning of Liberal? what do u want to be/do as a MUSLIM? have u ever heard ayam el rasool 3alaih el 9lat welslam 3an 9a7abi Liberal?

    el meshkela takmon fi eslooob el Islamists and their way in talking with ppl! they shouldn’t follow an aggresive unfriendly way to guide ppl!
    ???? ?????: “??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ????”. ?????? ?????-159

    now Im not that religious nor liberal! but recetly I’ve been reading more, and trying to get closer to Allah.. and the more I read, the more I realize how much I am not pleasing My Creator sb7ana.. he sets the rules.. and we MUST obbey to win bel a5raa, without any arguments.

    I just wish that Allah yahdeeni lelsera6 el mostaqeem! and all of the Muslims in shallah! because it is the only right path, and because we all don’t want to die 3la ma39iyaa.

    sorry for the long comment, although it is mo5ta9ar.. if i wana talk about this issue Im gonna have to write a book I guess loool


    and oh! I don’t hate the Liberals at all..

  24. fadidra |

    I respect islamic point of views but here the over-abuse it and over-use it in way I feel were going back, and when I say back I mean “stone age”.

  25. Mrm |

    what u really should be promoting here is humanism. I am a humanist…laani liberal walani conservative.
    btw, i know u said dont hate bes damn u that new poll is so GAY! hahahaff

  26. Ruby Woo |

    When you say Islamists are keeping things within boundries, it’s good at first to see that your country has the choice to whatever the want to do, but have you ever thought that by time it will get worse?
    Do you want us to be like Saudi Arabia?
    having a country where you can’t choose what to wear with the new “lajnat al thawabi6 il shar3iya”? Guys can’t wear shorts now? Girls can’t wear a knee length skirt. That’s ok with you?
    I agree that having islamists can hold a positive effect on the country but also having liberals can do that too. It keeps this country in a balanced position were you can choose but there are also certain boundries.

    I do not think this counrty should be held by islamists nor do I think that it should be held by liberals only. It should be a mixture of both.

  27. Balqees |

    i love wt u wroet
    i felt it was so touchy

    and about the new poll i vote kinda
    its not there i know lol
    bs eno i think eno a7ynn its nice to reply at someones comments u know
    and at times 3adi u can reply wla la2
    so i vote kinda :P

    u should put it up there

  28. plastic |

    shift + enter didn’t work and you have at least two of my comments in your spam

  29. Nasser |

    The person choses what to show, and sometimes it is what you don’t agree with

    Yep, it isn’t.. lel asaf! And I don’t think it ever will be..

    You know, I should mention that.. don’t know why ppl keep apologizing for long comments! As if its bad to give their own opinion?? weird.. =p

    I don’t think the liberals *allowed* anything.. its the people who chose, regardless of who these ppl are. And as you said ppl should be educated but in an unbiased fashion.

    You aren’t a negative, or else I’d make pictures out of you -ha-ha- k sour joke. Never mind. You’re only being realistic, things will never be perfect and never will both parties totally respect each other.

    You still hate! =p

    I’m guessing thats a compliment? Thank you may you are always dumbstruck=p Great minds think alike ;)

    Ruby Woo,
    I know what you mean, but usually it is those people who are on the extremes who have the stronger conviction about things..and those are the people who get elected because they work harder.. and well, this is where democracy fails.

    Sorry I didn’t see your comment before in there ;l I’m glad I saved it now.. way up there.. meno mariam elmo virgin? you know I’m surprised that its actually turning out a lot of ppl do get offended lol!


    It is a utopia is many means, but you said it.. education.. now we need to work on that. Funny though in the U.S. they are educated, now the parties are smart, but they use their education to deceive others.. in some ways less than others..

    I hate ALL ppl who ruined our country ;/

    *claps* I probably couldn’t have said it better. That is how I feel, more or less. :)

    You do have a point some ppl abuse it, they play on people’s faults of not-understanding things.. and ppl should get educated

    LOL! You is Gey! =P

    Ruby Woo,
    Why would it get worse.. I don’t think it would. I hope Soul replies to it, I’d like to see what she’d say, you have fine points though.

    Thanks, lol, I was going to add something like that but I didn’t, wanted ppl to make a definite choice.

    How come it doesn’t work.. in the edit box right? Oh wait.. try to put <br> between the lines (no spaces or returns) and I salvaged your comments.. thanks for takin notice or I would have missed them!

  30. Vixen |

    LOL!! Well yeah it is, and amen I guess : P

  31. Soul |

    ruby woo wii:

    believe me the country is on balance! there are medayneen and there are free ppl.. mako mashakel! why are u afraid men el lajna? I guarantee u we’re not gonna be like KSA LOL.. don’t worry.. the government won’t allow that!
    entay met5ayla wazeer el da5eliya bey5ali el sher6a elli bel share3 eywagfoon kel wa7da mo met7ajba wella labsa jeans o ey5alfoonha? I don’t think so..

    b3dain el Islamists bel kuwait men zmaaaan.. o ma 9ar shay bel deera! gabel el 7areem kella short skirts bel 70s wel 60s o short dresses o 7afaraat, u can tell min ay masra7iya q8iya qadeema.. then 9arat 9a7wa islamiya bel man6eqa o akthar el 7areem ta7ajebaw o my granny was one of them and she says: It was never qa9ben 3alaina no! ohma e5taraw hal shay.

    el zebdaaa, both sides ma5theen 7aghom el 9ara7a..

  32. Mrm |

    I would just like to add that sadly, many ppl do not know how to use words like ‘free’, ‘liberal’ and ‘open-minded’ properly. There is basically no differentiation when the mass uses these words, but there are differences. They are not all the same. And they are not supposed to imply disregard to religion and society.

    everyone should be FREE. FREE does not mean the opposite of mitdayin/religious. FREE means having a freedom of choice, of deciding when to sleep and when to go to work, what to eat and where to go instead of being slaves to some super power or imprisoned. FREE does not mean a drunken stupor, a whore at the arm or endless cleavage. FREE, LIBERAL and OPEN MINDED do NOT mean any of these things.
    its just sad that a lot of seemingly educated ppl mistake those three simple words with things related to impurity and havoc.

    I am free because I had the choice to wake up today and leave the house.

    I am NOT a liberal or a conservative, and i dont drink or wear hijab. many ppl mistake that these two things determine a liberal and a conservative.

    I am open minded; I can listen to anyone talk about anything and respond maturely whether i like what i am hearing or not. my mind CAN expand, or open up, and talk about anything.

  33. Sh7afana |

    Unfortunatley thats all they do in our parliament. bes fal7een e9ar5oon 3ala ba3ath.. o yel3eboon le3bat meno 9outaa a3laaa o kelmetta aqwa!

    and thats exactly what they are, savage and uncivilized! yakhthoon ele yaboona bel 7ag AW BEL BA6EL..

    ya3ni eyee wa7ed le7yetta laih el ga3.. and call girls from american, english schools and universities “kaseyat 3areyat.. madre shekharbe6 and saqe6at” YES SAQE6AT! .. enzain al7een mo 7athretic an islamist? matadre ena ele g3d ye6la3 men 7aljek QATHF!? .. o hatha mo 7aram ya3ni?

    i dont hate them but they DISGCUST ME!

    i tried to look for the link on youtube.. bes i couldnt find it!

    p.s. oo not to mention any names bes kanat shakhseya supposedly “mo7tarama”

  34. manutdfanatic |

    I spot an actual comprehensive discussion underway-finally…

    Wonderful, don’t you think? *applause*

  35. enchanteurs |

    these kind of words lazem idishon ib 3gool il nas 3adil oo yetrase5oon lana they’re so true, kilish mala da3i hal kurh for one another even if we have different point of views, so what? ya3ni raya ghair 3an rayee shsawee? all i have to do is respect that o go on with my life. (note: 7adi day5a bil ma6ar sarli what feels like an eternity sitting down oo na6ra il 6ayara fa itha 5arba6t latlomni;p)

  36. Ra-1 |

    We all live in one country, different opinions and belives is normal, competition is healthy, Why the hate?
    Loved this post :)

  37. Navy Girl |

    i believe that there is a really thin line between freedom , or the ability to express yourself as well as your feelings and whatever you believe in AND being obnoxious or immoral .. to be honest i have my own way to deal with everything around me .. i have my own thoughts and ideas .. sometimes i like Islamists thoughts .. some other times i found them unconvincing or just not right ..and even with the Liberals sometimes i like the way they think sometimes i feel like they are just being plain stupid and highly absurd ..

  38. Navy Girl |

    by the way , i tried to sound serious 3shan eltopic wela ana sh`3ly m3aaak later ;p shenooo y3ny you kbr rask now ;p

  39. enchanteurs |


  40. Elaine |

    I like the way you wrote…You are a true peace maker :) …

  41. Nasser |


    It is true, most ppl don’t see that..

    The meanings are important, and this is where miscommunication happens, ppl have different meanings of the words and end up fighting over that.

    That person, ely ga3ed esawy chithee is probably just a little over excited.. 3aib egol chithee.. Allah kareem.

    And you’re just sitting back enjoying the show? =p

    They don’t do that, they can’t its politics, they have to behave that way lel’asaf.. ;l Bs hopefully the will learn! somehow?

    Thanks :)

    Navy Girl,
    You did sound serious =P Ashof sheno hal sheghl ely 3enech ely betraweneyah! =p

    Enshalla =p

    Thank you, I hope so :)

  42. Navy Girl |

    elwork allah yslmk ena ana i left kuwait for good like i told you guys :P enta open up your eyes oo check out my blog FOR ONCE :P 9ayer kasol no new posts .. no comments :P your getting an F or you know what .. F+ :P

  43. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    for good! :l Chenna wayed? I did see it ;p O I didn’t see that post yet cause didn’t check my reader.. F+! ;/ 7aram 3alech!

  44. Navy Girl |

    i was only teasing wala … ooo i wish it was for good bs it not .. for a while ;p

    la mo 7aram enta ksool .. you either get an F or F+ .. your choice :p

  45. Nasser |

    Sayra 6aybaa ma36etny majal akhtar sheno akheth ba3d! =p La aby F, ma7eb el + ;P

  46. Navy Girl |

    i was about to tell you to take a D+ but since you hate +s your gonna stick to the F ;P HAHAHA !

  47. Nasser |

    lol Navy, laish shereera =p F for fantastic sa7? ;P

  48. Amethyst |

    Hating isn’t a solution, and in this case, it leads to generalizing. People seem blinded by hating without a logical point of view on things, and that’s part of the negative effects we see in our country today.

  49. Nasser |

    Yeah, ppl need to learn to love more!

  50. manutdfanatic |

    I have special priveleges. ;)

  51. Nasser |

    Like delegating? judging? what? =p I don’t remember assigning any committees.

  52. manutdfanatic |

    Committees? lol!

    Neverrr mind.

  53. Nasser |


  54. Navy Girl |

    hate to disappoint you but no its for FAILUER! :D

  55. Nasser |

    La yuba.. F for Fantastic =p

  56. Navy Girl |

    i warn you i can go for ever !!!! :D


  57. Nasser |

    lol, for ever? =p I don’t think we have time to takl about this forever =p

  58. Navy Girl |

    its not about time i can always spare you a minute to tell you in your face that your an F STUDENT sorry i meant F+ student :D ambeeeh 7ag el3nad 3nd wyhk :D

  59. Nasser |

    lol! ham bet3anden? mako fayda ya3ne? =p shall I give up? :p

  60. Navy Girl |


  61. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    Khair enshalla =p

  62. Navy Girl |

    DUDE I’LL NEVER GIVE UP ! mako work tara !

  63. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    lol, 7adech mako work =p Don’t you have school or something to do!

Reserved, going to add something here later.