Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Who am I?

I have always been one to ask this question. Who am I really? I know that with different people, I am a different person. I can’t be the same person with my friends, as I am with my family. I can’t be the same person with my relatives as I am with my coworkers. I am not totally different but since the audience change, the context changes as well.

If I was asked to define myself, then who would I be? The quiet person who only speaks when feels that it is utterly necessary? The loud goofy guy who loves to joke around with friends? Or the caring family member, who would do anything for his family? Maybe even a combination of all the above.

The way I see it, something here is always constant and never really changes: the change itself. I am am defined by my changes, how I change from being one person to another based on the context. The change is always or mostly all the same. The consideration for change is always there. The care not to step boundaries is there. There is also a sense of awareness of norms in the atmosphere that is always there and changes with context.

So, who am I? I am the essence of change that is me.

41 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. asoom |

    As far as the first paragraph, that’s normal we’re all like that!

    So it’s the “essence of change” that is you and not whatever it is that stays “constant and never really changes?” I would say it’s more that.

  2. Nasser |

    Asoom, what do you mean more than that?

  3. asoom |

    “more that”, ya3ni the constant things define you more than those changes.

  4. Sushi |

    There’s always a predominant part that sustains to a considerable amount of who you are no matter how much you change with others. In agreement with what you said there’s the way you view yourself, how you would like to be viewed and how others really see you. Constantly staying in focus with your values/principles/goals/dreams helps to maintain a productive identity in opposed to a neurotic one. Though a few neurosis every now and then are fun too HEHEHEHE…


  5. Marzouq |

    I don’t put much thought to that, and don’t care to! I am who I am! hahaha Take it or leave it, thats my attitude!

  6. Sushi |

    I’m the boss, I can be serious today, crazy tomorrow, religious the day after, stupid the one after that and then back to serious as it follows. I can be anything I want with anyone I want – that simple!

  7. Sushi |

    Shut up Marzouq you dont’ know anything! Everyone should shut up and GO BACK TO WORK NOW!!!!! jkfjafjkdalfjdafdkalfjdaskl

  8. Nasser |

    you think so? hmm.. well aren’t those constant factors that measure and determine our changes? there is also a factor of change.. hmmm that’s the essence of change i mean

    loooool Sushi!! yes a few neurosis are fun, and a little eccentricism is always and much appreciated, that’s what I like to call Ingredient “X” lol!

    loool! Simple! attitude is important too.. that’s another thing that defines a person,

    Sushi again, ROOFFLL!!!

  9. Intlxpatr |

    I think of people as gems, with multiple facets, and some facets sparkle under some lights, and some under others.

    Who we are is also partially who our parents trained us to be – our manners. So what we LOOK like socially, is not always who we are on the inside; it is who we are trained to be in public. (Oh! You thought that was just a Kuwaiti thing? hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at your Toastmaster meetings!

  10. Soul |

    eeeeeeeeehhhh… qe9a etga6e3 el galb :”””(
    ana menoooooooooo? golooli ana menooooooooo???? ;p
    ur blog 7elo a7eba..

  11. Soul |


  12. MiYaFuSHi |

    OMG I am the exact same way and it confused me for a while. Especially since when different groups get to see me in different settings they get shocked.

    But I got sick of thinking about it and blamed it on me being gemini :P

  13. GreY |

    I call it ‘mild multiple personality syndrome’ , you are totally someone else in different places and people , yet in the boundry of who you really are … i think we all are like that ,

    You forgot to mention about the Blogger personality … Are you the real you while you blog? or…

  14. fashionated |

    multiple personality disorder is the only solution to ur problem (adry mako problem bas kaify bafalim :P)

  15. greyshorts |

    What’s happens to the person who’s the same with everybody ? I tell you from experience he’s either greatly liked or hardly liked at all .

  16. Cat |

    well N. we r all like u! probably we all don’t even know who we were! as u said .. wen the group of people around u change, then eventually u will change too! I tend to be just more quiet than usual around people I meet for the first time, but I am more comfortable with familiar faces! So .. we all do!

  17. meeemo |

    the only time i really feel like I AM is when i’m with my wife. … The rest of the time it doesn’t feel like me … i feel i have to conform to the sitution i’m in …

  18. Laialy_q8 |

    pretty deep buddy :)

  19. hammoodee |

    it’s important to make sure you have a common you ground with everybody u know to prevent awkward situations, a ”you” mode you can use with anybody…

  20. Amethyst |

    Hmm.. Ma nemt 3adel, mali khelg afaker;p

    About the crappy Kuwaiti, you can have crappy Kuwaiti.. You should hear me talk;p

  21. Noufa |

    I know who are :P better than you b3ad ;)

  22. Navy Girl |

    ummm your Nasser ??? :D

  23. Kaileena |

    You are a combination of traits, they get switched due to outside elements (people around you), each person has an element that attracts one or more of your traits to show up..friends are comfortable people who enjoy your company and vice versa which reveals your spontaneous, care-free, fun-loving side. It’s normally a natural instinct to subconsciously feel the obligation of protecting your family and care for them which brings out the caring side of you (sometimes the opposite is what triggers {wanting to be protected and cared for}). The quiet side is most likely present when theres a serious atmosphere around which makes you feel extra careful not to make a bad impression about yourself and thus speak little..or when you’re simply bored!

    To me, who one is based on one’s beliefs and how one views life. not the behavior

  24. manutdfanatic |

    ” I am the essence of change that is me.”
    Well said. We are all more or less like that I suppose; the primary difference being that in some, the change would be significantly greater and perhaps more noticeable if closely examined. While in others, it is likely to be less pronounced.

    P.S:- Having realised that the motive behind your “stupid” poll was purely statistical, allow me to say; you shouldn’t be surprised. I always find it funny that most of the people who visit my blog, or other blogs run by females are males, and vice versa. Oddly enough, I’d like that to vary occasionally…because it makes me wonder about the whys behind their visits. I’d much prefer to think they’re visiting because my writings have managed to captivate their interests, and not because my gender has managed to do the same. If it’s a combination of both, well then, that’s acceptable. Lol.

  25. desert-roses |

    ain’t that goes over almost all ppl ?
    they change themselves upon the context

  26. Very.Q8ya |

    ya3ni N. akeed shrayek mathalan, shloon etseer enna etkallem o etsoolef ma3a omek, nafs ma etkallem modeerek? =\

    3adi ya3ni, bs in general ako shay moshtarak, ohwa “il-sidq” aw ay sifa thanya.. wa hakatha :P

  27. KJ |

    Defining one’s self has been a topic of great debate amongst both philosophers and psychologists.

    I guess in the end, who you are is how you define yourself, not what other people wrote in text books!

  28. Elaine |

    Wow, needs a deep understanding to get what your point…So, you said that we are changed based on the context. Maybe the simple way to say it is addaptation…In basic phase, this need to be done for physically survive. But, recently the need develope to be socially survive.

  29. ammaro |

    defining yourself… its tough… its tough because every now and then things change, you change, and your definition of yourself has to change with it… so many differnt variables to measure…

    i dont think its possible to define yourself, just be who you are and give the question a rest :p

  30. Hamitaf La Bookay |

    Who am I?
    “I am the me I choose to be.”
    -Sidney Poitier

  31. Amethyst |

    Happy Birthday!

    P.S. In my world, the 7th is today. Don’t ask;p

  32. Very.Q8ya |

    okh! kil-3am winta ib-khair, haaaaaa cham 3omreek??? lol

  33. Shoush |

    Wow, i love this post. :)

    It is true that who we r today may be different tomorrow. With every day we go thru, with every experience we live, things within us change. Modify. Mature. But of course, some things stay the same.

  34. Nasser |

    That’s a very nice way to look at it. It sure seems more like a global thing doesn’t it hehe.

    About the Toastmasters, sure you are more than welcome to drop by and see how everything takes place! Shoot me an email :)

    loool… draaama, 7abetech el 3afiya thanks!

    lol, yeah blame it on your zodiac sign :p Geminis are fun though… for having that eccentric personality thing.

    LOL! It isn’t that bad! :p Good question about the blogger personality. I believe I am more who I am here than I am in the real world, mainly because here I am free to be myself with no limit whatsoever… in the real world, I’m very reserved and barely let anyone see my real sides.

    lol! disorder mara wa7da! falmy 3alaq ra7tech :p Allah yaster.

    You’re so right, mostly though they’re hardly liked. I know someone like that, he’s not liked at all. I actually am trying to slowly ease myself into being who I am around everyone, mostly in the area of being mostly liked… but it isn’t easy really.

    Yeah, it usually takes time, and I don’t think it is common with everyone, there are certain ppl who are just so out there… its just some of us, or maybe it depends on who we are and who we are around! Sometimes with ppl I’ve never met before I’m totally out there too, madry it depends on so many things!

    that is amazing, it is important to be the complete yourself around your spouse, a lot of people I’m guessing get this mixed up and this could be the cause of a lot of problems.

    Yes it is :p

    that is true, a generic ‘you’ I suppose would best fit that.

    lol! You talk Kuwaiti emkassar? haha, that would be quite funny :p

    lol, you know me better than I know me? :p really? lol that would be freaky I’d assume ;p

    Navy Girl,
    eeeh, menoo!!

    very impressive, I like the analysis you made, and yep it does seem that outside elements attract these traits from within us… our beliefs are what define us, hmm, very interesting! I surly will not argue with it

    Hmm, I wonder about their motive too.. I wonder, I certainly would be honored if more men were to find these topics interesting. Maybe they do? I do not know really. I’m babbling a bit. I would purely love to write for the sake of fans who enjoy reading and learning and experiencing what I have to say. I don’t know if my topics seem a little too generic for men to even consider dropping buy. Does that even make sense.

    eeeh it does go for mostly all people, but not all ppl are the same :p

    lol, yeah akeed ghair bs el nas ba3d ghair sa7, sheno el shay ely emkhalena nafs el shay? el taghyer ely enmur feh men mawqef laih mawqef.. o el sedq methel ma gelty 6ab3an :p

    Very amusing, I suppose we shall never reach a real definition. Nice words though, it is how you define yourself… I like that.

    True, adaptation has a lot to do with it, hmmm, this just opens a whole new set of doors!

    LOL! sahalt el mawtho3! ;p just something to think about, yalla we’ll give it a rest lol!

    Hamitaf La Bookay,
    Lovely quote!

    lol, thanks! :p What world are you on?

    wenty eb 9e7a o salama, lol khaleha 3ala Allah :p

    :D I love your comment!

  35. Amethyst |

    Mu emkasar! Bas I say the right things at the wrong time;p


  36. Nasser |

    lol! ;P Hmmm

  37. Hope |


  38. Nasser |

    to be associated in any way with Shakespeare, what an honor!

  39. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    That is very beautifully written.. Of course you are different with your family that with your friends..

  40. lone.rangeress.63 |

    that is a deep question to be asking urself.. but then again, it might be boredom speaking;p

  41. Nasser |

    Thanks, yeah of course.

    lol, touche!

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