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Welcome Little Man

Yesterday, I saw the little man. He looked at me, but didn’t see me. He knew I was there. He quieted down, to listen to me, and that is when I started to welcome him, telling him how much we love him and we much we like to have him around.

He started to fidget, he probably didn’t like me talking too much so I just gazed at him, that little man, looking back at me. It looked like he knew what he was getting into, he’s up for it, I can see it in his eyes…

…my little nephew, 3 days old.

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42 Responses to “Welcome Little Man”

  1. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    awww cute!! Mashallah allah yikhalleh likum inshallah,,

  2. Soul |

    Its one of the finest things one could ever witness.

    MashaAllah :)

    ~ Soul

  3. Nasser |

    ya36eech el 3afiya, thanks :)

    True indeed, thank you :)

  4. Kiss.the.wawa ! |

    how can you not LOVE them ! :)

    ??????? ??????? : ?? ??? ??? ??????? ????



  5. Nasser |

    lol! That is very cute.

    New? sheno? :l

  6. Amethyst |



  7. Nasser |

    Thanks! :)

  8. suspic |

    Welcome to being an uncle.

    The only trick infants have is squeezing on your finger when you put it in their tiny hands, and just looking at you. No tricks at all.. =(

    Congrats, tell them to name him Nasser if they want a loving uncle. If not, take the shideed role like myself.

  9. Nasser |

    Oh they have the screaming trick, you have to decode their ear piercing decibels and find out what it is they need to quiet them down! Thanks, but they already named him ;( My legacy of name will be lost, and only remembered in history..

  10. KJ |

    Awwww :D Mar7aba Uncle N!!! Sounds nifty :D

  11. Nasser |

    lol! Mar7abtain! Thanks KJ!

  12. Ri |

    Congratulations, sweet N.

    I’ve become an aunt/godmother too…of the first child of the fourth generation of our family.

    She’s special, I fought to make sure she made it.

    Also, I couldn’t stop staring at her feet.

  13. Nasser |

    Thanks dear. That’s wonderful! They are admirable to watch :)

  14. Blue Dress |

    Congrats. weeesii….allah ekhalii lik, i bet at this age he knows the secret o the universe bes he will forget it soon enuff ;p-

  15. manutdfanatic |

    I love the screaming/mewling/finger clutching tricks.

    Babies are looooovely. And that’s one time lovely is actually a small word.

  16. Nasser |

    Blue Dress,
    I think you’re so right :p Thanks.

    Hehe, very true! :D

  17.! |


    ???? ????? ?????? ???????? ????????

    How your cat meaws ? :I

  18. Vixen |

    cuuute : ) yetrabba eb 3ezzkum inshallah

  19. Navy Girl |

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D would you kiss him for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :*

    allah y5leeeh lekom inshala :)

  20. Swair |

    Weshalem! Mabrook :D

    and i like the “also available in arabic” trick lol

  21. Ruby Woo |

    Congrats o allah ykhaleeh likom inshalla!
    Whatever mood you’re in, holding a newborn flips your frown upside down

  22. Marzouq |

    Mabrookeen ma yaakom!

  23. Laialy_q8 |

    mabrooooooooooook ^_^

  24. Elaine |

    I thought you were talking about your son… :) Congrats anyway. I have a very cute nephew too.

  25. FourMe |

    mabrook ma yakom.. can we see some photos plz?

  26. Nasser |,
    lol! Okay I get it:p

    Thanks, ya36ech el 3afiya!

    Navy Girl,
    La.. you want to kiss him, kiss him yourself :p na7asa ha lol. Mashkora! :D

    Allah ebarek fech! lol, thanks, I’m practicing! :p

    Ruby Woo,
    Mashkora! It sure does flip a frown :D

    Allah ebarek feek! Thanks!

    Allah ebarek fech thanks :D

    Thank you so much, they are cute aren’t they? I don’t have children, not yet at least :)

    Allah ebarek feech, pictures are at the discretion of the mother :p I doubt she’d agree.

  27. joud |

    he has no idea what he’s getting into ;)

    mabrouk :)

  28. Navy Girl |

    ohhh why b3d ??? dont tell me your so shy to do so ??? welaaa you are a man and men dont KISS BABIE ??? :D

  29. Nasser |

    Actually, you’re so right there. I seriously don’t think he does either but he sure looked like it. ;P
    Allah ebarek fech :)

    Navy Girl,
    I kiss him for myself bs, mo 7ag a7ad thany, lol. Oh why would men not kiss babies? :l

  30. Outkasty |


  31. Outkasty |

    la7tha, inta mita tezawajt? lol

  32. Outkasty |

    nepheeeeeeeeeeeeew, LOOOOL

    wallaain sorry LOL

  33. Sarah |

    Congratulations Nassoori!!! All the best for the family.

  34. Navy Girl |

    madry wala … i know this british guy who wouldnt !! :D

  35. Nasser |

    lol!!!!!! Allah ebarek fech!:p

    Thank you sweeetie :D

    Navy Girl,
    la eshd3wa, I love kids, I was just teasing you:/

  36. Navy Girl |

    good 3abaly m3gd baa3d lol ;P

  37. Harlow |

    Allah ye5aleh lekom inshallah :D

  38. Arabian lady |

    Way ya 7ilwa mashalla ;*
    Allah y7aftha.. =)
    Nice blog !

  39. Shaymaa |

    Oh mashallah mabrook ma yakum!
    Yallah, train him to become a samurai!

  40. grey |

    little men are scary…. as i am writing this one little 6 month old man is unwilling to sleep? Wanna borrow him? you seem to like kids a lot!

  41. eshda3wa |

    so cuuute!!

    mabroook ma yaakom
    oo ytraba eb 3zkom ya rab

  42. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    lol eshd3wa ;p

    Thanks :)

    Arabian Lady,
    ya36ech el 3afiya :) Thanks!

    Allah ebarek fech :D Oh, no doubt, I will!

    lol! no thanks :p He isn’t mine, and I’m glad to not have one yet lol..

    Allah ebarek fech thanks :D

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