Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Wanting More: Knowledge

World book childcraft When I was a young boy I loved to read random books, and get random information. I thank my parents for providing us with a huge library filled with books on many subjects. The books that I loved the most, were the encyclopedia volumes.

Sometimes, I would flip through a volume and stop at something I found to be interesting. I would read about it, learn, and probably flip around a little more and then go about playing or watching TV. My thirst for knowledge has never ceased, and I say Alhamduli’Allah for that.

Today, I browse online, scanning pages, jumping from link to link but I have found that the quality of information I read online is not what it used to be. I mostly read blogs, and a lot of them are personal, which is fine, but mostly I don’t come out with anything after reading it, except maybe knowing something more about the person.

I sometimes read Wikipedia. It does provide me with a lot of information, but it doesn’t feel satisfying enough, maybe the idea that it is written and edited by regular people (anyone really) is a turn off.

Lately, I’ve been feeling this thirst again. It isn’t only about reading or learning but something more, I can’t quite place it. I feel I want more.. and what I want is certainly and surely not something tangible.

While searching for a picture to add to this post, I have found the following post entitled: Excellent Lesson Plan Resource for Younger Children by the Educating the Muslim Child blog. The blog is now closed but there is a lot of useful information there.


31 Responses to “Wanting More: Knowledge”

  1. suspic |

    I have that too, except I was never into books. I write mental ones.

    I find blogs, even personal ones, gratifying in terms of knowledge. I’m always interested in knowing their general knowledge.

    When you know a blogger’s insight on a significant issue, it’s interesting. Their insight is the result of their experience in life, which is usually 20 or so years of life experience. Even though I disagree sometimes, I know something in their lives confirmed their point of view.

    So basically you get the result of their life experience without going through their life and its experiences, shaping your own version of it using your own experiences.

  2. Nasser |

    To some extent yeah, some times reading a blog does provide general knowledge, there is always some truth out there, whether it be the absolute truth of just a version of the truth.

    The talk about experiences reminds me of the scene in Good Will Hunting, where Sean, the Psychologist goes on about Will reading the books and using the experiences in the book as his own, or believes in them too much to the point where they become a part of his reality.

    It doesn’t matter how much you read about climbing mount Everest. You will never understand it fully unless you’ve experienced it. Yet, sometimes, there are things we’d rather read about than experience. Heh.

  3. Fayoora |


  4. Fayoora |

    eeeh, 3ala golat our computer prof. who’s in love with general knowledge, itgool as i remember “one day without gaining knowledge, is one day wasted”

    I have a weird shsma though.
    a7is why do i want to learn learn learn everyday till the day i die, and one day i’ll die ;P

    So I just read what interest me.
    not the life of fish, or how huge or deep is the ocean or how TV’s work ;p

  5. skinnybumblebeee |

    whats NB? again? the internet will never trump books.

  6. Nasser |

    Taraaa :p Eh that could be true, but still how can people invent new things and come up with new ideas if they do not already know what exists, or how things exist. Mako fayda just knowing things, it is what we do with what we know that really matters.

    NB is note bene and according to urban dictionary it is: used to mark something as particularly important. I don’t think the internet will ever trump books, not even in a million years.

  7. Swair |

    I love books…

    The only arabic books I keep these days are Anees Man9our books.. there’s a personal vibe to them AND there’s a LOT of amazing knowledge, especially the old Egyptian Fara3ena stories lol

    If you want an english blog that sorta has the same vibe (but talks more about religion), read Haidar’s blog:


    ” I feel I want more.. ”

    Oh ! a man wez a feeling :I LOL!

    I say you travel , not everything in books/net! u need to go out there to find it , see it , touch it,feeeeel it , smell it , taste it ,to be in moment of history &( her.story ) :) .

    you’re lucky for being a man ( not koala ..e7m ) so you can do that

    PoOr me :I Im stuck in the nowhere-nothing here .

    H&M : how many S in “asss” as lots of ass ? my shity english .

    LOo0o0o0L ! ;b

  9. Amethyst |

    A good book will quench that thirst. I’m sure. Positive.

  10. Laialy_q8 |

    i was never the reader when i was young and we always had books around :)

  11. Kaileena |

    KHELLO! long time no see!

    Yea the quality has surely decreased..because before the written word had more value due to its difficulty to get published, but typing online is liberal, free of charge and available anytime anywhere along with it’s guaranteed exposure. And let’s not forget the difficulty of writing has changed, since the backspace button is easily clicked, you don’t focus much on what your next word since you know you can erase it anytime. that’s why books are a million times better than the internet.

    I’m still in hibernation, temporarily woke up to check on everybody, see you after I’m done recharging!

  12. 3baid |

    I had the world book encyclopedia too :D

  13. Navy Girl |

    i never read but novels .. oo not any kinda of novels .. got this certain author :D sometimes I hate reading my god I remember back at school , I used to skim all books .. never read each word I just simply cant lol :D

  14. Elaine |

    Yes I’m a novel reader too…You must feel grateful for your thirst of knowledge. Not all people have it. And that’s a good tool to improve yourself.

  15. Ri |

    Did you have the “Tell Me Why” series? I did.

    I had encyclopedias too! Mine was from the ‘Young Readers Library’ or something like that. There were books about birds and fish and primates and evolution and the Neanderthals and The World We Live In.

    I guess that’s kinda what set the foundation for the atheist, animal-person I am now.

  16. Nada Faris |

    I do too, but I am also really interested in Literature. To me, knowledge and art come hand in hand, because I believe that literature is the mechanism that will allow us to both perceive and to interpret knowledge.

  17. enchanteurs |

    i love il te3ebeth bil maktaba ili baitna oo reading random books!:P and encyclopedias rock!!!

  18. Ruby Woo |

    The funny thing is that I love gaining general knowledge through books and encyclopedia’s yet I hate studying and once I clutch on to a book to study, I look at it with disgust!

  19. AlleyCat |

    hmm i cant say that i find wikepedia that helpful. Call me old fashioned but books always prove to be a better source of information and the gratification from reading a book to learn something appears to be more rewarding than googling for some info. The problem with the internet is that there’s a lot of BS out there now. I’m not saying all books are accurate.. but lets all admit it.. there’s more BS online and its more accessible :p Reading blogs is interesting but i dont really find it that informative. Well maybe im just old fashioned and i enjoy reading countless books and flipping through the pages for info.

  20. Mrm |

    need a quick fix? watch animal planet or the discovery channel…effortless info right there

  21. asoom |

    Wow I can definitely relate to that feeling! You’re right about the lack of quality out there; it’s because we’ve turned into a culture obsessed with instant gratification.

    In the past year or so I’ve gotten into reading fiction and as long as I’m reading a great book it’s pretty satisfying!

  22. KJ |

    Hmmm, interesting! I was the same when I was a kid :) I loved to read stuff and the encyclopedia! :D

  23. Marzouq |

    I used to like knowing random facts and spit them out when needed! lol… Encyclopedia Britanica was my friend!!! lol

  24. Nasser |

    Anees mansour, heard a lot about him, not quite sure what exactly, but I’m sure he has some exceptional work! Maybe I’ll get to read them.. one day :p

    LOL! Yeah, maybe that would be solution. Travel.. that is exactly what I need. Instead of just reading and experiencing it that way, it would be a good idea to do as you say, find it, see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it.. enjoy it. :/ Sheno koala? And I have no idea why you have three s in asss! one too many S’s :p

    Hmmm.. will it be enough?

    Oh, I thought you were! Now I’m interesting, then you were probably the one who was upto baby mischief huh? ;p

    Hey! Welcome back, yeah we’ll be waiting for you to post again! I suppose you’re right about how easy it is to “get published” per se.. and that it makes the content bloated with lesser quality work.

    They were great weren’t they!

    Navy Girl,
    What kind of author? care to share ? :p

    Alhamdulillah yeah I am much too grateful for it! :)

    I suppose I do remember something or other about the Tell Me Why series. I’m sure it was it and a lot of other “knowledge” and “science” type books.. I do remember reading about all that, such amazement at a young age! Funny though, it is that foundation that helped me understand Islam more heh.. what a world :p

    Mabrook on your website! I didn’t know you had one! Awesome stuff. You say it in an interesting way, and I’m sure there is truth to those words you speak. Art, is as deep as knowledge.

    lol, they do rock! ;p

    Ruby Woo,
    Yeah.. but why do you think that is? Why do you, and me and many others hate studying but like to gain knowledge? Hmm, I think it is because we feel it is silly to be evaluated on what you do and do not know! That’s my opinion only however.

    Sure reading a book is better, but would you rather stay hours in the library or a few minutes online getting the information you need? :/ And yes, lots and lots and lots of total BS online, everywhere you go and turn! Yes, you are old fashioned! :p

    I love those channels! ^_^ I always make sure they’re “programmed” when we have to reprogram or whatever.

    Yep, we’re always looking for answers now! and want it NOW! like, 2 minutes ago! :/ Sad isn’t it, I don’t know how it has come to this, or how long this will last, and then what?.. can’t really tell. Fiction is amazing, I have a book that I’m trying to get through, but it is proving harder than I thought!

    lol yeah! I had those weird science books =p still love them heh.

    Hahah yeah, tell me about it! I was also pretty much known to be the guy who knew the most random facts. Britanica is awesome too! I love how they have an electronic version!

  25. Amethyst |

    There’s always more books;)

  26. Navy Girl |

    yeah sure i do .. i always do .. enta awal did you check out ” HANA YOURI DANGO ” ?? wela not yet ??? ambeeeh you have to tell me what do you think of it .. fee movie b3ad :D ahhh i love Dumuoji !!

    anyways a7m .. back to freaking reality .. Sandra Brown .. she is amazing i love her !!! its always about crimes and mystry .. thrill as well ..

  27. AlleyCat |

    N its not called old fashioned :P its called having patience .. so what if you waste a few minutes looking for something in a library as opposed to filtering through all the bs and probably porn you end up finding online.. :P plus i’m sure ure older than me ;p

  28. Nasser |

    Of course, can’t have enough of them! Even known a lot is a good feeling :r as opposed to owning and reading.

    Navy Girl,
    I’m downloading it now! Its slow :/ Enshalla ekhales soon.. I wanna see if I can take it with me on my trip soon. Haven’t heard of Sandra Brown, but I sure love crime and mystery. My favorite author back then was Christopher Pike.

    lol.. yeah I’m older :l Old is gold ha ? ;p Oh and believe me, the porn, you don’t find it.. it finds you! But yes, a few minutes looking through a library is well worth it! .. the right library might I add.. :l

  29. Navy Girl |

    never heard of him .. bs N. make sure to tell me what do you think of that movie :D

  30. iRise |

    Oh my gosh… I have the exact same encyclopedia set!!! Isn’t it the greatest… I still read them every once in a while… if I want something light and entertaining before I fall asleep :)

  31. Soul |

    I guess suspic got to the crux.
    Knowing people and their experiences.

    It takes a while to derive benefits of a person’s experiences as one gotta know about the person closely enough to predict the thought processes and mechanisms.

    Knowledge is power..
    Seek and you will find..

    I find experiencing life in reality more gratifying than cumulative effect of experiences gathered from reading books.

    The views, perspectives are all amazing from reading books, however, there is an element missing, that its not experienced by me in the environment i am in.

    ~ Soul

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